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Alchemy of Hearts


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Our dear author is back with another interesting and super amazing story! Although the genre is something new for your writing but I very much look forward to how it would turn out! ALL THE BEST SWEETIE🥰🥰🥰

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Just a few chapters in and I can tell it will be amazing. I will advice everyone to read this. It has such a fresh take. I will definitely be sticking around for this.


I'm giving this book five stars because it deserves it, from the vocabulary to the amazing story line. I have to say that this author truly has potential. I can't wait for more updates [img=update][img=update]


I've been waiting for this books for days now and it's finally out. just the synopsis alone is making my heart pound loudly in my chest. I'm just too excited to read this book. Author, put on your writing hat, cause I'm ready to go through this journey with you🤭🥰


One of our favorite authors have decided to write fantasy!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Although I'm a thriller for fantasy this book definitely has unique plots and isn't cringe in what way so ever, despite it being the first fantasy romance our lovely Author is writing so I'm highly impressed! writing Quality? Check! 👍 Reading her previous books? I can proudly say that this book has a lot of potentials and okay.... maybe I'm talking too much😌😌, just dive into the story and see for yourself you'll thank me later goodluck on ur new book Author San😍😍💞💞💞💞


Storyline _ 100 World background _100 writing style...i love every paragraph and how it is written. keep writing dear. the sky is your limit


I just want to say, “PERFECT”. Your writing skill is amazing and very much inspires me. I don't know about fantasy stories because I never read one but now I want to say that if I will ever read, then yours remain the best.


please author Open the lock chapter please i dont have money to purchase the privilge please Open so that will the younger one can read just like light Reader


It's my second book of this author's work and I must say that it doesn't disappoint. If there were more stars I would have given them. I love the mischievous FL and of course, the ML. Thanks for sharing your story.


Can't wait to read more of how Naoki and Haruka story is going to end up. How did you do it author? The whole knowing about Japanese culture and more, that is. I'd like to learn more.😄


WRITING QUALITY: The flow of the story is so fluid for me as I had smooth reading experience in every chapter; as the author had written this cohesively and impeccably. STORY DEVELOPMENT: So far on the latest chapter, our ML has been making significant preparations for the FL and for himself likewise, as there is this impending danger that lies ahead on their lives and also to others involved with them. Rooting from the power clash and blood feud that sprang against the ML's clan from their adversaries/nemesis; with the FL also entangled in this rivalry that began a thousand years ago. This is just only the beginning and I cannot wait to know more where this will further go as we tread more in depth into the story. CHARACTER DESIGN: Our main characters portrayed herein are well thought out; and blended with the captivating mystery that surrounds their existence. The ML is with so much composure and discipline while the FL is a bit of the opposite. But there's more in store for us to see yet between them as they have had only one initial encounter we've known from the story. The supporting characters also blend well into the dynamics going on with their interactions with the main characters. WORLD BACKGROUND: This is set in one of the ancient eras of feudal Japan; as there are samurais, Dark Lords and the Shogunate mentioned or depicted in the ongoing events within the story, being also stated in its synopsis. UPDATING STABILITY: No problems with the updates as it is done every day as the author posts whenever a new chapter is available. This is the author's first story written in the fantasy genre that gives us a fresh air from the usual and totally different perspective from her previous works. I highly recommend this for anyone to try reading this; as this is quite unique from the other mythological stories that we know.


Good read. Interesting and compelling. Short and sweet. No filler chapters.


Just from the synopsis I can tell the creativity that lies within the author. Character development, the major issues everything is just super amazing. I wanna stick to this till the end. I strongly recommend this to my fellow readers.