4 03. Ten Years Later (Edited)



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The following 10 years went very well. Soon after I moved to my grandfather's, I went to primary school, which I graduated after three years and moved on to secondary. Which is not surprising with my IQ.

Since I knew perfectly well what awaited me in the future, I decided to prepare myself as seriously as possible for future enemies and trials.

Therefore, first of all, I signed up, with the help of my grandfather, in a karate club. The teacher in this club was an actual native Japanese and a 10th Dan karate master.

I was engaged in this club for only two years, but despite this, I was able, unofficially, of course, to get the 6th dan. I would have gotten more, but I didn't have enough physical data due to my age.

After that, everything went faster; it took me only a year to get the title of master in aikido and jujitsu. Over the next year, I was able to master Muay Thai, Wing Chun, and Taekwondo.

Over the next five years, I fully mastered Kempo and budo (Judo, Iaido, Kendo, Kyudo (archery), Jodo, Shorinji-Kempo, Bojutsu), as well as western fencing.

And over the past two years, I have been able to fully master Tai Chi and Qigong. I also dabbled in boxing, sambo, kickboxing, capoeira, wushu, and arnis (a Filipino martial art). Still, I did not spend much time as many martial arts have similarities.

Thanks to my high intelligence quick reaction with my perception, I was able to mix these arts into a new and unique, where there are techniques from all the martial arts I know and create my own style, like the one that created Batman.

But unlike him, I have neutralized and non-killing techniques and deadly ones that can kill in one move.

The basis of my style, which I never gave a name to, strikes into vulnerable spots to quickly take the enemy out of combat. Still, there are also enough defensive positions and techniques using a sword, bo staff, and some other types of weapons.

I am also good at throwing weapons in shurikens, kunai, and throwing knives, which I prefer most, and I always carry a couple with me.

To keep my body in shape, for all these years, I have been doing jogging, swimming, and light gymnastics to develop all muscle groups and not turn into pitching, but have dense, strong, but compact muscles. Well, for the soul, I played soccer.

Thanks to ten years of hard work, I was able to turn all my muscles into pink fibers, which is an incredible result in my 15, almost 16 years.

I was able to accomplish such a feat only thanks to my 40-fold learning rate, the peculiarities of my body, and incredible diligence.

I just won a huge number of competitions most of the time, I no longer have enough space for awards. I had to take all of them to the attic so that they would not get in the way.

As for my studies, it was pretty simple, at the age of eleven, I graduated from middle school, and at the age of fifteen, before the start of 'the holidays', I graduated from high school.

I could have done it earlier, but I decided that this is the ideal time, so I will have more time to focus on the aliens and the Omnitrix.

As for my actual knowledge ... here I need to tell a story that happened six months later, after my move to my grandfather's house.

As I know, my grandfather is definitely not an ordinary person. He is a former cosmonaut and The Plumber of Space. He could become the first person on the moon. Still, he chose to be a space police officer and seriously succeeded. And became an absolute legend among people and aliens alike. It was to him that the Omnitrix was initially intended. But of course, I could not officially know this and therefore decided to achieve his recognition.

My plan was pretty simple. I disassembled Grandpa Max's computer; my current mother taught me this.

Like I expected, this computer was really created with the help of alien technologies; I've never seen them before.

When I told my grandfather about this, he was clearly very nervous, under my prosecutor's gaze, but still, he didn't split and rattled off some rubbish that his old friend from the army helped him get this computer and that these were new developments.

Since my first plan failed, I entered from the other side, namely the RV.

As far as I remember, it is simply stuffed with alien technologies, I just had to find them and provide evidence to my grandfather, and he will crack for me.

And oddly enough, it worked. When I was able to sneak into the mobile home and finally find the switch that showed all of its foreign equipment, then my grandfather, who just at that moment appeared, had no chance to get out.

Of course, he tried to make excuses and came up with all sorts of absurd stories, but under my unblinking, studying, and condemning eyes, he gave up after five minutes.

And he told me everything, about how he prepared to become an astronaut, about how he met my grandmother Verdona, who, by the way, is an alien from the Anodite race. And how he joined the Plumbers.

In general, he told his whole life, and this time, it was utterly authentic, unlike the version he said earlier.

As it turned out, my father, my uncle and his wife, and a couple of other people from the family knew about his real life. Oddly enough, my mom knew nothing about this.

