108 I'm dead...?

Holy Sword Tournament Arc II


(POV: Akashic Records)

"...I have a question..." (Lirien)

Isadora and Lumiere both uttered, "Huh?" in unison.

"...You called him your master, what exactly do you mean...?" (Lirien)

"Easy," Isadora smiled mischievously. "He's my master, and the father of my child."

Lirien's eyes widened in disbelief, her voice laced with confusion. "Master? Father of your child?" she repeated, her anger and calm demeanor at odds with each other.

Isadora stood tall, placing her hands on her waist as she looked directly at Lirien. "That's right," she declared, her voice steady. "Lumiere put a baby in me."

Isadora placed a protective hand on her stomach, emphasizing her statement.

The revelation sent shockwaves through Lirien and the others standing behind her. Expressions of disbelief and surprise.

Lirien tried to maintain her composure, but a flicker of shock passed through her eyes before they hardened with determination.


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