2 01. Death and Reincarnation (Edited)



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As is already clear, this story begins with that I died. I died quickly and almost painlessly; I was undoubtedly lucky with this. In short, I was struck by lightning. I didn't even have time to understand anything. Bright light, *bam* and I'm dead.

My life was really good. My mother raised me because my father abandoned us after I was born. Despite this, we were okay, and my mother earned enough for a good life.

Everything went on as usual, first was kindergarten, then there was middle school and finally high school. I did not study well, but I was above average. I was an absolute zero in sports since I spent all my free time on my hobby. I was watching movies, TV shows, and cartoons. Then, when I was older, I got hooked on anime. When it became difficult to look for a new title, I read manga. After that, I switched to light novels and fanfictions.

When I was 16, my mother died of cancer. It was pretty hard, but I could cope more or less and continued to live on, already alone.

I was lucky to have an apartment to live in, but I had to look for a part-time job, which caused problems with my studies, as I skipped school to earn money.

In the end, I could not get a diploma and had to stay for an extra year at school. But since my grades fell, it was not possible to go to higher education. Fortunately, I could go abroad, where I found a job with a good salary.

And so, one day, I was walking from my new job to my apartment when a lightning strike happened.

Since then, I have been a ball of energy in endless darkness. I swam here for quite a long time, and it feels like it's been about twenty years.

It was outrageously dull; the only thing that saved me was viewing my memories, which was unexpectedly easy to do since there were no physical restrictions in the form of a mortal body.

And I kept waiting for some Supreme Being to appear who would send me to another world, as in all these reincarnation stories. And it seemed it would, although it could have hurried.

In an instant, I was in darkness, and now I was in a white room with only a table and two white metal chairs.

A charming girl of about 20 years old sat at this table, with blond hair and golden eyes. Her body was scorching, with large breasts and a wasp waist. The backside, unfortunately, was not visible, but I'm sure that it was also on top.

Now, this girl was reading some papers and ignored me.

I decided to wait until she finished because she had a full face, which was adorable. Only someone like her can expect such beauty.

And after 30 minutes, she put down the papers and looked at me for the first time, saying:

- Thanks for waiting. So, as you probably already figured out, you're dead. I apologize for spending twenty years in the Void. It happened because I lost you and could not find you later. Fortunately, I was still able to see you.

First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Elsa, and I am the Judge of the Gods. I solve all issues related to the gods' punishment for their mistakes and irresponsible actions. If you have any questions, you can ask me now.

- Why am I here? - I asked quite calmly, trying to find out the preliminary information.

During the twenty years spent, as it turned out, in the Void, I had already managed to go through all the stages of denial ten times and had long ago come to terms with the inevitable. Nothing was holding me back in the past world, so it's a slight loss.

- This is directly related to your death. The lightning that killed you was unusual, and it was Divine Punishment. - Elsa folded her hands under her chin.

- Why was the Divine Punishment thrown at me? - I asked in surprise.

– Actually, it wasn't meant for you. As I said earlier, I am the Judge, and this lightning was intended for a God, who committed many crimes because a force hit him in the head, and he felt unpunished and omnipotent. Punishment exists for such Gods, and I decide on its use. When the Runaway God realized that he wasn't all that powerful compared to me, he tried to escape and arrived in your world. When the punishment was supposed to apprehend and kill him, he covered himself with you and escaped. But not for long, since the second Divine Punishment destroyed him. - Elsa finished explaining, looking at me with an apology in her eyes. She seems to be sorry.

- And what happened to me after? - I'm interested. Well, at least they apologized. Otherwise, they could not tell.

- You are the first human to be hit by Divine Punishment, so I didn't know what would happen to you. I started searching your soul and eventually found you in the Void. It was the last place I looked for because you shouldn't be there by all laws. - The Judge said thoughtfully.

- Why?

- There is nothing in the Void, and there shouldn't be; that's why it is Emptiness. in the beginning, there was nothing, then the Primal Elements were born. But after they left, there was only Emptiness for countless eons. When you arrived, the Void should have erased you, but you not only managed to survive, you somehow were able to absorb the power of the Void into your soul, because of which it evolved and has become limitless. - Elsa announced in a solemn tone, even slightly glowing.

- What does it mean? - I asked, leaning forward a little. Now the fun begins.

- It means that if I give you a chance to develop, you will not only be able to become a God, but you will also be able to enter the rank of the Creator or even receive power equal to the Primal Elements. - Elsa said. I have good prospects, I must say.

- It's hard to imagine, but it sounds great. And what will happen to me next? - I asked the most important question for today.

- Because I am guilty before you, I will give you this chance to develop. I will grant you three wishes, but they will be limited because, with your unique soul, any help from me can only harm you. After, I will send you to a new world of your choice, where you will begin your journey. - said Elsa, what I wanted to hear so much. As expected, this is a classic isekai story.

- What does 'unique soul' mean? - I finally asked.

- You are the first being in the Omniverse who could absorb the power of the Void. When you get strong enough, you can use it. No one knows what will come of it, but it is clear that you have huge potential. Are there any other questions?