But this was to be expected since Verdana and Olivia could not stand each other and were no better than a cat and a dog from grandfather's stories. My grandfather told me he believed that this was because they were too similar and could not get along.

So, after he told me about all this, I was able to get access to the database of The Plumbers since there was their old base right under the city, to which, fortunately, my grandfather had access.

This database was full of information about various scientific discoveries and technologies from all over the galaxy.

And a lot of that data was on a completely different level than Earth. Of course, there was the knowledge that I absolutely did not need in some places, but I could distribute everything as I needed it.

Of course, everything is not so simple because there was information from all over the galaxy, which means countless languages were ​​spoken by many races. Still, I created a universal translator thanks to the tools and technologies that I dug out at the base.

I began my studies with the technology and scientific research of the Earth. I ended with information from the planet Galvan, the homeland of Azimuth, considered the most intelligent creature in the galaxy.

With all my super brains, this study took me as much as 10 years, barely had time to finish all the research and processing.

It's good that I could read at a speed of 10,000 words per minute. Still, thanks to constant practice and the study of more and more complex technologies and new scientific research, my reading speed increased to 17,000 words per minute, which means that I read about 280 words per second, and not only read but also manage to process.

Such a 'rape' of my brain could not pass without consequences, but fortunately for me, thanks, again to my body, there was no negative, but only positive.

As I actively developed my intelligence for 10 years, I raised my IQ from the initial 270 to 287 points, undoubtedly a significant amount.

Also, besides the apparent increase in reading speed, there were other advantages.

First, I could still develop the second stream of consciousness; it happened at 7. I created the third stream at the age of 11, and finally, the last, at the moment, the fourth stream of consciousness, I was able to develop just a few weeks ago.

Thanks to the increase in IQ and the development of additional streams of consciousness, I was able to read and process the entire database of orderlies. After all, this was only available information taught in universities and similar institutions. No one will add all secret information to the public database, even though a police officer.

Second, and most importantly, I developed the ability of telekinesis and telepathy. I awakened telekinesis when I reached 280 IQ points and telepathy when I reached 285.

My telekinesis was not very strong; I could lift only about 200 kilograms of weight with the power of thought at a distance of about 7 meters.

With each additional IQ point, the power of telekinesis increased; at first, the limit was 70 kilograms of weight at a distance of two meters.

As for telepathy, it is also not perfect and relatively weak. It is more like empathy; sensing people's emotions with a few superficial thoughts is more readable.

But if I concentrate intensely and switch the attention of all additional consciousnesses to telepathy, I will be able to read the thoughts of one particular person. Proper, only a couple of minutes, then a wild headache begins. Far from me, even before Professor X and Jean Gray.

Since my telepathy was weak, I decided to protect my mind, just in case. This may come in handy in the future. There are all kinds of enemies, and the mind must be protected.

There is nothing better than creating a mental shield. I still don't understand how I did it, but now my thoughts are protected by a shield.

I have never met anyone else with telepathy, so I don't know how strong the shield is, but I will be calmer.

I believe when my IQ reaches 290 points, a new psychic-type ability or the ability to control the elements, such as pyrokinesis or hydrokinesis, will awaken.

It also seems that with each increase in IQ value, other abilities increase in strength. Next time, telekinesis and telepathy will receive a new leap in power.

Thanks to my increased intelligence and technology that I was able to find based on the Orderlies and those that Grandpa Max helped me get in the underground city near Bellwood, where many aliens live, I created my own AI.

It was complicated and took me five whole years of work. All this time, one of my streams of consciousness was doing calculations. But I could still finish it just a year ago; I named the AI Morgana.

Morgana is a mighty artificial intelligence with a database of Plumbers, and she is currently the most powerful AI on Earth.

Although this is understandable, since I used foreign technologies, mainly from the planet Galvan and Encephalonus IV, the homeland of the Galvanians and Cerebrocrustaceans, respectively.

Using the galactic tech score, Morgana is level 13 tech. Come to think of it, this is just incredible, no not, INCREDIBLY COOL for a 15-year-old from Earth, where technology has only reached Level 2. At least officially, we all know what that means.

Later, I will definitely improve Morgana when the story begins, and I get the Omnitrix and other technologies during my adventures. Someday she will reach level 20 (Omnitrix level) and possibly 21.

