42 Chapter 14 The Aromatic Servant (Part 2)_1

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Melissa said, "This set of artificial skin is made up of a thousand different materials using the most advanced technology and has the ability to absorb a certain amount of solar energy produced by constant stars. This energy not only can recharge its own power, but also maintain at least a month of life even without any nutrient solution intake. It's a shame, though, that its primary function is on defense while its attack capacity is relatively weak. It only has tiny laser light emitters at the tips of the ten fingers, capable of emitting laser light equivalent to the intensity of a normal laser gun. The good thing is, the laser light emitted by the artificial skin does not require any pre-heating. However, the solar energy it absorbs every day can, apart from being used for defense, only be used to fire a hundred times, which is equivalent to ten times per finger. You can control the emission through micro-sensory devices at the fingertips with your Cosmic Energy - given your current physical condition, this would be your best equipment."

"My god! Laser light that doesn't need preheating and you say its attack power is still weak? One hundred lasers could break down most of the defenses of an ordinary warship." Sky Scar looked at the artificial skin with greedy eyes, no longer feeling any nausea. Such a good item is something money can't buy.

Melissa brought the artificial skin to Sky Scar and smiled, "When I say it's weak in attack, I mean it's relative. Against supernatural beings above grade ten, this intensity of laser light has almost no effect. However, if ten lasers attack one point at the same time, it can indeed cause some damage. Let me help you put it on."

Sky Scar quickly took off his clothes; the artificial skin, although a precious item, was rather difficult to put on. It was incredibly shrunken and had to be fully stretched before it could be slipped on. It took a whole fifteen minutes for him to put it on with Melissa's help.

As Melissa stated, when Sky Scar put on the artificial skin, he did not feel the least bit suffocated. Instead, he breathed even fresher air. The slight impurities in the air of the underground world completely disappeared. The artificial skin felt like his own skin to the point he wasn't even aware of its presence.

During the process of putting on the artificial skin, Melissa inevitably touched Sky Scar's skin, which greatly tempted him. He barely held himself together until he had finished.

Sky Scar snarled, "You little seductress, won't let me taste but still keep tempting me."

Melissa giggled, dodging Sky Scar's grasp and puffed up her voluptuous chest: "Where am I small? I'm over two hundred years old already."

"Over two hundred years old? You..." Sky Scar looked at Melissa, stunned.

Melissa smiled, "What's so strange? We Dracula Clan have long lives as it is, our bloodline power can practically make us immortal. My age doesn't mean much in the Clan, His Majesty the Blood Emperor is already over a thousand years old. He has witnessed the development of human technology to this point. Also, he is the last Blood Emperor from Earth."

Sky Scar still puzzled, said, "Since the life spans of your clan are almost endless, your power should be even stronger. The accumulation of the numbers should be enough to unify the entire Dark World."

Melissa sadly shook her head: "It's not that easy. Theoretically our lives are endless, but in reality, the power of our bloodline limits our development. Apart from the race with the purest Dracula bloodline, ordinary clan members can barely live up to 200 years due to the toxins in the bloodline. Only when one's power becomes stronger the bloodline toxin can be controlled. Unfortunately, even the Blood Emperor himself hasn't resolved his own issue with the bloodline toxin."

Sky Scar wanted to ask more, but Melissa clearly did not want to talk anymore about vampires. She took out Sky Scar's alloy dagger from somewhere and quickly ran it across his arm. Sky Scar was taken aback, but felt only heat on his arm and no pain. When he looked closely, he found that there was not even a small cut left on his arm. He couldn't help but marvel silently.

Melissa gently clipped the alloy dagger to Sky Scar's wrist and said, "Master, although the artificial skin has commendable defensive power, you must not overly depend on it. You must know, once you face a superpower master of the controller realm, the effectiveness of the artificial skin won't be enough to resist their attacks. Enhancing personal strength is of utmost importance."

Sky Scar nodded, "I understand. Once I leave here, I will travel around the Alliance to broaden my horizons and enhance my strength."

