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Aimless Ascension


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[Webnovel's Fantasy Carnival Winner] Gale was summoned into a mysterious world of magic and monsters when some crazy practitioners messed with higher-dimensional laws. So begins the tale of a hero. Although most of his adventures turned out to be disastrous, it couldn't stop him from becoming the most notorious outworlder in existence. From a destitute slave to a wandering minstrel, Gale voyaged across treacherous terrain and somehow wound up as the infamous king of the desolate Wild. Eventually, his insatiable thirst for power and greatness led him astray, as Gale had to change occupation again. This time as a humble farmer. Somehow he was disastrous in that too, as accidentally, Gale developed his little farm to a holy ground of spirit arts. Now all aspiring practitioners—no matter whether it's a scion of Great clans or Jade beauty who can topple kingdoms—want to join. - - - Disclaimer: This story introduces a framing narrative and written two timelines side by side. One is the present timeline, and the other is Gale's adventures since he was summoned. ________ Check out the other books by the same author: Apotheosis Online: Birth of a Virtuous Sinner Reincarnated with the Blasphemer System Discord: https://discord.gg/DFynG4y4Na