Against Heaven's Will

Everything was going so well. It was the perfect path toward greatness. He reincarnated to the World of Cultivation after dying on Earth. Though he was new to everything, he survived with little to no harm. He learned how to battle, cultivate, and even how to love. He trained along with his wives, mastering all the nine elements, and they finally ascended together. They planned to continue their adventures together in the higher realm called ‘Heaven Realm’. Unfortunately, everything crumbled that day. Just as they thought they had succeeded, rushing through the passage between the Realms, they were attacked by the Heavens and forcefully split apart. The separation was painful but adventuring without them wasn’t an option. Xuefeng would never leave anyone behind. Join us and follow Xuefeng as he dominates the Heaven Realm! _____________ Against Heaven's Will is the continuation of "Spirit Cultivation." It's advised to read them connected since this is book 2. The quality of book 1 is lower since its my first book but it gets better the more you read. Hope you enjoy this series. Check out my other novels too! Author's Insta -> instagram.com/piokilek Discord -> https://discord.gg/mFmYwyT

Piokilek · Eastern
Not enough ratings
357 Chs

Dragon Queen

The Elder gazed at Xuefeng in shock and reached up to touch his cheek. The scratch has already healed with his passive regeneration, but the crimson blood was still present. He rubbed the blood between his fingers and finally decided to bow.

"I apologize for offending you, Sir. I will take my leave now," the Elder replied politely and walked out from the restaurant. As soon as he disappeared from Xuefeng's sight, the Elder's face grew serious and pale. 

"What kind of speed was that…?" the Elder wondered out loud while trying to recall Xuefeng's attack. "Not only was it fast but it even broke through all my defenses… I need to warn the Queen…"

The moment he felt Xuefeng's claw on his face and tried to react, Xuefeng was already gone, sitting at his seat as if nothing happened. If Xuefeng wanted to kill him, he would be dead before he even realized it. They were definitely dealing with someone from Beyond the Heavens.