Melissa turned around and picked up a golden ring from the jade table, placing it on the middle finger of Sky Scar's left hand. "This is the symbol of the identity of the Great Duke of Dracula Family. Even the members of the Holy Alliance cannot recognize it. When you encounter our clan members who want to harm you, you can infuse it with Cosmic Energy, and the other party will naturally feel your identity. All members of the Dracula Clan below the level of Duke will obey your dispatch."

Sky Scar was stunned and said, "Melissa, you should only have one of these rings. If you give it to me, what will you use to prove your identity?"

Melissa chuckled and said, "In the Dark World, I am much more famous than you think. My appearance and charm are the most advantageous things to prove my identity. You don't need to worry about this at all. I only have these two things that are suitable for you. Now, you need to learn from me the method of Special Ability Summon."

"Special Ability Summon? Is it the method you said to summon the Demon Beast?" Sky Scar asked in surprise.

At the mention of the word Demon Beast, Melissa couldn't help but show a bitter smile, nodding her head, "Yes. Having different Superpowers, the method of summoning is also different. What I will teach you is the summoning method of Dark Alien Ability. However, what you have to summon is not a Demon Beast, but me."

"You? I don't understand." Sky Scar's eyes were full of confusion.

Melissa lowered her head and said, "I am your most loyal servant, I have dedicated my soul to you. Through the contract between souls, you can summon me to your side at any time. However, this kind of summoning has a great impact on you, after all, it requires tearing the Real Space and transporting me to your side through Alternate Space instantly, this requires a very large power."

Sky Scar understood the terms Real Space and Alternate Space from his studies at the Academy of Zhongting. Real space is the space where ordinary people live. As for the Alternate Space, it is a space that surpasses the speed of light. When the speed of an object exceeds the speed of light, it will tear the existing space into another violent space. In this space, speed could almost be ignored, it is calculated by light years per second. By traveling through Alternate Space, you can reach any known corner of the Galaxy Union in a short time. However, Alternate Space is also very violent. If you cannot find a definite target and jump back into the Real Space within the tolerance range, you will inevitably be torn apart by the violent force of Alternate Space. Through the research of Alternate Space, all advanced spacecraft have reached the ability to increase speed through Space-jump, which is why humans can occupy more than a thousand planets in the vast Milky Way.

Staring blankly at Melissa, Sky Scar's voice was full of disbelief, "You mean, you can enter the Alternate Space with your body by relying on your own power?"

Melissa gave a bitter smile, "No, of course not. Perhaps only Supernatural beings of the Judge level could have that ability. But it can be achieved through the summoning of Dark Alien Ability. Initially, I had assassinated a high-level clan member, so I have two sets of Artificial Skin. With my own power and the defense of the Artificial Skin, I should barely be able to stay in the Alternate Space for a while. The main part of the summoning power comes from you. In the process of summoning, your power opens the Alternate Space, and I can instantly determine the location by sensing the soul. But opening up the Alternate Space requires a relatively strong power. This is why the Holy Alliance stipulates that Controllers must have above Grade Ten abilities to go to Demon Star to find Demon Beasts. Because the biggest feature of Demon Beasts is that they can exist in Alternate Space, their genes are suitable for that world we are not familiar with. To summon, it is necessary to tear open the Alternate Space. With your current situation, although you have two types of Supernatural powers, wanting to summon me to your side will probably exhaust you immediately. You would need at least half a month to recover."

Sky Scar gave a bitter smile in his heart. The knowledge of Supernatural powers indeed cannot be inferred by common sense. He nodded and said, "Don't worry, even though my strength is not strong, I am not the type of person who likes to cause troubles. I will never summon you unless it's absolutely necessary."

"Thank you for your consideration, Master." Melissa didn't mention that every time she was summoned, her burden was also huge. After all, although she was a vampire, her physical strength could not compare to the Demon Beasts adapted to live in the Alternate Space. If Sky Scar summoned her once, she would need at least ten days of cultivation to recover her original strength.

"Great Master, then I will now start teaching you the method of summoning Dark Alien Ability."


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