1 Prologue

EINOC Enterprise: Tokyo: Japan: Earth 2216.08.16 AC 21:06:

In the CEO's office, a well dressed white man is looking down at the bustling Tokyo under his feet. He had well-defined features: a strong jaw, brown eyes, that were so deep that one could loose inside, and a hair that was blacker than black defined this man. His face was in a frown as he was lost in his thoughts. He didn't even notice that someone knocked on the door until someone tapped him on the shoulder.

"Everything is ready, my friend."Stated a deep resonating voice.-I have prepared everything that you asked.

The well-dressed adonis turned around and smiled at seeing the person standing before him. Gabriel was around 7 feet tall just a shy smaller than his friend. "Oh, Gabriel my most treasured friend please come, come to take a seat." They sat down by the desk and the CEO poured coffee for both of them and he offered a cup to Gabriel.

"Why do you want to banish all those people from the Earth? This is their home! Just give me a valid reason why they deserve to be subjected to a life of hardship and pain?" Gabriel pleaded to his friend while taking the cup from him. But Gabriel's friend just shook his head at the pleas of mercy.

"Gabriel, my friend. You are kind to a fault but these people aren't punished. Life is not only about punishments or rewards. Even if you and Michael perceive it that way. They are sent to Midgard, not because of a punishment but because they are needed there. My friends over at Midgard asked for my help and I promised them that I would do everything in my power to send some help over. Also, the people have been chosen, because they dreamt of a life full of adventure, of unknown. They..." As Gabriel's friend was riling himself up more and more about the how and the why this needed to be done. Gabriel took a sip of his drink

"What in the God's name is this Lucifer? " Gabriel jumped up as he spat the "foul liquid" out.

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