Morgana herself is the size of a small closet; this was only achieved by mixing some of the most unique technologies from different planets.

I keep this most high-tech closet in the basement of my grandfather's house. Of course, Morgana herself is always with me in the form of a bracelet, which has a connection to the central server.

But later, I will try to reduce the 'closet' itself to a portable size, or maybe I can mix technology with magic and create a dimensional pocket for Morgana.

I released Morgan on the Internet as soon as I checked all the security codes and the like.

I checked everything several times and made sure that I did not accidentally create a female version of Ultron.

Fortunately, Morgana did not desire to kill all of humanity, and she is absolutely loyal to me.

Morgana's personality turned out to be rather peculiar. Morgana is just a bunch of sarcasm and black humor, with a sexy voice.

But she clearly favors me, not particularly how I designed the AI. I might make her a body in the future, but for now, I manage with a hologram in the form of a voluptuous beauty with black hair and bright green eyes. It will definitely be necessary to make her a body.

So, after the release of Morgana on the Internet, I will not have problems with money, at least while I am on Earth.

Oddly enough, Apple, Microsoft, and Youtube also exist in this world, and with the help of Morgana and inheritance from my parents, I was able to invest money. Now I am officially a millionaire, plus knowledge from a past life helped a lot.

I was never interested in economics, but even what I heard and caught in my life could be helpful to me in this one, and in this, I was helped by eidetic memory. Although I had to spend a lot of time remembering everything.

Plus, there are a lot of abandoned accounts of all sorts of dead drug lords and similar people on the network; I also adopted them.

I was thinking about opening my own company and creating technologies based on foreign equipment, like my old computer, but I thought that there would not be enough time, and why do I need it, there is already a lot of money.

Thanks to the fact that I could access the technologies sold in the underground city, I created a piece of high-end equipment in the form of a supercomputer the size of a regular laptop, connected to Morganа and the galactic network.

There is also a smartphone with the same connection. Both the laptop and the smartphone were made as indestructible as possible. I also got a powerful motorcycle that accelerates to 900 km / h and can turn into a 20 × 20 cm box. Good thing.

As for the underground city, I was never there. My grandfather forbade me. Because he thinks it's too early for me to go there. But I didn't want to; Grandpa Max could get everything I needed anyway.

As for my alien part and magic, I was able to do a few analyzes and found out that I am indeed on ¼ Anodize, but here, too, there was a surprise.

Looks like Olivia, my current mother, wasn't entirely human either, and she, too, was a part of an alien race unknown to me. To be more precise, either her grandfather or her grandmother, I do not know for sure, were aliens, so it turns out that they are also 1/4 not human.

This means I am on ¼ Anodite, on ⅛ some unknown alien, and everything else is human. Apparently, thanks to this ⅛ part, I got psionic abilities in the form of telepathy and telekinesis.

It also turned out that things are not so simple with the human part. Based on the analysis, I am human but unusual.

Apparently, this is due to my unique body. I can be called a High human because I have no impurities, genetic defects, and other nasty things that ordinary people have. It seems that I could awaken Mom's alien legacy only because of this.

As for magic, I just didn't have time, and I had absolutely no time to search for books on magic or a teacher. Fortunately, unlike the original Ben, I awakened Anodite's legacy.

All I could do was feel the Mana in the body and start moving it through the body.

In the future, this will be useful to me. As I understand it, it increases control. There are even advantages to saturating my body with Mana which will improve all my physical characteristics by about 20%, and that's At least something.

This is all the preparation I managed to do over these 10 years for the events awaiting me.


(Max POV)

It's been 10 years since Carl and Olivia died, and I've been raising Lex all this time. Frankly, though, I didn't have to do anything other than support and mentor him when he needed it.

I always knew he was smart, but I never knew how brilliant he was. In just six months, he revealed my secret and guessed about my past. Of course, I tried to hide everything from him, but it is impossible not to get nervous under this gaze of shrewd, dark blue eyes, especially when he knows that you are not telling the truth.

In fact, I'm even glad that he guessed everything, it became much more straightforward, and there was no need to lie. True, I still had to persuade him not to tell Gwen about it because I wanted her to have a chance for an ordinary life.

When he asked me to take him to the former base of the Plumbers, I thought that he was just interested and curious to look at alien technology.

