Alliance sacred son? I want to be the leader! (The first request)

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"Ye Xuan, have a chat with Shiru first, your dad and I will prepare some food."

In Ye Xuan's house, Su Yunmeng and Ye Guotao are busy doing their things happily.

Previously, Lin Shiru said that Ye Xuan was going to graduate and take on the role of Vice-Dean very soon.

But they didn't expect it to happen this soon.

As for the incident where Ye Yuanmeng scared the hell out of her and Ye Guotao the other time, all of that fear had vanished with Ye Xuan coming back.

"Auntie, let me help you."

Lin Shiru quickly stood up. She wasn't planning to let Su Yunmeng prepare everything by herself.

Ye Xuan who was sitting on the sofa laughed when he saw that.

He was thinking of when he should let Lin Shiru change the way she addressed them.

Also, he wondered if Lin Shiru would object to his plans to name their child Ye Dalong in the future.


While thinking about that, his phone suddenly rang.

"Mr. Wang?"