109 Serenaʼs not really the goddess of fortune?!

Holy Sword Tournament Arc II


(POV: Akashic Records)

Drome and Kana stepped forward, the weight of their weapons evident in the clanking of their light armor. The magic spear in Drome's hand shimmered with power, while Kana's magic sword gleamed in the sunlight.

They exchanged a quick glance, a silent understanding passing between them.

Soon, they departed.

Lirien took a step closer to Isadora, who stood there trembling, her tear-filled eyes locked on the lifeless body of Lumiere. Gallus held Isadora tightly, his grip serving as an anchor amidst her overwhelming grief.

Isadora's voice broke through her sobs as she whispered, "I... I... (~spasms)... I'll... never forgive you, Lirien. You've caused all this pain."

Lirien's voice, calm yet tinged with sadness, met Isadora's accusation.

"I never wanted this for any of you, especially not this boy. I only wanted to protect you, Isadora, at all costs."

Isadora's anger flared, her voice laced with bitterness.


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