Alabaster's memoir Book

novel - Fantasy

Alabaster's memoir


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In a world of magic, torn by an ongoing mass war, powered by weapons and artifacts never seen before. Isolated along the barren borders of a mighty empire lives a man with skin of alabaster. Alone, he would hunt the numerous monsters and other mutant abominations that plagued the otherwise abandoned edge of the empire of course, for a decent price. He lives a secluded life. A simple life .With a steady, consistent routine, little did he know that laying next to the singular glaciated river that passed through the frozen permafrost covered fiord lay a surprise . A surprise that arrived abruptly just as the fierce storm that brought it .A surprise that would shatter his peacefully isolated way of life almost as fast as it had arrived. Laying in layers of blankets and rags, an infant boy with hair, the colour of the sun, and eyes of Sapphire. Wrapped around the boy was an amulet of gold, bearing an emblem belonging to a nation, a far away nation beyond the lands of the empire. Through the lands of countless enemies and monsters infested plains past seas that were considered uncrossable … on a good day, all whilst guarding his newfound responsibility. Using old allies, forgotten friends, past foes, and debtors alike, the man ventured into the vast void with one underlying question. Will the man with skin of alabaster succeed in reuniting the boy with his family? Or will his efforts lead to a foolish end as he dies trying.