5 I Must Kill Jack

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The nobles who were called out on the shore immediately became the focus of everyone's attention!

The few of them were instantly ashamed and resentful. Their eyes even burned with flames as they looked at Jack!

"Damn it, Jack. Where's the phone you promised me? Why did you lie to me?" Raffles could not hold it in anymore. He pushed the Golden Swordsman in front of him away and stood out to scold.

Jack smiled at the man who emerged, "Oh, so it's you, my good friend Raffles. Didn't I give it to you already?"

"Damn it, that's just a carrot stained with ink!" Raffles was even angrier after hearing that.

Jack spread his hands and said helplessly, "You might not believe it, but that's what a phone is in my hometown."

"F*ck, f*ck, you sewer rat, slum pig, you actually dare to lie to me? I'll definitely kill you!" Raffles clenched his fists tightly.

"My friend, do you remember what I told you when we first met? Only generous people can obtain Miss Nina's love. I taught you a lot, but you still couldn't learn it. I'm very sad!" Jack sighed deeply.

"Ahhhh, Jack, I must kill you!"


At this moment, everyone was shocked by Jack's handiwork!

They had seen arrogant people before, but they had never seen someone so arrogant!

Would anyone dare to believe it?

Under the watchful eyes of countless Silver Swordsmen and seven or eight Gold Swordsmen, not only was an ordinary person unafraid, he was even crazily provoking them!!

Although Jack in front of them was very suicidal, everyone could not help but give him a thumbs up in their hearts!

"F*ck, this is a ruthless person. How dare he?"

"Impressive. I've never seen such an arrogant existence. If he isn't a lunatic, he must be thinking of dying here!"

"Oh my god, does this guy want to die so badly?"

"Awesome, I like this man so much."

"This attitude is simply invincible. I've never seen it before."


Aaron, who was on the shore, was completely dumbfounded!

He thought as highly of Jack as he could.

But now, he realized that he had underestimated Jack!

"He's truly a formidable character. If he doesn't die, then his future is simply too unthinkable!" Aaron could not help but say.

"Master must have gone crazy. He has no way out. That's why he did this." The Golden Swordsman beside him could not help but say.

"Hehe," Aaron shook his head, "I have interacted with him a lot. I have also inquired about many things about him. Jack is not simple. He has many novel things and enlightening thoughts. These all indicate that Jack is extraordinary! Moreover, I suspect that he has something to rely on."

"Really?" The Gold Swordsman frowned.


At this moment, the slaves, swordsmen and Fox-eared Girl behind Jack had been completely conquered by his charisma!

Too powerful, too invincible.

Putting everything else aside, just this bearing alone was not something an ordinary person could have, right?

Their master was either a genius or a lunatic.

No matter which one it was, it was not something they could resist!

Jack's eyes scanned the crowd again.

He said heroically, "All the nobles, merchants, and commoners, thank you for coming here at this moment to witness me, Jack, take the first step in conquering the sea."

"Especially the nobles. Because of your generosity, I received so much initial capital. Words cannot express my gratitude, but I, Jack, will remember your kindness for the rest of my life!"

After Jack finished speaking, the nobles could no longer hold back.

They all stood up and pointed at Jack as they roared, "Jack, you're dead. I'll definitely kill you and throw you into the Myriad Snake Cavern. I'll let you feel the terror of lying to us!"

With that, the nobles waved their hands and everyone rushed towards Jack crazily, with the Golden Swordsman charging at the front.

Their bodies burned with battle aura, even the cold sea was boiling at this moment!

Countless Silver Swordsmen walked on the sea and rushed towards Jack's island.

Seeing that countless people were eager to take his head, Jack smiled and said loudly, "Everyone, we'll meet again on the sea if fate permits!"

With that, Jack bent down again and made a very gentlemanly aristocratic gesture.

He whispered to the system, "Activate the island accelerator."

The moment it was activated, the entire world seemed to be frozen.

In Jack's eyes, the Gold Swordsman, who was very close to him, looked at him ferociously. The killing intent in his eyes was almost tangible. It seemed that as long as he found an opportunity, he would cut Jack into pieces without holding back!

Not far away, the Silver Swordsmen raised their swords and roared continuously. Even though they were constantly increasing their speed, they were still left far behind by the Gold Swordsman.

The nobles in the distance kept jumping up and down to vent their anger. They hated Jack too much. Money was not a problem, the island did not matter either. The key was their reputation and the humiliation felt. Now, everyone knew that they were the ones funding the enemy to fulfill their dream!

Jack even thanked them in front of so many people!

This blatant mockery made them feel like they were wearing masks of pain!

Looking at the nobles' expressions, Jack smiled and did not mind.

Then, he looked at the clouds in the sky. It was noon, and the clouds were clean and clear.

There was also the sea that reflected the white clouds. Other than excitement, there was also a deep and serene emotion. within him.

Everything was in place, it was the best time to set sail!

Soon, a force that appeared out of nowhere pulled the entire island into motion. The island was preparing to accelerate.

The Gold Swordsman was the first to react. There was no time to exclaim why the island was moving so fast. The sword in his hand danced rapidly. Terrifying sword rays split the shallow sea in half in an instant, slashing at Jack with unparalleled might.

Standing at the forefront of the island, Jack felt the horror of the sword ray.

At this moment, all the hairs on his body stood on end, and a sense of death instantly enveloped his entire body.

The Golden Swordsman was terrifyingly strong!

This was the only thought in Jack's mind.

The sword ray sped up.

For a moment, everyone thought Jack was going to die.

However, the shield was activated at long last and instantly blocked the incoming sword ray.

On the transparent shield, there was a light that was even more beautiful than fireworks!

Watching the shield appear, Jack heaved a deep sigh of relief.

At that moment, he really felt the sensation of death.

He had no doubt that the sword ray would definitely blast him into nothingness!

But from the looks of it, the crisis was resolved!

The system was indeed awesome!

Jack could not help but suck up to the system.

The speed of the island had increased already.

The Gold Swordsmen, Silver Swordsmen, Bronze Swordsmen, and ordinary people who were preparing to go to the island were all stunned!

Everyone looked as if they had seen a ghost.

Why could the island run so fast?

Ordinary people were not sure because they would not have the chance to see such a scene for a second time in their lives.

But the nobles on the shore knew what was going on!

Precisely because they knew, they were even more dumbfounded. An idea popped up in their minds: "Did this island consume Viagra?"


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