All of Human Reincarnated, Only I Become a Spider! Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

All of Human Reincarnated, Only I Become a Spider!

I'm Really Not Big Bro

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The whole world was thrown into a survival game, everyone incarnated to become a player in another world. Hero, Demon, Villager, Butcher. Hopper thought that he would reincarnate to become a hero. Yet unexpectedly, he turned into a spider, a spider with the lowest starting stats! But that’s fine. His personal System had arrived, god-tier strengthening from the beginning, and god-tier learning abilities! As such, while the others were furiously studying on the surface of the planet, Hopper was f*cking up the Earth Dragon in the caverns! He had opened the evolutionary path of the Evil God! “What? You’re telling me there are interspecies differences? That doesn’t exist alright? It won’t affect our bang bang!” Moreover, Hopper even started writing a spider diary. “7th October, Sunny, I pushed a Dragon gal up against the wall and…” “December, Winter, the fire dragon gal……” Finally one day, Hopper walked out of the caverns. Just as he thought he was about to face all the horrifying dangers of the world, he suddenly realized — he was already invincible!


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