7 I'm at a ball with the Behemoth Viscount?

I sat in a corner of the ballroom, observing the procession of nobility making their way through the grand entrance of the mansion.

The room was adorned with elegant chandeliers, intricately woven tapestries, and tasteful furniture arranged to greet guests.

As the illegitimate child of the King, my presence wasn't important, but I still had to attend. Today was my half-sister, Genevieve's 10th birthday, and the whole family had to be present to make it special for her.

"For this occasion, I've prepared delicacies from every corner of the Cross Kingdom, please enjoy yourselves... (~smolders) thoroughly." (Grey)

As the King announced the start of the party, I watched various dignitaries stroll into the ballroom.

Dukes, Earls, Marquise, Viscounts, and Barons made their way in with their beautiful daughters and sons, all dressed in their finest attire.

To me, they were all snotty and rich, but I had to give them the respect they deserved, even if they didn't acknowledge my presence.

Genny had yet to make her appearance.

"Wow, a lot of people came.." (Lana)

"I agree, Brother Jericho told me the only time we've had this much of a crowd was during Brother Arthur's 15th birthday where he debuted as crown prince." (Lumiere)

"Well, it's no secret that father is the King and holds a lot of sway over people. It's no surprise that many would want to please him. And let's be real, the only reason so many people showed up for Art's birthday party was because he was debuting as the crown prince. As for Genny, she's just daddy's girl." (Lana)

I was talking with Lana (20, seventh child and third daughter), Loraʼs twin sister.

Unlike most of my half-siblings, she didn't despise me.

"Haha, I guess you're right. I hope Genny's able to greet them all without getting nervous." (Lumiere)

Lana laughed as I spoke.

We both knew Genny could be a tad shy.

It was natural for both of us to think similarly. I appreciated Lana a lot.

Having exactly the same height and weight as Lora, with long curly black hair and sparkling violet eyes. She had a lively personality and was often seen wearing bright colors and lots of glitter.

It suited her personality.

"Well, Genny's gonna have to be a big girl. Our father is a man who prefers strength over weakness after all... she won't let him down." (Lana)

Well said.

"Now, let me introduce my daughter... Genevieve Esmeralda Alufilia Banst Cross." (Grey)

As he spoke, Genny walked through the voluminous doors amidst the standing ovation of the nobles.

Genny... 10 years old, petite with straight brown hair and big, expressive brown eyes. She had a bubbly personality and loved wearing colorful dresses and silly hats.

Unfortunately, Ayisha, her mother and the first wife didn't let her.

So she wouldn't embarrass herself.

"Happy Birthday Lady Genevieve!" (Everyone)

In a polite lady-like, noble manner of greeting, she replied to our congratulations.

"Thank you very much." (Genevieve)

Hugging her tightly, father wouldn't let her go.

"She's certainly a very polite and well-mannered lady and to top it all off... (~smolders) beautiful." (Grey)

Father had a habit of putting an emphasis on his last words, prior to that, he'd always smolder dramatically.


Around my father were his four wives. Everyone was ready to congratulate her.

「--- Father's four wives ---

Ayisha (45) is the first wife. She gave birth to twins, Vanessa and Arthur, as well as Salmarc and Genevieve. Ayisha is a loving mother who invested a significant amount of time preparing her children's birthdays, especially her daughter's. Of her four children, only Arthur and Genny seemed to have liked me.

Bluestella (42) is the second wife. She has four children: Jericho, Lora, Lana, and Micah. Unlike Ayisha, who is kind and warm, Bluestella is always distant, especially when I was involved. Of her four children, only Lora didn't seem to like me.

Geraldine (42) is the third wife. She has three children: Teramath, Lloyd, and Bell. Geraldine and her kids didn't hate me, but they never acknowledged my existence.

Pasiphae (41) is the fourth wife. She gave birth to Beckham, Leom, and Viktor. Being one of the youngest wives, she didn't treat me kindly, and it was clear that she didn't have a good opinion of me...」

Things had finally calmed down.

