Chapter 28

“Do it,” he ordered, nipping his teeth at Nick’s ear. “Fuck him. Show me what you’ve got.”

Nick wasn’t about to turn that down. He shuffled closer, grasping Daniel’s hips to balance himself as he took his cock in his hand. Daniel let out a sigh as Nick pressed his cock against Daniel’s ass. He started to push back, and the mixture of slight pain and intense pleasure washed over Nick. It had been a long time, and it still felt amazing. Slowly, Nick worked his way in, thrusting slowly in and rolling his hips, which had Daniel moaning and clutching at the bed.

“Shit! That feels so good. You there, Jamie…I…he’s going to make me cum before you’re ready.”

“I’m here with you, Daniel.”

Nick stilled as Jamie nudged his knees out wider, which had Daniel’s legs moving further apart and eliciting a low moan from both men. Jamie pushed Nick over a little, and then Nick felt the blunt head of Jamie’s cock nudging against his asshole.

Holy shit.