96 I encountered another demon spirit...?

Holy Sword Tournament Arc II


(POV: Akashic Records)

Once again adorned in his Black attire, Lumiere strode down the dimly lit corridor the coliseum, his steps echoing against the stone walls.

He passed a mysterious figure cloaked in black robes.

He barely spared her a glance, dismissing her strange presence as inconsequential.

However, much to his surprise, the woman, Lirien, abruptly halted, turning her head to face him.

With her always dull voice, she spoke.

".....Do you know Isadora.....?" (Lirien)

Lumiere halted in his tracks.

"(Isadora? How does she know her?)" (Lumiere)

"Isadora? And who might that be?" (Lumiere)

"....It is Isadora...." (Lirien)

As always, Lirien was vague and devoid of emotion.

Adjusting his mask Lumiere furrowed his brow.

"That's too vague." (Lumiere)

Continuing his stride, Lumiere believed the conversation had come to an end.

"....Isadora, is a demon spirit...." (Lirien)

Her words stopped him in his tracks once more.


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