*WARNING!!!* EXTREME LEVELS OF CULTURE!! *Lemons? - In excess!!!* *V's? - Of course yes!!* *Plot? - Divine!! [Stop right here cultured bros and sis. Hope you are skillful with holding your phone in one hand? Because I bet ya, you'll need to, lol]... °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° "Put some pants on, your d**k is staring at me" the lady in white heavenly transparent attire said to Alex. Alex looked around trying to figure out if truly this was heaven and if he had died. He wasn't all too sad about it because at the end, if heaven had naked women walking around, then it did live up to the hype. "You are dead but it's a bit complicated. You see, I know a way you can go back, but I can't guarantee you'd get what you want. Do you want to go through with being reborn?" The lady with the alluring body said to Alex. With every word escaping her kissable lips, Alex listened with keen attention. Of course he would, for all he knew, he was basically staring at a god's pussy. That alone had beat all the accomplishments of his life time. "Yes, I'll do it," Alex agreed to being a subject of the lady's experiment knowing fully well it could be the end of him. ****** Alex Riley, a man in his late thirties whose life changed into a nightmare when he caught his wife cheating with his boss. Frustrated, Alex left his apartment but little did he know he was living his life behind as a terrible accident occurred that lead to his boss and wife dying. Alex is pinned down for the death of the two. Alex now having spent about a lifetime in prison finally decides to give into the charms of his prison Warden, Brenda. Brenda had chased Alex for years but finally, she got hold of him. Now engaged in the act with Brenda or as he was about to, Alex discovered Brenda might be too much for him. Alex died a pitiful and ridiculous death. His whole life ended in a flash as he found himself drifting away from Brenda's unrestrained bouncing on him. But second chance awaits Alex and he looks to make good use of it. Now reborn in a new world, Alex finds himself starting over. A new start..a very very different world from the one he knew before. However, Alex runs into the impossible; Alex finds himself in a squabble with a god, the lust god. And of course Alex was defeated but not just that. The lust got made Alex his herald. Now blessed with a system by the lust god, Alex is tasked with the heavy burden of collecting wives. #No Yuri #No NTR *WARNING!!!* THIS BOOK WILL CONTAIN R18 SCENES, VULGAR WORLDS, SOME INSTANCES OF ABUSE AND A WHOLE LOT. IF THIS IS NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA, I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU AVOID IT. OTHERWISE, ENJOY!!!... Join the discord ... https://discord.gg/HK2h8R9skE Ig profile and link : @darkknight4266. https://instagram.com/darkknight4266?igshid=YWYwM2I1ZDdmOQ== NOTE :Not my cover...will.gladly take it down if owner wants

Dark_knight234 · Fantasy
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236 Chs

Weird tradition

In an unknown location, laying in a soft cushioned crib was a baby. But this was not the regular kind of baby we are all used to. This was an Elf baby. The baby in question was Alex himself. He woke up to the sounds of the morning. The sun ray piercing through the curtains and the sweet melodious voice that sounded like a lady in an opera house.

"Urgh, back to beginning again!! I won't even lie, this was not what I bargained for, one bit!!" Alex thought himself. He still lacked the mechanism for proper speech although he found it quite amusing how for the past week, they, his parents had been treating him like he was some kind of egg. They would come in anytime soon to check up on him and then leave only to return in about a minute later.

"So that really is my mother?!" Alex thought as he held the last pictures of her in his head. He wondered for sure if all mothers were like that in this new world. He looked around and barely noticed anything different here from his old existence.

There was basically no change at all. This made him confused. He wondered if when Nebula was talking about universes, there perhaps existed multiple versions of the same existence. This would make a lot of sense because from what he had observed, he was born into a human home.

He saw cute baby toys spread around his crib. The urge to play with them did kick in but for the time being, all he could do was crawl around. Yes, he could crawl. He didn't know how that was possible because he kept track of time using day and night. And from his calculations, he should only be about a week old and already he was crawling?

He noticed his limbs were thinner than usual although they were quite strong for a baby. He also saw that everyother thing appeared to be thrice as sensitive as it would normally be. His hearing was the most unconventional.

He could hear things that he would normally not hear before. An ant walked by and he picked up the foot steps of the ant, that was how sensitive his heading was. Other than that, his eye sights were also phenomenal.

He could see very tiny objects and spot different patches on the wall of his room that may appear normal but were actually dust particles. He realized he was in a new body that perhaps had a higher sensitivity than humans did in general.

..."Yes... I'm going to check on him now. He should be awake and hungry by now," Distant voyces were heard. He could tell from the loud talk and the excitement in the voice that spoke that it had to be one person. He looked towards the door in expectation and just as he had thought, he guessed right.

