AISURUKAGE! (one of those reincarnation stories)

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What is AISURUKAGE! (one of those reincarnation stories)

Read ‘AISURUKAGE! (one of those reincarnation stories)’ Online for Free, written by the author _BLANK23_, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, REINCARNATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Aisurukage, or Aisage to his friends, just lost his grandpa. He leaves the last fragments of his old life behind to go t...


Aisurukage, or Aisage to his friends, just lost his grandpa. He leaves the last fragments of his old life behind to go to japan, where his last remaining family member will take care of him. Unfortunately, before even meeting her, he dies. Yeah, unfortunate, isn't it? Not to him! Turns out, dying was the best thing that ever happened to him. He reincarnates into a new world as a shadow demon, and this time, he's determined to forge a life that he won't be so happy to give up.

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William was like most people, he was average. He knew no magic, he was average at fighting, and he was even worse at leading. Being the son of a popular king that ruled over the kingdom of Grivaria, he never wanted anything more than to just grow up and explorer the world. in his earlier years of age, his older brother Kieran was mainly the one everyone looked forward to. Kieran was the only son to be trained in how to be a good king, while William was left to do whatever he wanted. In the end, it was always supposed to be Kieran that took over his father's duty, while he traveled around the world. thing arent always that simple, however. Kieran had a secretive side to him like he was always hiding something. and he has had his fair share of outbursts at civilians and even the servants around the castle. His father saw who repeatedly saw this and started to think differently about the future of his kingdom. As he didn't want to hand the kingdom over to someone corrupt, or whose actions would bring the kingdom into chaos. In the end, when the king dies from an attack from a nearby kingdom, his last orders were for William to be the next successor rather than Kieran. This then leads to infight, conflict, betrayal, and actions that William makes that end horribly. in the end, It's up to William to atone for naive actions and further mature himself to be the correct ruler of the kingdom he loved so much. even if it has to cost him his own life.

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I Summoned A Demon Princess!

Kael Livingrail had a miserable life. His father passed away before he was born, and his stepfather—the man his mother remarried—hated him with a seething passion. He was bullied at school, looked down on by his peers, scorned by his half-siblings, and always felt unwelcome, even in his own home. The only thing that kept him going was his childhood friend and crush, Claire. However, his heart shattered when she got into a relationship with a classmate who was, in every way, better than Kael—looks, status, physique... everything! All he wanted was a different life. He wanted to feel chosen, like those protagonists in stories who overcame all their life's challenges, won the affections of the girl they liked, and around whom the whole world itself revolved. But he knew that his wish was just a fantasy. There was no magic in real life, no miraculous comebacks, and no chance for someone like him to win over the girl he loved. In the real world, socially inept, unattractive, introverted nerds like him don't win anything… except maybe some academic awards. …Or at least, that's what he thought until one fateful afternoon when he stumbled upon a book on demonology in the school library, which had instructions on how to summon a familiar. Despite his initial reluctance, driven by curiosity and a desperate hope for something more, he decided to perform the ritual. And as it turned out, the line between reality and fantasy was not nearly as absolute as Kael had initially believed. This world was filled with mystical wonders, fantastical adventures, secret magical societies... and harrowing terrors... all hidden in plain sight.

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