ALL IN ONE is a paranormal book written and produced by 6lack_6arbie / Stephanie Komonibo. The name ALL IN ONE does not mean all stories in one if you thought so.

AIO has three phases containing different levels of the book meaning it gets tougher by each phase which is after every ten ( 10 ) chapters. Expect a climax.

The book has to do with acquired superpowers linked to the tags on the book.

It is obviously a fictional story from my Imagination and it is COPYRIGHT so DO NOT COPY or REPRODUCE any part of my work.

The book has two trailers. One focusing on Alexandria and the other focusing on the orb. You can find them both on YouTube. https://youtu.be/YFNxYNoeqhs and also https://youtu.be/dG7tNrJJc7g


As you will gradually notice, the book is written in two persons Point Of View ( POV ) which are ; Alexs' and Caolans'. Alex's POV had to do with the present and her past while Caolan's Point of view bad to do with the past occurrence in her life and his POV will end after some chapters.


AIO was first published on wattpad but is CURRENTLY off the app and you might have come across it on there.

The book is currently ongoing with continuous updates on Webnovel and later on Dreame and mangatoon.

Although, I would advice readers to read the book on Webnovel due to a more detailed and updated version of the story.


The First eight ( 8 ) chapters of AIO on Webnovel are free. The rest of the chapters are being locked behind a pay wall meaning readers will have to pay to unlock them. That shouldn't stop you from reading the book though.

If you are on wattpad, AIO was formerly on wattpad and this is the link; https://www.wattpad.com/story/225111891?utm_medium=link&utm_source=android&utm_content=story_info

But the book is currently off the app for the meanwhile.


AIO does not have any sexual scene of any sort. In chapter one, there was a NON-DETAILED scene of two men about to rape a young lady which is nothing to worry about.

Although, if you make it to the last chapters of AIO ( which I'm hoping you all do ), there are some scenes containing violence, torture and self-harm which might be considered disturbing to some readers.

Despite that, I would advice all readers not to skip any of those scenes due to the fact that they contain a lit of important information.


This book is written in English Language and also has some Irish language in it with translations. So nothing to worry about.

Well, I hope this information was found useful to those who read it. Thank you for adding ALL IN ONE to your library. Feel free to recommend, vote, share, etcetera.

Much Love ♡

- Stephanie

" Sulɑr thosɑigh tú, chriochnɑigh mé "

- Alexɑndriɑ

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