Now, the nobles were just talking to one another.

Genevieve was fixated on me, she didn't seem happy for some reason.

Welp, my existence itself was wrong. (~cries in silence)

"What's wrong Genny?" (Lumiere)

"(~pouts) You didn't come see the dresses mother prepared for me. You're so mean big brother!" (Genevieve)

"(Sigh. She's two years older than me yet still calls me big brother... typical Genny...)" (Lumiere)

I was busy teaching Serena, but I couldn't tell her that.

"Well... I didn't bother because I knew you'd look good no matter what dress you wore! I'm sure Lady Ayisha thought so too." (Lumiere)

My words melted her heart, through her face alone, it was obvious.

"Oh really?" (Genevieve)

Maybe All-Father was right.

I always knew the right words to tell a lady. Scary.

"Still... (~twiddles fingers) next time I'd like if you're there." (Genny)

The way Genny acted.

It was sweet, albeit a little comical, since barely anyone cared about me.


As the 15th child and the 11th son, I had no hope of inheriting anything, let alone succeed the King as his heir.

I let out a sigh just thinking about it.

"What's wrong Lumi?" (Genevieve)

"Oh? Haha! It's nothing." (Lumiere)

Just then.

"Make way for yours truly!" (Lugnar)

A Viscount with a pompous demeanor and a loud laugh caught my attention.

He strutted into the room, holding a bottle of wine in one hand and a monocle in another.

"Oh, so even lowly Barons are allowed to attend such an occasion. How deplorable." (Lugnar)

Viscount Lugnar, this guy was the worst.

He was a towering man with broad shoulders and a formidable presence that commanded respect wherever he went. His face was chiseled and defined, with a prominent jawline and high cheekbones that gave him a regal air. His piercing blue eyes seemed to look right through a person, making it difficult for them to hold his gaze.

In terms of his attire, Viscount Lugnar was always dressed impeccably, adorned in the finest fabrics and jewels befitting his high status as an aristocrat. He preferred to include deep hues of blue and gold in his outfits, providing a stunning contrast to his piercing blue eyes.

As he neared me, he tripped on his own feet, spilling wine all over his shirt.

"Fiddlesticks!" (Lugnar)

I couldn't help but chuckle at his misfortune.

"Did you just laugh at me boy?" (Lugnar)

Awkward silence, I realized of the few nobles who witnessed him fall, none of them laughed.

"I...." (Lumiere)

Instantly, I began catastrophizing the situation.

And to my surprise, he laughed it off too.

"I'm glad to have provided some entertainment for the guests." (Lugnar)

This amazed me.

"I like a boy who has balls.." (Lugnar)

He slapped me on my back which immediately caused me to cough. This man had strength I hadn't seen before.

"What's your name boy?" (Lugnar)

"It's Lumiere sir." (Lumiere)

"Oh, so you're the child born in vestry I see... (~guffaws) Well I don't care about that, your father, the King speaks highly of you." (Lugnar)

Believe it or not, I was one of the Kingʼs favorite children.

"Ha... (~nervous chuckles) I'm not deserving of such praise sir." (Lumiere)

"Oh don't be modest boy! Most of the nobles here don't like, so you should really take pride in that! Haha!" (Lugnar)

"(Yeah, tell me something I don't know...)" (Lumiere)

Actually, unlike the other nobles, he didn't seem so bad.

We ended up chatting and sharing a few laughs, despite our initial differences.

Maybe these nobles weren't so bad after all. Him at least.

Some of the Barons, Viscounts and Earls who saw me conversing with him fixed sharp glares at me.

But the moment Lugnar glanced at them, they immediately withdrew their glares.

Barely anyone could match his gaze.

Even Earls that were above him didn't want to get on his bad side.

He was a man who had muscles large enough that they could rip his elegant attire if he willed it.

Some called him the "Behemoth Viscount."

Funny how we ended up chatting like we'd known each other for years.

And I was only eight.


During this time, Genny had already left to stretch her legs a bit.

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