But who knew that as soon as he got access to computers, he would simply drown in all the information and would have to be pulled out by force.

I can't imagine how he could process all the data in just 10 years while spending only 5 hours a day on it. But he did it, and he also had time to spend time learning martial arts and going to school.

But the main thing that amazes me the most and makes me the proudest of my grandson is Morgana.

Never in my life have I seen such an advanced artificial intelligence.

The way it behaves can not compare to other AIs I know. Especially when Lex talks to her, Morgana is full of love and care. Still, when I speak to her, she behaves like a natural comedian with a bunch of puns and sarcasm and sometimes acts like a regular AI. That is, she speaks dryly and mechanically. But I can definitely hear the emotion in her when Lex is around.

Lex said she was the most powerful AI on Earth and was level 13 technology when he presented Morgana.

But in my experience and what I saw, Morgana is definitely not artificial intelligence. She is a full-fledged artificial person, almost a digital person with emotions and full-fledged thoughts.

And this is absolutely definitely not the 13th level; she has already gone beyond all the boundaries of technology known in the galaxy. But I won't tell Lex; let him figure it out himself.

During this time, he also learned many martial arts, and I think he created his own personal, as I saw him train, and it was more like a dance than a fight. I've only seen this a couple of times, and they were the best hand-to-hand fighters in the galaxy.

I still can't understand - where is he in such a hurry? Why is she constantly studying and training? What is he ... getting ready for?

When I asked him about it, Lex said he wanted to be prepared for anything that could happen because the world is much more complicated and dangerous than ordinary people think.

With this, I certainly agree, and I will be calmer, knowing that he will be able to stand up for himself.

But still, I am apprehensive because all these years that he lived with me, he never stopped his development and never fully rested.

And he had none of his friends except Gwen, and even here, too, not everything is clear. The girl is clearly in love with him since childhood. And Lex knows that for sure but doesn't do anything to solve it.

Frank and Natalie, I have already discussed this and decided not to interfere. If it is serious, we will even support them.

Yet they are on ¼ Anodites and incest will not happen, because magic will fix everything, but we'll see what happens because Lex is clearly not an ordinary guy, and it is unknown what will happen in the future.

Half of the girls at school love him, and everyone is older than him. Such a unique guy will most likely not be limited to one girl, but this is in the future.

And now he has just finished studying the orderlies' database and is finishing school in a couple of weeks, he needs to arrange rest for him.

I'll take him and Gwen on a trip around the country in my mobile home; maybe they can sort out their relationship. At the same time, he will take a break from his studies, something interesting may happen.


(Gwen POV)

My name is Gwen Tennyson, I am 15 years old, and at the moment, I am finishing high school because as a child, I was able to jump several grades forward; it was not difficult.

In a week, I'm going on a trip across the country with grandpa Max and my cousin Lex.

Lex ...

I have known him all my life and spent a lot of time with him since his parents died and grandfather Max took him up.

I know that he is a brilliant person, although I am also considered intelligent, I am finishing high school, and he is a graduate.

He was always better than me in everything, both in sports and studies. Even so, he never became arrogant or bragged to me.

At first, I was very jealous of him and tried to beat him, at least somehow; I even started going to karate only because of this. But despite this, he helped me when I needed it.

Then I realized that it was pointless because although he is an incredibly gifted person, he is constantly improving and working so that this talent does not disappear. Even if I try to catch up with him, I will not persevere working as hard as he did.

And when I realized this, at the exact moment, I felt very good with him because it is delightful when there is someone as caring, intelligent, and strong as he is nearby.

And at that moment, I realized what I was missing. I fell head over heels in love with my own cousin. Although this is not surprising because half of the city wants the same.

At first, I denied it and tried not to pay attention because we are relatives. But then my mom asked me how I felt about Lex, and I burst out. I told my mother everything.

Unexpectedly, she said that the family would support us if these were serious feelings, which was undoubtedly strange, but I was thrilled.

But I did not dare to talk to him about it. I have been trying for more than a year, but nothing works.

I hope we can have a good conversation this vacation. At the same time, I also find out what this secret is associated with grandfather, which the whole family seems to know about, except me.

And now I need to pack for our trip around the country because tomorrow my grandfather will pick me up and our summer together will begin.

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