Alchemy of Hearts Book

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Alchemy of Hearts


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“There is no true love without sacrifices and no true loyalty without submission.” Sato Naoki, the last descendant of the most powerful clan in Japan, is the only survivor of the pure bloodline of the Alchemists. He was a man who lived both in the past and in the present. A man, bloodthirsty for revenge. He has been waiting for his destined bride for 7 centuries however, right before she is born, an experiment goes wrong in his lab which put him to sleep for 18 years. Ito Haruka, the destined one for the only survivor of his kind, was born with the innate ability to see the past, present, and future. Due to the calamity that would befall her, the prophets of old sealed her powers right from the days of her predecessors, to protect her. The awakening of her powers attracted the attention of the ‘Dark Souls’ the ancient enemies who were the same group of powerful mages that wiped out Sato Naoki’s powerful clan. The Dark Souls were as heartless as their powers got, and they will not hesitate to take down the threats to their ultimate goal. However, when they met with resistance, they began to toil with the hearts of their prey, leaving them with difficult choices to make. What option would Naoki and Haruka pick when a war is put between their heart and mind? Would they try to risk it all and fight back despite the little chances they have or would they succumb to the devices of their enemies? -------- Cover Art by @Laylee_hiu Follow me on Instagram @authorpaschalinelily Discord server: https//discord.gg/GywPN7X