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Read ‘ALL MY WIVES ARE BEAUTIFUL ELVES’ Online for Free, written by the author Dark_knight234, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: *WARNING!!!* EXTREME LEVELS OF CULTURE!!*Lemons? - In excess!!!**V's? - Of course yes!!**Plot? - Divine!![Stop right her...


*WARNING!!!* EXTREME LEVELS OF CULTURE!! *Lemons? - In excess!!!* *V's? - Of course yes!!* *Plot? - Divine!! [Stop right here cultured bros and sis. Hope you are skillful with holding your phone in one hand? Because I bet ya, you'll need to, lol]... °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° "Put some pants on, your d**k is staring at me" the lady in white heavenly transparent attire said to Alex. Alex looked around trying to figure out if truly this was heaven and if he had died. He wasn't all too sad about it because at the end, if heaven had naked women walking around, then it did live up to the hype. "You are dead but it's a bit complicated. You see, I know a way you can go back, but I can't guarantee you'd get what you want. Do you want to go through with being reborn?" The lady with the alluring body said to Alex. With every word escaping her kissable lips, Alex listened with keen attention. Of course he would, for all he knew, he was basically staring at a god's pussy. That alone had beat all the accomplishments of his life time. "Yes, I'll do it," Alex agreed to being a subject of the lady's experiment knowing fully well it could be the end of him. ****** Alex Riley, a man in his late thirties whose life changed into a nightmare when he caught his wife cheating with his boss. Frustrated, Alex left his apartment but little did he know he was living his life behind as a terrible accident occurred that lead to his boss and wife dying. Alex is pinned down for the death of the two. Alex now having spent about a lifetime in prison finally decides to give into the charms of his prison Warden, Brenda. Brenda had chased Alex for years but finally, she got hold of him. Now engaged in the act with Brenda or as he was about to, Alex discovered Brenda might be too much for him. Alex died a pitiful and ridiculous death. His whole life ended in a flash as he found himself drifting away from Brenda's unrestrained bouncing on him. But second chance awaits Alex and he looks to make good use of it. Now reborn in a new world, Alex finds himself starting over. A new start..a very very different world from the one he knew before. However, Alex runs into the impossible; Alex finds himself in a squabble with a god, the lust god. And of course Alex was defeated but not just that. The lust got made Alex his herald. Now blessed with a system by the lust god, Alex is tasked with the heavy burden of collecting wives. #No Yuri #No NTR *WARNING!!!* THIS BOOK WILL CONTAIN R18 SCENES, VULGAR WORLDS, SOME INSTANCES OF ABUSE AND A WHOLE LOT. IF THIS IS NOT YOUR CUP OF TEA, I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU AVOID IT. OTHERWISE, ENJOY!!!... Join the discord ... https://discord.gg/HK2h8R9skE Ig profile and link : @darkknight4266. https://instagram.com/darkknight4266?igshid=YWYwM2I1ZDdmOQ== NOTE :Not my cover...will.gladly take it down if owner wants

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cuck tales! woo-hoo!~


Shameless authors's review..This book is me venturing into new territories. The world design and character building only gets better as we progress. Give it a try if you are up for one heck of an adventure.


Це справді майстерність так писати, щоб було незрозуміло ні загальний фон світу, ні персонажі, ні загальні цілі. І ще цей всюдисущий латентний куколдинг, навчили любити використаних шльондр замість чистих.


My new favorite hardening medicine finally found a replacement for the INSGreat job author


It's a fun read. The mc is just too funny but somehow author balances it up with dope story. I love it ...


iba más o menos bien pero cuando llegue a eso de los padres que actúan de padres sustitutos, teniendo sexo con más personas para tener hijos... fue demasiado para mí, dique llevar a otro hombre a la casa mientras se tiene el hijo de otro... naaaaaaa demasiado para mí . No sé si ese es un fetiche del autor y si lo tendrá en sus otras novelas pero ojalá no sea así


Reveal spoiler


I like the story. I also like all the characters in the story but I don't like the MC. because MC is stupid. I have read it many story but I have never seen a stupidest MC like this before. every time I read the story I like it but when I read about MC doing something stupid I feel like punching him in the face. I am really frustrated about MC so if you don't mind can you change his character or personality or remove his stupidness. create a MC that has his emotion control and can understand many thing if no one tells him about any thing. what I mean to say is MC should have a general knowledge like other stories MC does. and don't tell me that you want to create a unique MC. everyone likes the general MC so give them the general MC.


Cheer up 👍 Cheer up 👍 Veo una gran similitud con las obra de Slayer pero aún así no quita el echo de que me gustan ese tipo de desarrollo con tal el protagonista no sea traicionado es más que suficiente para la obra.


here can advertise your novel, please tell me Multiprof | Apocalypse here can advertise your novel, please tell me Multiprof | Apocalypse


Not gonna lie I have been looking for a book exactly like this my hole life and I finnaly found it thank you so much for writing this book author keep uo the great work.


Like story so far but see you have updated in 10 days. Are you no longer writing it or just taking a short break?


i like it more than i thought i would and im enjoying how everything is going so far apart from the chapters where the mc was a bit impulsive with the situation regarding his mom and dad but apart from that i like it...i just wish there were like hundreds of chapters to read though


Not a review but rather a respectful warning!!I see some of you come into comment sections or reviews and end up attacking me instead of what you dislike about the book.I get that the platform has given readers opportunities to air their opinions but I'd remind everyone that your opinion about my characters or the book in general shouldn't give you the right to insult me or say anything that's in anyway degrading to me. This has gone on for way too long.


What are your plans for the size of the harem?.................................................. ............................................................... ..........


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