1 Number One Mecha Major

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In the future world 500 years later, animals and plants had mutated due to a large amount of nuclear pollution. As a result, they evolved into all kinds of powerful mutated beasts, seriously threatening the position of humans as the overlords of Earth.

In order to deal with this situation, the Federation government had allowed mecha universities to rise, starting the global era of mechas.

New York City had become one of the few defense bases in the human world.

Human-controlled mecha troops were stationed at the edge of the cites. Meanwhile, various advanced aircrafts repelled the mutated birds above New York Base City.

An ear-piercing anti-aircraft alarm resounded through the streets and alleys of New York Base City.

At this time, Peter was walking on the streets of New York Base City. His destination for this trip was to report to the Federal West Point Mecha Academy.

The West Point Mecha Academy!

It was founded in 1802 as the West Point Military College.

After more than 700 years of development, they began teaching a mecha course at the West Point Mecha Academy.

Right now, among all academies in the Federation that offered the mecha course…

They were ranked first!

Of course, West Point Mecha Academy's admission requirements were also very high.

Mecha majors needed to obtain 250 out of 280 marks to be accepted by West Point Mecha Academy.

Meanwhile, Peter obtained the full 280 marks for the mecha course.

Ever since the establishment of West Point Mecha Course, no one had been able to score full marks.

This meant that Peter would enter West Point Mecha Academy as the number one mecha major.

More than ten minutes later, Peter arrived at New York Central Square.

He saw three transport planes parked on the square. They were responsible for transporting freshmen to the West Point Mecha Academy in Newburgh.

It was not yet time for the three transport planes to take off. Meanwhile, Peter heard many freshmen who had gathered together to talk.

"Have you heard? If you enter the West Point mecha course now, you can obtain your citizenship in advance. You don't have to wait until you graduate and join the army to obtain your citizenship."

"It's great that we can obtain our citizenship in advance! Many families live in the base city, but only those who have family members serving in the military can obtain their citizenship."

"If a person obtains their citizenship, it means that his family will be able to enjoy the various benefits given by the Federation, more food, and better accommodation.

"Hey, hey, everyone! Don't forget that you have to participate in the war after obtaining your citizenship. The war between humans and mutants is starting to get intense."

"Are you saying that the mecha course students are also going to the battlefield?"

"We definitely have to go to the battlefield, but it won't be the most intense battlefield. We might go to a relatively safe, small-scale battlefield instead."

Just then, a girl in the crowd saw Peter and came over to greet him.

"Hey! Peter."

Peter's eyes lit up when he saw that it was his classmate, Callie, walking over.

Callie was dressed casually today, but this was still unable to hide her voluptuous figure.

She walked up to Peter and said with a smile, "Congratulations, you have been accepted by the West Point Mecha Academy, which is ranked first in the Federation."

"Thank you. Congratulations on being accepted by the West Point Mecha Academy as well."

Peter knew that Callie had obtained 271 marks on the mecha course exam, only nine points lower than him.

This girl called Callie was not simple.

While the two of them were chatting, the transport planes not far away began to warm up and prepare to take off.

The new students in the square began to line up and board the large transport planes.

After the three transport planes filled with new students took off, the six mechas responsible for escorting them appeared on both sides of the transport planes.

After all, it was still very dangerous to leave the protection of the air defense weapons in the base city.

Without the protection of flying mechas, if they encountered mutated birds in the air, the mutated birds could instantly destroy the three transport planes.

Peter sat in one of the seats in the transport plane, while Callie sat beside him.

At this moment, a student in the cabin suddenly exclaimed.


Peter and Callie both looked in the direction the student was pointing.

Outside the window of the transport plane, more than ten flying mechas of the newest model appeared.

Most surprisingly, these flying mechas were escorting a private aircraft.

This scene attracted a discussion among the new students in the transport plane.

"Who is that? What a big shot."

"Didn't you see the logo on the private aircraft? That's the logo of the Locke Mecha Company. The person sitting inside must be the boss of the Locke Mecha Company."

"Eh? Looking at the direction they're flying, they seem to be heading to West Point Mecha Academy too. Could it be that a member of the Locke family has also entered the West Point Mecha Academy?"

"If a member of the Locke family wants to enter the West Point Mecha Academy, is there a need for an exam? What a joke!"

Peter took no part in the discussion and sat on his seat in peace.

Half an hour later, the three transport planes arrived safely at the parking apron of the West Point Mecha Academy.

The new students got off the transport plane in an orderly manner.

At this moment, teachers from the different departments were waiting for students from their respective departments in the parking lot.

The students whose names were called directly walked behind the teachers and stood in formation.

After a few more minutes of waiting, Peter looked incredulous when the teacher called out his name.

"Peter! You have been allocated into the genetics major."

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