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🤣 I forgot to write the author shameless review. Let me tell you how this story came to be. A few weeks ago, I had a chat with an online friend about the concept of happiness. What makes one happy is different from person to person. It is as unique as the DNA combination in our bodies that make us, us. We thought for a long time but we still could not find what made us happy. It is just so mysterious. In this fic, the protagonist Daniel Weston has not had the chance to enjoy a fulfilled life before he died. By fulfilled life naturally I meant up to the day he died, and not like, say, 90 years old or something. Daniel had no friends. His friends were all online friends. In this game that he reincarnated in, he had a chance to see the world from his friends' eyes. He developed close friendships with a few players here. Players whose lives will affect Daniel in such a way that he ends up finding his own happiness. This fic has it's fair share of action that evolves with the story as we go deeper and deeper into the MMO world and see what lies behind it. Okay, I believe that is long enough. Whoever reads the story and the review, I hope you will also find your happiness.

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I'm impressed! The author's imagination is wild! I really want to read this novel now! Every chapter has hooked me! Please, author, continue writing!!!


I'm reading this author's second novel, and all I can say is that I'm impressed. The author did a good job with the descriptions and characters, just like in the previous book. I appreciated how the author chose names that are frequently used for online or video game usernames. The grammar was also excellent. Not simply the book but also this author is highly recommended.


Good one and highly recommended. The characters and story are awesome and going to read it with the release of each chapter because it is this interesting. Good Luck, author.


Interesting read, author. Very interesting read. The characters are nicely written and bring the book to life. The plot is even written nicely so that you are waiting and wanting for another chapter. Good job and keep up the good work.


the concept is cool and the hard work is worth praising. 81 chapters is quite an effort. I hope the novel becomes famous and when it does don't forget the duchess. okay!


a video game novel huh? nice concept. even dust inspire the writers to create a world.good work author .hope to see you in glory of my dukedom.


Oh, got another video game novel in the works to read. Get yourself ready for another amazing story filled with action strength and the potential to reach the top.


Pretty interesting.Ahh..I can't stop myself turning to next chapter. I feel as if I am the one in the game. It's the first game novel I find simple to understand and exciting to read. More than complete quest=earn money=level up. And the development of the story and world building is just perfect.


The story reminds me of our old MMO days 😂😂😂😂 I like the twist with the world destruction so much! Keep going please. Go go go Antares save the world!!!