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A pervert father that tries to hold back his nature.. A bitchy devout wife that treats him like a servant. A father in law that collects most of his earnings. This is Carl’s life. Now Carl decides that it is time to put everything behind him and start anew, but an incredible discovery about his father in law makes him decide that it is time to teach him a lesson… of course in his own, pervert way... This is my first attempt at writing. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Also, I am not a native english speaker so do expect grammar errors to pop up. -The tags clearly indicate that this novel is not something that everyone can stomach. If you can't handle it, then don't read it. leaving a review that only says "this is disgusting" just exposes your bigotism. -All character and situations are pure producs of my imagination. Any resemblance to actual people or events is completeley coincidental. DON'T TRY TO REPRODUCE THE ACTS DEPICTED IN THIS BOOK IN REAL LIFE! NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE, IT IS CRUEL AND ILLEGAL!!!

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The meek, the shotgun and the pecker...

I am still in the process of rewriting, but I don't want to keep you hanging for too long, so here is a chapter to tide you over..

"What about Tina's and Rose's wish to become entirely mine? How do you feel about that?"

"Carl, the rules were made to ensure the children happiness, not to limit it. Whether you trick them into loving you or they do so by themselves, as long as you love each other then it is fine. But having sex with your daughter after she married… oh, Jack, what an asshole have you become."

Laura has now calmed down enough so that we can talk again.

"Laura, I know that it is hard, but I need you to play ignorant for a while longer…"

Laura freezes in my arms, her whole body going rigid.

"Do you have any idea what are you asking me to do, Carl? I can't!"

"Please, Laura, listen to me. They will get their just deserts, I will see to it, but I need more time, I am not ready yet! I already made sure that those three assholes will be unable to help him, but I still need some time to finalize things. I certainly don't want Jack and Julia hovering around us after I am done with them, pestering you, Ella, or the girls."

Laura grunts, but does not rebuke me.

"All right, Carl, I will try, but you make sure that these assholes do not visit my home or by God, I will grab Father's shotgun and shoot them between their legs!"

I chuckle at the image that springs in my mind brought by her words.

Fuck lawyers, I should just have unleashed Laura earlier. <Chuckle>.

Laura keeps talking,

"Also, when you confront Jack, I want to be there!"

"All right, Laura, as you wish. But not shotgunning peckers, do you hear me?"

Laura chuckles both at my words and at my tone as I sound as if I am dressing down a teenager,

"Yes dad, I will be a good, meek, little girl…"

I snort at her words,

"You might be good, you might be a little girl in your heart, but meek? I doubt you knew what the word meant until you opened a dictionary…"

"Carl, you wound me. I know perfectly well what the word means, I just decided early on that it does not apply to me!"

We both burst in laughter at her words and the heavy atmosphere around us recedes.

"You better be ready to see me a lot in the future, young man. I learn from my mistakes, and from now on I want to see Ella often."

I mull her words for a second, then say,

"How about every day, from morning till dusk?"

Laura looks at me, the gears in her mind spinning with the implications of my words, until she asks,

"Are you proposing what I think you are?"

"If you think that I am proposing for you to come live with us, then yes, I am. I doubt you would remain with Jack, and we would be happy to have you. it will be me, you, Ella, Tina, and Rose."

Laura snorts,

"Until you start bringing home more girls…"

I grin at her sheepishly and she laughs,

"You little scamp! Well, nothing wrong with that, they are my stepdaughters after all." Hehe.

"It's more than that, Laura. I desperately need you! I can't live alone with a bunch of teenagers! Sure, I can handle Ella, Rose and Tina, but more of them? They will eat me alive! Every time I will step out of the house, I will wonder if it will still be there when I come back!"

Laura laughs at my words,

"Oh, Carl! Most men would be excited at the idea of drowning in young pussy, but it seems that you are worried that the young pussies might drown you!"

I give her an embarrassed smile as she continues,

"However, are you sure that you want me there? I mean, I didn't exactly do a stellar job raising Julia, did I?"

My expression turns serious,

"Laura! Don't you damn dare thinking like that even for a moment! I am completely sure that if Jack was not the conniving horny asshole that he is, Julia would have turned out just fine! Stop doubting yourself, or I will tell Ella!"

Laura is taken aback by the vehemence of my words and looks at me curiously, her lower lip trembling slightly.

"You… you really mean it, don't you? You really think that none of this was my fault."

She hugs me tighter,

"Thank you for that, I needed it… and yes, I will come live with you and help you keep your head afloat… I won't interfere with your handling of the girls, but I will keep your … harem… in line."

I chuckle and kiss the crown of her hair,

"Good, at least something good comes out of this unholy mess. Now, I must go pick up Ella from school, will you be all right?"

"Don't worry about me, Carl. I will not be all right until this nightmare ends, but I promise I will be good and leave the shotgun alone. Can I pee on Jack's tea at least?"

I laugh at her words and stand up to leave.

"Better not, Laura, God only knows if he might enjoy the taste."

Laura's face scrounges up like if she just sucked an especially bitter lemon,

"Bleh, way to kill a lady's fantasy, young man!"

I laugh again and we say our goodbyes, then I leave the house and head to my car.

While I drive to the school, I call Tina and give her a quick recap of my discussion with Laura. Rose has already told her a lot about her, so my pet is eager to meet her in person. I mull with the idea of having her meet Laura and explain her mother's words to her for a second but in the end, I shake my head. I can't risk it. while it would cement Laura's idea of Jack in her mind, it is too risky to bring Tina anywhere near his house at this stage of my plan. I tell my horny kitten to be patient and hang up, then concentrate on driving.

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