4 Attack of Ten Thousand People, Beginner's Gift Package

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Jack turned his attention at once to Aaron on the shore.

But seeing the blank look in his eyes, Jack knew it probably was not something he had divulged.

The slave business was not something ordinary people could do!

It was mostly the work of the upper class in the town.

It could be said that the slave business of a town must be closely related to the upper echelons of the town.

If Aaron knew his identity, he would not have made such a big fuss.

He could directly pull out more people to destroy him.

He would not bring just a Gold Swordsman!

After all, although Silver could not defeat Gold, they could still stall for time.

Then, what was the problem?

Jack could not help but think.

Suddenly, a possibility appeared in his mind.

Could it be due to the island behind him?

The commotion caused by the island's creation was huge.

Although he had seen the description before, the simple words could not describe it at all, even if it was just the slightest movement of the island.

That kind of shock, that kind of deterrence that shook heaven and earth, that kind of terrifying pressure could not be described with words!

Those nobles were powerful, so they definitely knew what was happening on the island.

He thought about how he had bought a lot of resources and slaves during this period of time. As long as someone investigated, they would definitely be able to find out.

That was why these nobles flocked here!

Jack, who had figured it out, cursed.

No wonder these aristocrats were not anxious. They already knew what to do.

As long as he used the island pearl, he could not escape their eyes!

But what should he do now?

"Master, are all these people after you?" Alice could not help but ask. She knew as some of Jack's plans were personally completed by her.

Naturally, she knew that such a huge commotion was likely caused by Jack.

What was it?

Even a fool could tell!

They were here to seek revenge!

"Master, you go first. There are too many people here, and there are quite a few Gold Swordsmen!" Eugene could not help but tighten his grip on his sword as a tragic and helpless expression appeared on his face.

Because the contract was in Jack's hands. No matter what the outcome was, he would die!

Perhaps this was the best outcome for him!

The other swordsmen were the same.

The existence of the contract was not something they could resist.

They could only accept it!

They could only die protecting their master!

The slaves behind Jack began to panic.

If it was not for the existence of the contract, they would have already rebelled.

No one was optimistic about Jack. He was doomed to die. Even escaping to the sea was an extravagant hope!

At this moment, Jack was indeed very anxious, even though he maintained a calm expression.

He had used up all his means. The only thing that could save him now was the System!

Therefore, Jack asked anxiously, "System, do you have a Beginner's Gift Package?"

"Ding! Beginner's Gift Package activated."

The alliance army was getting closer and closer.

Jack could even see countless horses and soldiers rushing towards him.

On the shore, Aaron looked doubtful.

The Gold Swordsman under him had already stepped forward and was staring at Jack. It seemed that as long as Aaron gave the order, he would immediately rush forward!

The gift package was still being loaded.

"10… 9… 8… 7…"

It was close.

The slaves behind him could not hold back anymore.

Someone shouted, "Once the Island Master dies, the island will disappear. Everyone, run!"

The slaves could not help but move.

The swordsmen beside Jack now showed absolute loyalty.

They were different from slaves. They were few in number, and the value of their existence was to protect their masters.

The slaves rioted because they did not want to die, but the swordsmen were already ready to give up their lives!

"Master, hurry up and leave. If you don't leave now, it will be too late!" Eugene held the sword in his hand and shouted with his back facing Jack.

"Yes, Master, quickly leave. I'll stay here to confuse them." The Fox-eared Girl grabbed Jack's arm and shook it continuously.

Jack was also very anxious, but he knew that there was nothing he could do now.

Once he showed fear, the gold swordsmen on the shore would rush up.

It would only take a second for a Gold Swordsman to kill an ordinary person!

The alliance army was finally approaching.

On the shore, Aaron guessed Jack's identity from the sparse voices.

At this moment, Jack finally heard the sound of the system.

"Ding… Beginner reward loaded."

"Ding, congratulations on obtaining Armament Haki (Beginner), Observation Haki (Beginner), Conqueror's Haki (Beginner), and an additional skill upgrade opportunity."

"Note: Skills are divided into five stages: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, and Peak. The host can upgrade skills according to the requirements of the system."

"Ding ~ Congratulations to the host for obtaining the one-time use skill [Island Accelerator]."

"Note: After the Island Accelerator is activated, the island will receive up to 1,000 yards of acceleration within an hour. When the accelerator is activated, it will automatically generate an invincible protective shield to protect any existence on the island from being damaged."

After hearing the system prompt, Jack's face lit up.

He could not help but shout: "That's it!"

On the shore, Aaron finally confirmed Jack's identity, so he waved his hand and prepared to let the Gold Swordsman take down Jack.

The alliance army was even closer now, and Jack could clearly see the nose on everyone's face!

"Master!" The Fox-eared Girl and Eugene could not help but shout!

"Heh, there's no hurry!" Jack said without a care. Then, he stood high up and shouted at the slaves who were about to defect: "Those who dare to run will die!"

With that said, he executed a few of the most vicious ones without hesitation.

Sensing Jack's ferocity, the slaves below quickly suppressed their thoughts of rebellion.

On the other side, Jack did not leave. Instead, he stood at the front of the island and stared at Aaron with a smile.

Looking at Jack in front of the island, Aaron raised his hand but did not lower it.

Jack was really too calm!

He could not understand Jack!

He was prepared to observe the situation steadily.

At this time, the alliance army had finally arrived.

At this moment, the island had just left the shore for more than ten meters.

Not to mention swordsmen, even ordinary people could easily swim ashore.

The entire coast was packed with people.

At the front stood seven or eight Gold Swordsmen, behind them were the people who had sponsored Jack.

At this moment, they gritted their teeth and stared at him.

They looked like they wanted to tear him apart!

Jack, who had a trump card in his hand, was not panicking at all.

Standing at the edge of the island, showing the most appreciative smile he had ever shown since he arrived in this world, he said loudly, "Raffles, Blair, James, and Harlen, thank you for your help and for allowing me to walk the path of my dreams."

With that, Jack bowed to the few of them in a gentlemanly way to express his sincere gratitude.


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