Agents of night action Book

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Agents of night action


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Merlin Bale (24 forever) and Paula Bale (27 forever) are sibling vampires and children to one of the most powerful and richest vampire businessman Simon Bale, the ruthless, unstoppable and popular among vampire community of Ginger-Spring town and entire state. Vampires from around the world respect him, fear him and loathe him. There are only two things most important to him, Merlin and Paula and their wishes. Bored of their tedious and murderous vampire lifestyle, Merlin and Paula open a private investigation Agency to help humans, or pretend sometimes. All is well until two best friends Ervin and Jenna enters their office for help. Merlin, the brother pin his gaze on Ervin and Paula, the sister can't stop thinking about the new girl Jenna and they both can't stop thinking about what they would do to them when in the comfort of lush bed. With vampire hunters on tail they must protect themselves and their humans from the attack of vampire hunters and viciousness of other vampires. There is a bigger tragedy to come but are they ready for it?


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