Ain Soph Aur: The Holy Maiden's wish (DxD X Fate Fic)

Everyone is aware of the three-way war between angels, devils, and fallen angels but what sparked such bloodbath that leads devils’ annihilation. Read the story of a mysterious boy and his journey with Jeanne d’Arc, the holy maiden whose selfish wish became a disaster for the supernatural of the DxD world. ---- Now then here is my other work. I will try to write and make this story as much good as my previous one so please remain positive. I have no idea if I could even add a harem of DxD standard but I will try. Please note that most of the story will follow a timeline before 500 years old war. MC will be weak but soon become incredibly strong so don’t even try to complain about it. --- English is not my first language. Nothing in the story belongs to me. Even I don’t belong to society. Important!: Various mythologies will be discussed that include some religious figures so if you find anything inappropriate or offending, please let me know. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/J_Titan Discord: https://discord.gg/vfWgNbskJt

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Chapter 7: Can I have harem?

"There are three things I cannot tolerate: cowardice, bad haircuts, and military insurrection, and it is very unfortunate that our friend Vegeta possesses all three of these."

Freeza (Dragon Ball Z)


(Mael's POV)

"94… 95… 96…"

I was doing pushups to finally reach the 100 quotas and then…

"…One… hundred!"

And then I just fell on the ground losing every bit of my stamina.

"Huff* At least… I finally finished 1/4th of Saitama's training manual…" I smiled and cheered in my heart.

Running 10 kilometers was simply impossible since it is the method specifically for increasing stamina. As I had fixed low stamina, running to increase it is just a waste of time.

As such except for running, I was successfully able to perform 100 pushups, situps, and squats that day.

Then a shadow blocked the rays of sunlight as I saw Jeanne standing with a straw umbrella and holding a pouch of water.

"Mael, why do you work so hard?!" Jeanne complained while handing me the pouch of water.

"Ha… I have to get stronger Jeanne, or the order will not recruit me." I smiled and rubbed her head while explaining my reasons to get into the French army.

She always smiled whenever I pat her head.

"Fine… Anyway, you should rest now and don't work until I come back from church. Remember to rest properly or I will be upset, you know~" She said, gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and ran away towards the church.

"Why is she going to church like that?... Weird…"

It had been 2 weeks since we celebrated our birthdays but I noticed that she began to visit church daily and spent most of the time there.

I didn't have any problem since I get some free time where she didn't nag me and was also happy that she was spending time in a good place but I had a feeling that she was hiding something from me.

I then decided to follow her.

A few minutes later I found out why Jeanne was going to Church.

"Jeanne, next time I will tell you how to behave and how to distinguish between evil and good?"

"But when you said that you will teach me how to make children with my husband, Mael?"

"Eh?!... You are a child. I have promised this but you have to reach the desired age, okay?"

"' Kay~"

I was hearing the conversation between Jeanne and a lady with silver hair.

I was hiding behind the podium where the priest usually stood and give a speech and silently watching Jeanne and that silver-haired lady.

After listening to the silver-haired lady, Jeanne left the church.

"Fuah… Children are hard to deal with…" She said looking at the door of the church. What she said was true, Jeanne was indeed difficult to deal with.

But the next moment widened my eyes. She extended four wings from her back and a halo was also formed on her head.


I was surprised and was about to scream but remained calm. Another trait that I had with this reincarnation is that I hardly ever snap or get angry. It was like I had a very calm mind no matter how tough the situation is.

Maybe I haven't experienced such a situation but who knows.

Anyway, I still didn't believe that an angel was teaching Jeanne. I have seen many movies and experienced life. Although I didn't remember the content, I clearly remember not to trust just anyone.

I then decided to confront the angel-like thing in front of me. I only had a single dagger that I always had whenever I go.

"Huh? Whose there…?" The lady spoke noticing my little moments.


Without thinking much, I jumped towards her and was successfully able to grab her neck and put my dagger on her neck.

"Wh-what? How…?" She seemed confused and her tone made me look like a criminal but I didn't retrieve my dagger.

"Who are you and what do want to do with Jeanne?" I asked with a threatening tone but before she could answer I heard Jeanne's cry.

"Mael! What are you doing?!" Both I and the angel looked behind and saw Jeanne with anger on her face.

15 minutes later.

"Even though you are concerned about me, you shouldn't have pointed your weapon towards Miss Eliza!"


After few minutes, both of them explained the situation.

Apparently, the silver-haired lady's name was Eliza and she was the angel who heard the call of Jeanne's prayers for guidance so she descended from heaven personally to guide Jeanne and bless her.

Jeanne was a little displeased since I jumped directly to confusion and pointed the weapon at the angel and also got scolded by Jeanne.

After the confusion was settled, I humbly apologized to the angel named Eliza. Even though I still had my doubts, I can't argue like an adult in front of Jeanne.

"It-it's okay. As someone who cares for Jeanne, it was a natural action you took like a man." Eliza smiled and scoff at the matter like it never happened.

