Alicole Chronicles: Unexpected Quest Duo Book

novel - Fantasy

Alicole Chronicles: Unexpected Quest Duo


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A human girl had nothing but a dream about magic. A demon prince had almost everything yet wanted more. This is a story of two different lives: the adventures of a human girl with a wish to conquer the art of magic... "I had no hope. No future. The only thing I had was a fate to lose the last of my possessions, my free will… Until finally, I had enough of it all… I will have the skills to fight and win! I will have the knowledge to survive in the raging sea of unfairness, cruelty, hatred, and betrayal people call life! I will have the strength to defy the destiny I used to think there was no escaping from! See me tear my future from the grasp of fate! Because without the power of choice, one can never truly live..." ... and a demon prince... "What would you do if you were offered unlimited POWER, endless STRENGTH, constant SUPPORT, infinite WEALTH on just one condition: the end of your personal freedom? Ah, so that's your answer... Well, let's see how much it's different from mine!" Fate pushes the two to work together on an adventure of dungeons and quests to survive in a world of magic and monsters, good and evil, where things are seldom what they seem...


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