3 Supplier System

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In the living room.

Simon held the teacup with both hands and took a sip of the tea.

There were five people sitting in the living room and staring at him.

Simon was trying to calm down as he drank the tea.

Any man would be nervous in front of a group of beautiful women, and Simon was no exception.

Lydia saw him drinking the tea and said in surprise, "Simon drank the tea. I told you guys that he would like Ceylion black tea."


Simon pricked up his ears.

Wasn't Ceylion black tea the one that was reported on the news? It was said to be very difficult to find.

As Simon hears, a mysterious buyer paid 300,000 dollars a gram for the top-quality Ceylion black tea in an auction.

It turned out that the mysterious buyer was Bennett. She was indeed very rich.

Simon took another sip of the tea. He could even smell the money in it.

"Simon, there are no strangers in the house today, and you've seen my daughters before. Therefore, you don't need to feel shy." Bennett saw him holding the teacup with both hands and thought that he was shy.

In fact, only Simon himself knew that he was just afraid of spilling the tea.

Jane pushed the delicate confections in front of him and said, "Simon, don't just drink tea. Eat something."

Elizabeth continued, "Yeah. You didn't have the time to come here because you had to study. Now we're going to live under the same roof. Make yourself feel at home."

Catherine held Lydia's hand, whispered in her ear, and looked at Simon from time to time.

Everyone's attention was focused on Simon, which made him feel very stressed.

He could only keep drinking the tea.

Seeing Simon's nervous expression, Bennett could not help but feel a little worried.

Bennett was afraid that Simon would be nervous in front of strangers, so she gave all the servants in the villa a day off and only kept her daughters around.

Could it be because Mary did not come back?

Bennett shook her head and thought, "Simon is not such a narrow-minded person."

What was the reason then? Bennett scratched her head and could not think of the reason.

Jane saw that Bennett was shaking her head in pain and thought it was because of her pathology.

Jane said worriedly, "Mom, are you okay?"

"Ah? Well, I'm not feeling well." Bennett put her hand on her forehead. "I want to go back to my room and lie down for a while. Lydia, take Simon to his room."

Then, Bennett winked at Lydia.

Lydia instantly understood that Bennett wanted her to get Simon to open up.

After all, Lydia was closest to Simon.

Lydia immediately nodded and said to Simon, "Simon, your room is upstairs. Let's go up."

Simon had a blank look on his face. Why was Bennett winking at Lydia since she was not feeling well?

Simon never heard that myeloma would have effects on the nervous system.

He looked at Bennett worriedly and saw that she looked energetic with a red face.

It seemed that Bennett was fine. Simon followed Lydia upstairs.

Right after Simon left the living room, Bennett put her hand down and said sadly, "I should have brought Simon here more often when he was in school. In that case, we wouldn't be so distant now."

Jane, Elizabeth, and Catherine understood what their mother meant and nodded in agreement.

Jane said, "Don't worry, mom. I will treat Simon as my brother."

"That's right." Elizabeth continued, "Simon saved you, so we will definitely be nice to him."

Catherine agreed, "Mom, don't worry. Ever since we met Simon, we have been treating him as a part of our family."

Their voices were not loud, but Simon could hear them clearly as the villa was quiet.

Simon felt very warm.

Lydia took him to the room on the third floor and said to him, "Our rooms are all on the second floor. If you need anything, just call out to us."

"Thank you, Lydia." Simon smiled.

It was the first time Lydia saw his true laugh since he entered the villa.

She happily put her arm around his shoulder and said, "There's no need for you to thank me. You're just like my brother."

Then, she lifted her chin and pointed at the few boxes in the corner.

"Your luggage is there in the corner. Jane said that we could not touch it without your permission, so I just left it there. What's in the boxes?"

Simon looked at the boxes.

The bodyguards brought all his stuff to the villa.

If Simon wanted to leave the villa secretly, he might have to go with nothing.

Simon shook his head helplessly, walked over to the corner, and opened one of the boxes.

He took out a book from the box and said to Lydia, "Mostly clothes and study materials. There's nothing special in the boxes."

Simon took out a few more books and casually placed them on the table.

Suddenly, he felt a kind of electric charge surge through his brain.

"Ding! You placed your personal items in this place and successfully marked your territory. Now you are tied to Supplier System.

"You can give certain people a system.

"Each person can check in twice a day in the system to get treasure boxes.

"When the recipient of the system obtains a treasure box, you can get a skill.

"The quality of the treasure box will vary depending on the situation."


After living three years as a poor university student, Simon finally got his lucky break.

This was awesome!

Simon was overjoyed. He could not help but curl up the corners of his mouth.

Lydia blinked her bright eyes and asked in puzzlement, "Simon, why are you grinning stupidly?"

"Ah?" Simon hesitated for a while and said, "Well, I'm just happy that you guys are so good to me."

"I'm glad that you think so. You have a good rest and I'll call you when dinner is ready."

Seeing that he was in a good mood, Lydia took the books in Simon's hand and placed them on the table. Then, she sat him down on the bed.

"You can pack your things tomorrow. What you need to do now is have a good rest."

After saying that, Lydia winked at him and closed the door in satisfaction.

She could not wait to go down and report to Bennett.

Hearing that Lydia's footsteps died away, Simon was so excited that he immediately called out to the system. "How do I give others systems?"

"You can tailor-make the system according to the characteristics of the recipient.

"Every time when the recipient signs in, you can get a small treasure box.

"Ding! You have signed in. You get 1,700 dollars from the treasure box."

Simon didn't know that he could get money simply by signing in.

This was awesome!

Simon was ecstatic. Although 1,700 dollars was not much, it was still something for a graduate who had no savings.

Besides, according to the system notice, he could customize systems for others.

When others signed in, he would get something.

So he became a system dealer.

It was terrific!

Simon was so excited. He lay on the soft velvet blanket and clenched his fists.

Simon already knew who he was going to give systems to.

He believed he should give systems to people who deserved them, like Bennett's five excellent daughters.

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