"Hey there my little Kanakan!!!" A lady roughly around her thirties burst into the room like a fire fighter with arms spread out open. She had a big smile painted on and her eyes looking straight at Alex. Alex was just about to turn around to find who this Kanakan person was but soon enough realized that was him.

"Ah yes, forgot that was my name. I'm Kanakan!! Yay!!" Alex said in a not so excited way. He had been named the moment he opened his eyes. At first he found the entire thing annoying because when they would call him Kanakan, he would reply in his head..."The name's Alex," but it was either they didn't read minds or perhaps were ignoring him and going ahead with what they wanted to do.

"Kan, it's time to feed now," the lady in question announced yet again with joy and excitement. Alex had a very good view of her as she went through a door to do something. After minutes, she returned without any clothes on and water dripping all over her body. Alex's eyes shut open as he saw the woman who was supposed to be his mother walking towards him without clothes on.

His mother's skin appeared to have been made from perhaps the most top notch skin. She wasn't really the big type woman. Moderate in every way with an average height. She packed hips to her sides and the perfect pair of counterattack at the front.

Within her thigh region was a clean shaved gateway to paradise that Alex stared at wondering if she knew he could see it. But then again, no one knew he was a man in the body of a baby so it all made sense.

Already it was hard enough that she had a nigh perfect face. There was literally no woman he had ever seen as pretty as her before, except maybe for one, Nebula.

Still, he guessed this lady in question was looking to push her luck by going naked. He watched as the lady approached him with boobs for days.

"Kan, come feed off mama now," the lady called out.

"Yes mama," Alex responded but only in his head.

His eyes were fixated at one place and that was the lady's perfect erect boobs that seemed to have been measured by her maker or whoever made them. For days now he had been living in a dream. The process was the same everytime yet he couldn't help it everytime.

The reaction he felt from his body today was just like the first time.

Alex was picked up by his mother as she went to sit on a bamboo like swing set up in his room.

She had him captured in her embrace and then with one swift motherly hand, she set his mouth up to face her nipple. The two points his mother had were sufficient for her to win a debate anytime.

He stared at them longingly and without any waste in motion, his mother nudged his head forward from the back and as defenceless as poor Alex was as a baby who had little to no strenght of his own, his face fell right into his mother's right breast.

His mouth locked with her nipple and without any further permission, he began to suck on his mother.

This was an important part of their relationship that would occur everyday. But what was most important was that Alex was getting nutrients as well as underneath his belt area, he was getting a boner.

He realized this ever since the first day that his organ was still present and functional. As he sucked on his mother's sweet breast, he used his tiny baby hands to squeeze them. Not for more milk though, he squeezed them because he wanted to.

"Arhhh!.." a moan escaped from the older lady who was his mother.

"This was the part I was waiting for. It's time to test if what my observations have been telling me is true," Alex thought as he bit down softly on his mother's nipple and dragged it back a bit and once again...


Another sound escaped his mother's lips.

"I see," Alex observed like a mad scientist in a lab on the verge of a breakthrough.

Alex then intensified the biting and sucking of the nipple while simultaneously squeezing his mother's breast. As he intensified the action, his mother moaned even louder to the point a masculine figure came through the door and asked what happened.

"Are you okay, honey?" A man who looked to be stuck around the age of thirty to his mid thirties asked. He had a plain trouser on with a shirt tucked inside it. He wore a tie and from all indications looked dressed for an outing.

"It's just...I don't know...never mind," his mother responded to his father. Alex listened to the conversation and could tell straight away that his mother was ashamed to tell his father that their son made her moan.

"It's perfectly normal, you know that, don't you??" The man in the room said. He looked at his naked wife and son having a natural activity going on and he smiled at this.

"We are so lucky to have him. It's been long overdue," the man said.

"Yes honey, way too long. I love him with every fibre of my being," his mother professed before planting a kiss on Alex's head.

"Yeah, just make sure you do everything right. And don't stop feeding him until he bonds with you. you know how these things work, I don't have to tell you," the man said.

"Yes, it's the only way to ensure our bond is strong, I know this, shuu now!!...go to work!!" His mother chased his father away. His father chuckled, waving goodbye and walked out of the door to his room.

"Come on now Kanakan, you heard what your father said, we have to bond, so let's do this," his mother said.

"What the fuck?!!" That was the only thing that Kan could express in his mind at that time.

*Note- Due to Kan's physiology, he will grow rapidly and in the next chapter, although it would be stated he had only being conscious for 2 months, his actual age would be that of an 18 year old.