*WARNING!!!* EXTREME LEVELS OF CULTURE!! *Lemons? - In excess!!!* *V's? - Of course yes!!* *Plot? - Divine!! [Stop right here cultured bros and sis. Hope you are skillful with holding your phone in one hand? Because I bet ya, you'll need to, lol]... °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° "Put some pants on, your d**k is staring at me" the lady in white heavenly transparent attire said to Alex. Alex looked around trying to figure out if truly this was heaven and if he had died. He wasn't all too sad about it because at the end, if heaven had naked women walking around, then it did live up to the hype. "You are dead but it's a bit complicated. You see, I know a way you can go back, but I can't guarantee you'd get what you want. Do you want to go through with being reborn?" The lady with the alluring body said to Alex. With every word escaping her kissable lips, Alex listened with keen attention. Of course he would, for all he knew, he was basically staring at a god's pussy. That alone had beat all the accomplishments of his life time. "Yes, I'll do it," Alex agreed to being a subject of the lady's experiment knowing fully well it could be the end of him. ****** Alex Riley, a man in his late thirties whose life changed into a nightmare when he caught his wife cheating with his boss. Frustrated, Alex left his apartment but little did he know he was living his life behind as a terrible accident occurred that lead to his boss and wife dying. Alex is pinned down for the death of the two. Alex now having spent about a lifetime in prison finally decides to give into the charms of his prison Warden, Brenda. Brenda had chased Alex for years but finally, she got hold of him. Now engaged in the act with Brenda or as he was about to, Alex discovered Brenda might be too much for him. Alex died a pitiful and ridiculous death. His whole life ended in a flash as he found himself drifting away from Brenda's unrestrained bouncing on him. But second chance awaits Alex and he looks to make good use of it. Now reborn in a new world, Alex finds himself starting over. A new start..a very very different world from the one he knew before. However, Alex runs into the impossible; Alex finds himself in a squabble with a god, the lust god. And of course Alex was defeated but not just that. The lust got made Alex his herald. Now blessed with a system by the lust god, Alex is tasked with the heavy burden of collecting wives. #No Yuri #No NTR *WARNING!!!* THIS BOOK WILL CONTAIN R18 SCENES, VULGAR WORLDS, SOME INSTANCES OF ABUSE AND A WHOLE LOT. IF THIS IS NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA, I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU AVOID IT. OTHERWISE, ENJOY!!!... Join the discord ... https://discord.gg/HK2h8R9skE Ig profile and link : @darkknight4266. https://instagram.com/darkknight4266?igshid=YWYwM2I1ZDdmOQ== NOTE :Not my cover...will.gladly take it down if owner wants

Dark_knight234 · Fantasy
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236 Chs

A Eureka!! moment

Alex stood before the deity known as the Source, feeling a mix of excitement and fear. The Source had challenged him with a riddle, one that had stumped many before him.

"Voiceless I cry, wingless I flutter, toothless I bite, mouthless I mutter. What am I?" the deity had asked.

Alex had always been good at solving puzzles and riddles, so he felt confident that he could find the answer. But this riddle was particularly tricky, and he needed to be careful not to jump to conclusions.

Alex had been on his journey of transmigration for some time now, and he had encountered many strange and wonderful things. But nothing had prepared him for the riddle he had been presented with by the mysterious deity known as the Source.

The riddle was simple enough, but the answer was not so easy to come by. Alex had been pondering the riddle for some time now, and he was beginning to feel frustrated. He had tried to think of all the possible answers, but none of them seemed to fit.

That was when Nebula, the goddess lady who was Alex's guide on the journey of transmigration, stepped in. She had been watching Alex struggle with the riddle, and she had a feeling that she knew the answer.

Nebula, the goddess who had been his guide on this journey of transmigration, stood at his side, her hand on his shoulder. "Think carefully, Alex," she said softly.

Alex closed his eyes and focused, letting the words of the riddle swirl around in his mind. "Voiceless I cry, wingless I flutter, toothless I bite, mouthless I mutter," he whispered to himself. "What could that mean?"

He took a deep breath and then began to speak. "I think the answer is the mind," he said confidently.

Nebula smiled. "And how did you arrive at that conclusion?" she asked.

"Well," Alex began, "the mind can 'cry' in a way when we experience emotions like sadness or grief. It can 'flutter' with thoughts and ideas, even without wings. And while the mind itself doesn't have teeth, it can bite in the sense that our thoughts and emotions can be sharp and painful. Finally, the mind mutters constantly to itself, even without a mouth."

The Source looked at Alex, nodding slowly. "You have chosen wisely," the deity said. "The mind is indeed the answer to my riddle."

Alex grinned in relief, feeling a surge of pride. He had done it - he had solved the riddle. It was a small victory, but still, it gave him a sense of accomplishment.

Nebula squeezed his shoulder. "Well done, Alex," she said warmly.

The deity then spoke again, "Not many have been able to solve my riddle. You have a keen mind, Alex, and I am impressed. But remember, this is just the beginning of your journey. There is still much ahead of you."

Alex nodded, knowing that Nebula had been right. He had to stay focused and prepared for whatever lay ahead. As they continued on their journey, he knew that there would be more challenges and obstacles to face. But he also knew that with his training and with Nebula by his side, he would be ready for anything.

In the quiet of his mind, Alex realized that the riddle had been more than just a test of his puzzle-solving skills. It had also been a test of his ability to think outside the box, to use his imagination and intuition.

The mind was indeed a powerful tool, he thought, capable of solving complex problems if only we learn to use it properly. And with that thought, he turned his attention back to the journey ahead, ready for whatever the future might hold.

But there was little time to relish the moment as the next riddle was presented to him.

As the sun set over the ancient temple, Alex stood before the mighty deity, his heart pounding in his chest. There wasn't much he hadn't already been through. For one, dying would top all of that list so as it was, he knew he had only one thing to lose. And that was why he sought the opportunity to be transmigrated back to the mortal realm. The deity, a figure of majestic power and wisdom, loomed before him.

"Alex," the deity spoke with a voice that echoed through the hallowed halls, "If you seek to rejoin the mortal realm, you must first prove your worth. Answer my riddle correctly, and you shall be granted your wish."

Alex's mind raced, his determination and excitement driving him forward. He knew he had to carefully consider each word of the riddle before him. The deity's powerful gaze was upon him, and he felt the weight of the moment.

"The riddle you must solve," the deity said, "is as follows: I am a vessel without sails, a traveler without feet. I have no life of my own, yet give life to others. What am I?"

Alex closed his eyes, allowing the words to sink in. He pondered the riddle, seeking to unravel its hidden meaning. The deity's words resonated deep within him, and he felt a surge of realization.

"I know the answer," Alex declared with a grin on his face. Nebula found this to be rather scary. She felt Alex might be getting overconfident after answering the first riddle.

"Are you sure, Alex?" Nebula asked.

"Trust me, I know this one," Alex said...

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