- Of course, there are. After all, it's not every day you meet a goddess, but I don't think it's up to it now. - I replied.

Nodding at my words with a slight smile, Elsa said:

- That's right, it will be better if you find out everything yourself in the future, it will be more interesting that way. Now I will give you time to consider your wishes.

After hearing the last words of the goddess, I nodded and then thought deeply.


It took me three whole hours to decide what I wanted. Still, this is an important decision that will determine my future life, and I can't be too hasty.

- I decided. - I finally said, looking up at Elsa, who had been busy with documents all this time.

- Great. I'm listening. - Elsa raised her head from the papers, said the Judge of the Gods.

- First: I want to get superintelligence, at the level of Reed Richards or even more. Is it possible? - I asked hopefully. Still, most of my plans are set with this.

- No problem. When you are reborn, your IQ will be 270 on an IQ test. With this, you will gain eidetic and photographic memory, and your reaction and perception will be increased to match the speed of your thoughts. - Elsa suggested.

- That's not the maximum, right? Will I be able to develop further, through training, for example? - I asked.

- Of course. Consider this your starting value in statistics. - Elsa said with a smile.

- Fine. Then the second desire: I want a body that will have the possibility of infinite development, just like my soul. I want this body to be completely free of impurities and genetic defects. Also, I want the body to have automatic protection that would destroy all harmful substances while maintaining all the benefits. For example, if I use some super-soldier serums, my body will remove everything unnecessary while retaining all the benefits. - I formatted my second wish. It didn't work out very well, but I think the meaning is clear.

- It will be allowed, but for this, you will need to saturate your new body with the energy of your soul. It will even be better, thanks to the aspect of the Void. This process is incredibly difficult, but I will help you with this. Do you have any wishes for appearance? - Elsa thought for a moment.

- Black hair and dark blue eyes, handsome face, 190 cm tall, and a professional athletic build. - I said quickly.

- Certainly. So, what's your last wish? - Elsa asked, writing down everything I said.

- 100x learning rate. - was my immediate response.

- I can't give 100 times, a maximum of 40 times, do you agree? - After a second of thought, the girl said.

- Yes. - I agreed without hesitation. It is better not to be impudent and take what the Judge has given.

- Now, decide where you want to go. I can give advice, start with a weak world, but with great opportunities to gain strength. - Elsa said, crossing her arms under her impressive chest.

- I've already thought of everything. I want to go to one of the alternative worlds of «Ben 10», if possible, like Ben Tennyson himself. - I said.

I know, not a typical choice, but what the creators of their animated series have not mixed into this universe. Magic, technology, aliens, and even gods.

It's practically the Marvel Universe, only at the minimum. But the Ben 10 universe is much safer and more structured. And getting superpowers is much easier, especially with my desires.

In addition, this is my favorite cartoon from childhood, and I am well versed in lore and events. And thanks to the time in the Void, I now remember all this very well.

- Good choice, with your new intellect, you can go far there. Are there any changes you would like to make it more comfortable for you? - Elsa said, smiling.

- You can make the main characters were born five years earlier so that the story begins when they are 15 years old. -After thinking for a bit, I replied.

I don't feel like fighting an intergalactic conqueror as a ten-year-old kid.

– Um, no problem, since you will end up in one of the alternate Ben, you can change everything as you like because it will be your world. I'll make a few more changes to explain your intelligence and your different appearance. - something written down on a piece of paper, said Elsa.

- okay, I do not mind. Thank you for the chance and new life. - I said, fully prepared to begin my adventure.

- It was because of me that you died, so there's nothing for it. Good luck. - Elsa said, then she snapped her fingers, and a bright light engulfed me. It was the last thing I remember before losing consciousness.


After sending our protagonist to a new world, in the white room, which was Elsa's office, an older man appeared in white clothes and with a long beard.

When he appeared, Elsa bowed her head and greeted him:

- Lord Creator.

- Elsa. - Nodding his head, the older man said.

- Was it really necessary to restrict his desires so much, we gave him practically nothing, and our guilt before him is incredibly high. - Elsa asked with a worried face.

- You know we've been waiting for someone like him for a very long time. Finally, there is a chance to get the Lord of the Void and a new member of the Primal Elements. He will have to go through this path independently, without any crutches. - the Creator said seriously.

- I understand, but we condemned him to death and loneliness in the Void for a whole million years. It's also lucky that their time goes according to strange concepts, and he thinks he spent only 20 years there. I want to help him more and redeem myself. - said the Judge of the Gods sadly.

- You are already helping him. Look after him and if he needs help, give it. If there are questions, answer them. This task will be your redemption and help. - The older man replied with a smile.

- All right, sir. - Elsa replied with a faint smile.

Nodding his head, the older man disappeared with a flash of light.

After the Creator left, Elsa created a screen with a wave of her hand, on which a 5-year-old boy could be seen with black hair that seemed to be made of darkness itself and dark blue eyes that seemed to glow with intellect.

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