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A pervert father that tries to hold back his nature.. A bitchy devout wife that treats him like a servant. A father in law that collects most of his earnings. This is Carl’s life. Now Carl decides that it is time to put everything behind him and start anew, but an incredible discovery about his father in law makes him decide that it is time to teach him a lesson… of course in his own, pervert way... This is my first attempt at writing. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Also, I am not a native english speaker so do expect grammar errors to pop up. -The tags clearly indicate that this novel is not something that everyone can stomach. If you can't handle it, then don't read it. leaving a review that only says "this is disgusting" just exposes your bigotism. -All character and situations are pure producs of my imagination. Any resemblance to actual people or events is completeley coincidental. DON'T TRY TO REPRODUCE THE ACTS DEPICTED IN THIS BOOK IN REAL LIFE! NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE, IT IS CRUEL AND ILLEGAL!!!

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@ home with grandma (part 2)

As I move to the kitchen to make dinner, I stash the tablet in a drawer and put a Bluetooth earphone on, before starting cooking. Since Laura is with us, I am making her favorite tonight, chicken Kiev with spinach and mushroom salad. While I putter in the kitchen, I keep following the girls chatting with grandma, but so far it seems that they took my warning to heart as no "thorny", or rather, "horny", issues crop up. Given grandma's presence, I forego using my special sauce for the salad today. Oh well, I guess my dick my enjoy a bit of rest. Not really, but really, if I don't pace myself, I might end dying of a heart attack in bed with three young vixens. Not a bad way to go, but I still have plenty of places to go and virgin pussies to slay. <grin>

Dinner is a heartwarming experience. After getting used to the bitch bossing me around and Ella pouting at her mother words, dining with Laura is a sheer pleasure. The conversation moves smoothly and Laura makes sure to include Rose as well so as not to make her feel excluded. I wonder why the bitch is so different from her mother. <Sigh>.

After dinner the girls move to the living room with grandma but before long, they both start yawning. Our morning "exercise", coupled with the adrenaline rush due to Laura's presence, have obviously done them in. As for Laura, trying to keep up with two teenagers doesn't seem to have tired her at all. With hug and kisses the girls say goodnight to Laura and head to Ella's bedroom, while I remain in the living room to chat with my mother in law…

"Well", I say, "The day seems to have been a resounding success. I haven't seen Ella so happy in ages". While I talk, I half fill two glasses with sherry and offer one to her.

She smiles in reply, both at my offering and my words.

"I really missed her. I wish that I could see her more often, but Jack has always guests and it wouldn't be a good atmosphere for Ella.".

I silently agree with her while sipping my drink. Yeah, there is no way that I would let my babygirl near those religious hypocrites that buzz like flies around Jack. I can't say that to her, though. And I do wish for her to take more part in Ella's life… An idea zaps in my mind, and after mulling over it for a few seconds I say,

"You know, we could do this more often. Jack often travels and leave you alone, so in those cases you could come stay with us. Besides, we could arrange a day out every weekend! You know, go out for lunch, go shopping at the mall, things like that. Julia never takes Ella out to shop and just decides herself what our daughter should wear, but I do wish Ella would be able to make some choices of her own. With you along to accompany her, she would be able to choose her own clothes without her mother raising hell."

I can see from her expression that Laura is happy about my suggestion but at the same time conflicted. I guess she is thinking what Jack and the bitch reactions would be. After a few moments however her expression turns firm as she says,

"Yes, I would like that".

Heh, I guess grandma is willing to fight for Ella's sake. I am glad.

We keep chatting about this and that for a while, before calling it a day. Laura retires to our guest bedroom, while I move to the study to organize my thoughts.

First, Mike should have probably already bugged the whole house, so that is one thing less to worry about. After Jack comes back, I might be able to figure what exactly is going on. It's a long shot, as I don't know what does he talk about at home, but worth trying.

Second, my girls training is bearing fruit. Slowly but surely, I am invading their mind, along with their holes. I don't think it will be long before I will be able to bang them however, whenever, wherever I want. <Grin>

When the girls are completely mine, it will be time to expand my targets. Lots of their schoolmates are in my target list, but I still know very little about them. I should have Mike investigate them a little deeper. I want to reach the point where I am able to explain to Ella and Rose about Jack, but this could backfire badly. I don't want the girls to think that I am having sex with them just to get revenge on Jack. Besides, while it might have started that way with Tina and Rose, that's not true anymore. I genuinely care about them. To me, they are part of my "real" family. An incestuous one, perhaps, but family nonetheless.

Hmmm, I think the best solution would be if I could manage to make them willing to accept that I might have relationships with other girls. If I can get them to accept that I can add more girls to the "family" before talking about Jack, I just might able to convince them that fucking Jack's daughters equals "saving" them. Yeah… difficult, but I am a good bullshitter, plus with Tina backing me it might just work. I guess I will have to play it by the ear.

Another difficulty with adding girls is that not all of them are without parents like Tina and Rose. In most cases the girls live with their mother. This seriously limits the possibilities. I cannot snatch them, I cannot woo them openly, and I cannot take them elsewhere with me. Either I must find a way to make their mothers my co-conspirators, which to be honest, does not appeal that much to me, otherwise I will have to use Ella and Rose as the launching point of my campaign. You know, schoolmates gathering at home to study, girl's sleepover, the whole shebang. Now, if I could make my bitchy wife disappear, things would be much easier…