Alien Evolution System

Consume and evolve to become the strongest. The Collector, an alien warrior on a mission to absorb all life, transmigrates to a world of fantasy and magic. However, a battle with a god forces it to begin its journey as nothing more than a weak grub. Used to fighting against spaceships and machines, the Collector must now navigate its strange new world where instead of dealing with bullets and aircraft, it must now face magic and dragons. It must evolve from the weakest of the weak, the lowest of the low, and become strong, stronger than anything on the planet whether it be a knight, monster, or the very gods themselves. ===Foreword=== Evolution/Non-Human/Unique MC: If you like evolution based novels and nonhuman MCs, then you've come to the right place. The whole novel will be about consuming creatures and their bloodlines and evolving. The MC is also not the average isekai'd by truck average dude in most transmigration stories, it is an alien monster from the very beginning if that interests you any. Cold/Ruthless/Villain - Anti-Hero MC: If you like MCs that are on the colder and more ruthless side, the MC does not operate by conventional human morals and starts off as a villain and will be a questionable anti-hero at best. Slow Pace: Like my other novel on this site, this novel will have a slow pace compared to other works. Hopefully, this will enhance your experience as a reader with description rich, vivid and engaging fight scenes and environments. The slow pace will also contribute to fleshing out a significantly developed world as well as setting up for plot events that will have relevance throughout the entire novel.' ===Discord Link=== https://discord.gg/mKvkT36pSQ Feel free to pop in anytime to ask questions!

John_Doever · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
219 Chs


The Collector waved one of its hands, and from the ridged ceiling of the Holding Bay, several tendrils fell down. Each of these were tendrils meant to allow units within to access transportation pods.

"Pull on these to enter transportation pods," said the Collector. "You will receive a psionic message within your minds that will ask of you what your destination is. This should be obvious: it is below to destroy our enemies.

Do not fear for whether this mode of transportation is safe. It is at the very least capable of allowing your kind to survive entry within an oxygen rich planetary atmosphere from high orbit. This level of fall will cause no damage, though it is advised to brace yourselves mentally for impact."

The Collector's language automatically simplified down into an understandable form to all the goblins via its Shard of Succession, and the goblins all nodded as they hovered by tendrils.