After you go through

Author: Emilia Haapalainen
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What is After you go through

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I'm a 17-year-old high schooler and artist, plus I write on my free time. This book is about growing and how I became who I am now. I talk about my struggles, love, and things that are important to me. This is a story about me. I hope you stop to think for a while and give me a chance to tell you things in my way. I hope this book changes the way you see your world and helps you to grow.

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Wow. wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. the writing skills is great and the plot of the story is wonderful. Definitely worth reading. what a wonderful and great writing.


Reveal spoiler


Absolutely in love with the work! it's very captivating and absorbing! the novel has great potential! the story had a great upright development! keep up the good work, author!


This story is just so amazing. Maybe because it's personal and non-fictional, but it's just amazing. Each chapter struck me somewhere. Sometimes I awwed, sometimes I empathized. In some places I nod my head in agreement while screaming 'Amen to that! ' in my head. Emilia, this is a wonderful book you have here. I really do hope you are able to touch lives with this simple yet lovely story of yours .❤️❤️❤️


Reading this story felt, felt very intimate. like I was reading a personal diary. it felt like someone wrote this story at certain adult age and that person is reminiscing their old times. (sorry if author is not that trying to depict that) but yeah..its very sweet story. I like it.


This is a great read, to begin with, when I read the 2nd chapter, I felt drawn to what the Author was writing, grammar on point, story development on point. it is a great story and deserves a 5-star rating. Keep it up Author


This would be my second time reading a story about the author's life and I can say it was interesting. I'm impressed that you're very open to sharing your own story I appreciate how you convey these stories. I can relate just reading the first 2 chapters. Great job author👏👏👏


Hello, hi, hihi. This is my book. I publish new chapters every week. I hope that you keep your mind open. Thank you. I will be checking all the reviews and comments weekly. Feel free to leave me feedback!


This is hard to rate for me as someone's life experience is personal and being able to read it helps teach me to always be considerate about others. However, the way you phrase your sentences and write each paragraph, it made me feel as if I know the author personally even though I don't. I just want to say that you are an amazing person and especially brave for sharing your story. This is a solid read.


Very creative. I like the way the book is written. The story is good and told in a very interesting way. The book is easy to read and it's easy to understand the story.


Creative writing skill from the Author. The plot develops well throughout the chapters and the picture created is undeniably beautiful. A great read


I have never encountered such book, and I think it's pretty awesome to write about the Author herself. It was an inspiring one, which made me love it more. You're an amazing person, keep it up!


Hey author! I hope everything is going great for you. ✨I read your book and by far it’s one of the greatest works I’ve read here on Webnovel. I loved all the complexity in your characters and the way you set up your scenes. I think you are an amazing writer. 😍 You have such a way with words, and I love your writing style. Literally cannot wait to read more! If you ever have any free time, you should check out my new novel UnderHerSkin. I think you would really enjoy reading it. But if you don’t have time, I totally understand! Best of luck reading & writing!! This message turned out longer than I thought, but have a wonderful day!!!❤️❤️❤️


I love the fact it isnt a fictional story. its so interesting and captivating. Its truely lovely to read something that seems personal. well done author, I’ll surely recommend this story to others.


The first chapter hooked me in and it is so very addicting novel. I am in love with it. Well written. And omg the characters are just amazing!


The story's characters and the background story is unique and amazing , simple words with important informations the story is so interesting


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