Against The Storm

Against The Storm

By: Joel Racheal

©All rights reserved

Meet Cassandra Valdez

A hardworking, gorgeous, twenty-eight-year-old redhead. She is a wonderful daughter to her parents and a good sister to her brother, Jake.

When she goes on a trip to Andalusia, she doesn't expect to meet Princess Emelia and is quite surprised when she is asked to be a surrogate for Emelia and the prince.

Due to unexpected circumstances, she accepts the offer, little does she know the prince is no knight in shining armor.

Meet Rodriguez Astley

A smart, hardworking, handsome, and arrogant billionaire prince. He is everything a woman could ever want.

With his adonis skin, silky black hair, and blue eyes he could get any woman in his bed. He is married to a loving and submissive model wife Emelia, who loves him dearly.

What happens when he crosses paths with Cassandra on a business trip in New Orleans, and she coincidentally becomes His Surrogate.