22 I'm the Village Head?

[POV: Lumiere Venrite, bastard child]

As we finished healing the wounded and sick, Serena suggested using [Holy Magic] to break the curse. However, I quickly shot down the idea, explaining that the grygans were not purely holy creatures due to their mixed dark elf biology.

"I mean, have you seen their ears? They're pointy enough for me to know not to mess with them," I joked, trying to lighten the mood.

It didn't work. (~sniffles)

After dismissing [Holy Magic], I spent the next few hours brainstorming any other alternatives. The grygans kept their distance, but I could tell they were curious and hopeful.

It was weighing heavy on my shoulders to come up with a solution and rid them of this curse.

Suddenly, it hit me like a bolt of lightning, which would've been cool if I had an affinity for lightning. "How about we try a purification spell?" I suggested to Serena. "It won't just break the curse, but it will also cleanse any impurities or darkness from their bodies."

Serena looked at me, impressed. "That might work!"

But before we could start chanting the spell, Fasit interrupted us. "Wait, isn't that another holy magic?" she questioned, confusion etching her face.

I laughed. "Well, technically, yes. But it's different from [Holy Magic]. It's more focused on purification rather than divine powers. Plus, the grygans may not be purely holy creatures, but that doesn't mean they can't benefit from a little cleansing."

As I stood among the grygans, their pained expressions tugged at my heartstrings. I couldn't bear to see them suffer any longer under the wicked curse that plagued them. That's when I had an idea that might be worth trying.

"Serena, I have an idea," I said, turning to look at my friend. "I believe if we use the purification spell, is the only way we can break the curse."

Serena looked at me, nodding in understanding. "But won't my divine aura in the spell disrupt affect them?" she asked.

I shook my head. "I'll handle it. Trust me," I replied with a confident smile.

Without wasting any more time, I started to gather my mana, shaping it into a massive magic circle beneath us. I could feel the eyes of the grygans upon me and their disbelief at what I was doing. But I had to focus on the task at hand.

As the magic circle grew larger and larger, I could feel my mana being drained from me. It was a difficult spell to cast, and I was only able to do so thanks to my Unique Skill: [Beginner's Luck].

Finally, the spell was complete, and the magic circle glowed with a bright, white light. I closed my eyes, focusing my energy on the signal of the curse that lay over the village.

The grygans watched in awe, and as the spell progressed, I could see the darkness lifting from their bodies, their tribal tattoos glowing in the light.

With a wave of my hand, all that pent-up energy was released, and the curse was broken.

It was a moment of pure, intense relief, and I collapsed. Fortunately, Serena was there to catch me before I hit the ground. The cost was high, and it took almost 24,000 mana points from me. But it was worth it to see the smiles on the faces of the grateful grygans.

It was a beautiful sight to behold, and as the spell ended, the grygans' eyes were filled with gratitude.

"Thank you," Fasit said. "We're forever indebted to you both."

The grygans started to cry tears of joy as they realized that the curse had been lifted. They had been suffering for so long, and now, they were free. They all gathered around me, thanking me for what I had done. It made me feel appreciated, and I knew that all the effort and energy I had expended had paid off.

I may have been exhausted, but deep down, I knew that I had accomplished something that mattered. The people of this village deserved to be happy, and I was glad to have played a part in bringing that happiness back into their lives.

As I was about to join the grygans for the celebration, everything started to spin around me, and before I could even realize what was happening, I faded away into unconsciousness.


When I woke up five days later, I found myself in a poorly made hut, made of crude materials and barely sturdy architecture. I looked around, trying to gather my bearings, but all I could see was a status update in front of me.

It greeted me with the news that my [Purification Magic] had leveled up to SSS+ thanks to the sub-skill [Higher Full Potential] which was under my Unique Skill: [Beginner's Luck].

While this news was great, I was worried because I didn't like being too overpowered.

But as if things couldn't have gotten any worse, I discovered that I had unlocked two new titles - [Lord of the Grygans] and [King of Curses], and I had also acquired the Cursed Skill: [Fire Demon's Curse].

I was completely blank, as I had no idea that these things even existed. I wanted to panic, but I started crying instead, complaining that my skills were too much.

Then I found out that I had also unlocked the [Curse Series], which almost caused me to faint.

As I lay there in the hut, my head still reeling from the shock of my new skills, I heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Before I knew it, Fasit had walked in, and I couldn't help but stare at her. The old hag was gone, replaced by a sexy, voluptuous woman! I freaked out and couldn't even recognize her until she introduced herself.