Thankfully she didn't behave like some typical religious fanatic like calling me a heretic or threatening me for god's judgment.

"Hehe, I know right?! My Mael is just best!" Jeanne who was angry a few minutes ago became a new person and happily hugged my arm and smiled like a proud wife.

"Yes and strong too." Eliza smiled.

For some reason, I never detect any ill intention from the angel. From her smile to her tune was too refreshing like I was indeed talking to an angel.

'What is this feeling? Why she looks a little familiar?'

I then noticed that from her silver hair to her blue eyes and some part of her facial cuts looks a lot like mine.

"Wow, you two look a lot like each other?! Are you guys siblings?" Jeanne also noticed our faces and asked.

"No! No! We are not siblings!" Eliza replied with a panic.

"Jeanne, don't ask personal questions." I decided to stop before Jeanne dug furthermore. I had my own important queries to ask from the angel that I can't ask in Jeanne's presence.

As if sensing my curiosity, Eliza winked towards me and asked Jeanne to give Eliza some time to discuss something with me. Jeanne nodded and left us alone.

Just as Jeanne left, Eliza's expression turned completely serious.

"Mael, I am well aware of your curiosity. For the sake of Jeanne, I will allow you to ask anything."

I nodded and then asked my first and most important question.

"Can I have a harem in heaven?"


Well folks, first omake is here.


E&M Omake Adventures 1: New news

In an unknown place, an orange-haired girl could be seen sitting on a chair surrounded by nothing but darkness.

She was none other than sole survivor mage/ master and the one who choked Goetia, Ritsuka Fujimaru aka Gudako.

Gudako: W-what?! Where am I?!

She was confused as she was just thinking about future singularities. No, she was not worried about solving singularities but about how to make it a little more challenging.


It was due to a lancer with broken luck. He not only provides supporting buff but his noble phantasm is overall an all-rounder.

As such, he made solving singularities a little easier, no, a lot easier, and now a lot of servants complaining about their role in Chaldea.

Gudako: Hm?

She then noticed someone sitting opposite her.

Gudako: Who are you? Wait, Shiki-san? What happened to you?!

Gudako remembered a certain assassin she encountered on one of her journeys so she instantly recognized the person sitting in front of her. However, the state of the girl was something she never expected.

The girl named Shiki was sitting on a chair with her legs open where you could see her pantsu under that short skirt. She was also smoking cigarettes while looking straight at the sky.

???: No I am not Shiki. I am now what everyone calls meme named Alaya.

Alaya introduced herself but she was still looking up and smoking cigarettes, not one but 10 at the same time!

Gudako: Wait, Alaya?! You mean that Alayashiki! The famous will of humanity?

Alaya then turned her head and looked at Gudako as if she was looking at an idiot.

Alaya: Famous…? Huh. More like infamous. I am just a bell of a temple. Anyone can just smack my ass whenever they want…

Alaya turned her head down.

Gudako thought and then realized what happened. I mean just look at singularities and now lostbelt. This endless cycle of fucktrain never seemed to end. Not to mention those lostbelt kings who can destroy the world or the whole solar system.

Servants who just by changing into swimsuits get a new class.

As a will of humanity, Alaya must be busy solving these problems for a long time.

Alaya: Yeah, fuck me.

Gudako: etto… Alaya-san, don't worry the problem will be solved soon. Lostbelt 6 is nearly over since Einar has tamed the king relatively easily along with other gender-bent fairies.

Gudako tried her best to reassure the will of humanity but then she realized her mistake when Alaya's expression turned grief.

How could she forget the one servant who fought the will of humanity was none other than Einar?

Ah yes, Einar told his story when she max limit bond him.

Alaya: Einar… not even talk about him.

She grabbed her head as if recalling bitter memories.

Alaya: Because of that damn fairy! I had to face the humiliation of other dimensions' Alaya. Always telling me that I should commit seppuku since I have just the worst fate! I even tried to commit suicide but that bastard stopped me.

Alaya then materialized a green long object called cucumber.

Alaya: "Yo, Alaya-san, don't use a knife, use cucumber and enjoy the pleasure of staying alive!" See this? Whenever I tried to materialize a knife or sword, I always end up summoning this crap! WHAT THE FUCK I AM SUPPOSED TO DO WITH A FUCKING CUCUMBER!!!

Alaya smacked the cucumber on the ground but it somehow bounced back and hit her face.

Gudako: Oh shit!

Gudako now fully sympathizes with Alaya. She knew that once someone comes on Einar's blacklist, existing in this universe just became a part of the survival plan.

Just look at the will of Alaya, she is not even a living human yet still suffering.

Alaya then sat down and fire three cigars and started smocking again.

Alaya: I really want to die.

Gudako: Hey! Hang in there. I will talk to Einar and we will settle this matter!

Gudako tried to coax Alaya since her death means is the death of humanity.

Alaya: Hehe, don't worry as I got a man to tackle him.

Alaya grind as she just thought about another disaster that she made a deal with.


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