"Fasit? Is that really you?" I asked, shocked.

"Yes, Lord Lumiere. The curse has been lifted, and our potential is no longer suppressed. We have received a species upgrade from grygans to high grygans," she explained.

"I see," I said, nodding before continuing, "So where is Serena?"

"She's gone to get some herbs from the place of the minotaurs," Fasit replied.

I smirked, making a funny comment, "Those minotaurs are in big trouble now."

Fasit chuckled, "Indeed, they are. But Lord Lumiere, there's something else we need to discuss. The reason for your slow recovery is that you had almost suffered from mana exhaustion."

"Mana exhaustion?" I repeated, confused.

"Yes, your proficiency for mana usage would have been low, and your hair would have lost color."

I gasped, "My hair! I couldn't have that happening!"

Fasit laughed, "Don't worry. I took care of you."

I smiled, grateful for her care before asking, "Fasit, what does this species upgrade mean?"

"It means that we have become stronger, faster, and more agile. We possess greater resistance to magic and curses, and we're now able to use more powerful skills," she explained.

I sat up, my eyes widening in amazement, "That's incredible!"

"(I won't tell anyone about the new skills I acquired yet... that could cause quite a bit of trouble. I need to be vigilant.)"

As Fasit approached me, I couldn't help but feel a strange sense of hesitancy, but she quickly got straight to the point. "Lord Lumiere, we need you to become our leader," she said, her voice serious yet pleading.

I furrowed my eyebrows and shook my head, trying to be humble. "I'm not sure I'm worthy of such a title, Fasit. I'm still learning."

Fasit smiled kindly at me, "But Lord Lumiere, you broke the curse! You are the master of our village now. It's your duty to be the Village Head, and guide us to a better future."

I blushed at Fasit's praise and looked back to her, who continued to explain to me the significance of being a master.

"By breaking the curse, you have complete authority over us, Lord Lumiere. You are responsible for making decisions that will affect our entire village, and as one of the many Village Heads in the Great Forest, you must also consider the well-being of the other villages." (Fasit)

I gasped, realizing the weight of what she was saying.

It was only now I'd realized she'd been calling me - "Lord Lumiere" all this while.

"Wait, hold on. So I'm not just the Village Head of my own village, but I have to be responsible for others as well?" (Lumiere)

Fasit nodded, "Yes, the Village Heads work together to form a council that governs the entire Great Forest. Your decisions will impact not just your own village, but all the others as well."

I sat there in silence, trying to absorb all this information. It was a lot to take in, but I couldn't deny that I felt a sense of pride at the thought of being the leader. "Okay, I'll do it then. But it's only temporary, okay? I still have to go to the city of Nuvada and handle some potential business assessments first."

Fasit beamed at me, hugging me tightly with her ample bosom. I couldn't help but choke a little, but I appreciated her support. "Of course, Lord Lumiere. We're all counting on you now."

Oh boy, engaged under minutes and now the Village Head under minutes.

--- Status ---

Name: Lumiere Venrite

Race: Human

Age: 18 Y/O

Titles: The fifteenth child, The eleventh son, Naturally dead, Bastard child, Integrator, All-Fatherʼs courtier, Business man, Meld Master, Prodigy, Savior of the Grygans, Lord of the Grygans, King of Curses.

Class: High Mage

Physical Strength: 28/28

MP: 25,000/25,000

Magic Arts:「Unlocked Elemental Series — [Fire Magic] (Rank B), [Wind Magic] (Rank B), [Earth Magic] (Rank B), [Water Magic] (Rank A)」, [Plant Magic] (Rank B), [Summoning Magic] (Rank S+), [Purification Magic] (Rank SSS+), 「Unlocked Curse Series — [Curse Fire Magic] (Rank E), [Curse Wind Magic] (Rank E), [Curse Water Magic] (Rank D), [Curse Earth Magic] (Rank E), [Curse Plant Magic] (Rank E)」.

Magic Skills: Integral Skill [Appraisal] (Rank C) | Additional Skills: [Lung Master] (Rank D), [Status Modification] (Rank SSS+), [Enhanced Stamina] (Rank D), [Poison Resistance] (Rank C), [Magic Detect] (Rank A), [Element Merger] (Rank B) | Unique Skills: [Beginner's Luck] | Curse Skill: [Fire Demon's Curse].

Sacred Benefaction: All-Fatherʼs Crest of Guidance.

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