1 The Villain’s Family Was All Scum

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"This drumstick is mine, I snatched it first!"

"Get lost, you clearly just ate one, this is mine!"

"Wah wah wah..."

Bai Wenjing lay on the bed covered with straw and looked at the three brats who were fighting over a drumstick. She let out a heavy sigh.

Her ears had been buzzing for the past hour, and the three brats had not stopped for a single moment.

At that moment, the eldest brother was holding the drumstick high up in his hand. The second sister grabbed the eldest brother's hair with one hand and tried to snatch it with the other. The youngest brother could not hold on any longer and hugged the second brother's leg while crying loudly. In the end, he actually bit the second sister's leg.

The second sister was even more incredible. She kicked the four-year-old child away without holding back. With this kick, the little child's head hit the corner of the table, and he howled even louder.

Annoying, super annoying. Bai Wenjing felt like her head was going to explode because of these three children.

Things happened too suddenly. She actually slipped into an ancient novel that she read before she went to sleep.

She had roughly flipped through a few pages of the novel's plot. The thing that left the deepest impression on her was that there was a vicious female supporting character with three children who had the same name as her.

The vicious female supporting character started courting death from the moment she appeared, so much so that she lost the desire to continue reading.

However, she was not willing to let it go so easily, so after she judged once, she immediately flipped the book to the end. She did not expect that the evil female supporting character would not only seek death from the start to the end but even the three children had been raised to be big villains because of the misconceptions of the female supporting character, committing all kinds of evil. Finally, in the end, they died a horrible death together with the villain's mother.

And now, she was that evil female supporting character!

When she thought of this, Bai Wenjing furrowed her eyebrows.

These three children were the original owner's biological children. The eldest, Xue Baijun, the second, Xue Xiaohua, and the third, Xue Bainian, were the three children who were fighting passionately in front of her.

She vaguely remembered that the Xue family was the only wealthy family in the surrounding villages who had built two thatched cottages for their three sons. In addition, it was rumored that the original owner's husband was as good-looking as Pan An, therefore, it was only natural for her to marry him as she was the most beautiful in the village.

Originally, they were a perfect match. However, the actual character in the story had taken a fancy to and schemed for an acre of fertile land under her husband's name, two newly built thatched huts, and an old sow that she had promised to give to them after the marriage.

However, the actual character was not satisfied with the current situation. She always felt that she was wasting her precious life and should not be cooped up in this poor mountain nest for the rest of her life. Coupled with her shrewdness in scheming, not only did she not get along with her mother-in-law, but she also did not get along well with her neighbors in the countryside, even her children were raised to be as weird as her. In the end, she even indulged in gambling and owed a huge debt.

The actual character's husband could not stand it anymore. He said that the actual character would not listen and would not change. He cried, fought, and hung himself. Her husband could not stand it for five years and used the excuse of going out to do business to run away from home, he left almost five years ago.

Now that the youngest was almost five years old, there was no news on whether the actual character's husband was alive or dead. She could not remember the rest of the plot at all.

Bai Wenjing was speechless for a long time. who could not even dress well in her previous life, but she had to dress like the mother of the villains?

"Mother, look, chicken drumstick. Smell it, it smells good... I especially snatched it for you!" Xue Xiaohua, who was wearing sackcloth and had a face as red as a monkey's butt, was grinning at her. The greasy chicken drumstick in her hand was pressing against her nose.

Bai Wenjing subconsciously hid for a moment and decided that she really could not continue to be useless. Since being the villain's mother was already a fact of life, then it was up to her to change the outcome.

Since they had become her children, how could she watch them court death?

The sackcloth the children wore was dirty and tattered. The tallest one was about ten years old and was staring at her fiercely.

Holding the drumstick in one hand, the second child, Xue Xiaohua, whose face was pale as a ghost, was about eight years old.

At this moment, Xue Xiaohua's other hand was grabbing the little fatty's ear. The little fatty stretched out his chubby little fingers and cried as he tried to snatch the drumstick in Xue Xiaohua's hand.

Among the three, two of their faces were so dirty that they looked like they had been smeared with ashes from the bottom of a pot.

He was too desperate.

Xue Xiaohua looked at her mother. The more she looked at her mother, the more she felt that there was something wrong with her mother. Usually, when she saw that she had snatched the drumstick, she would praise her for being amazing. But now, her mother was still her mother, and she did not look as smart as usual.

She did not even eat the drumstick given to her. Instead, she looked at the three siblings in a daze.

This made Xue Xiaohua feel a little scared, so she could not help but use her elbow to touch her big brother Xue Baijun who was beside her and said, "Big brother, look at our mother. Although she did not drown, did she drown to death?"

Drown? Bai Wenjing thought for a long time. "What did you say? Drown?"

Xue Xiaohua held a small mirror and said casually, "That's right, mother. I don't know who dragged you into the water, beat you up, and then threw you into the water. When brother and I saw you floating on the water, we had to use a lot of effort to pull you out of the water and drag you back."

Could it be that the original character was drowned and I replaced her? She did not have any impression of it. She woke up here.

Xue Xiaohua's heartless look made Bai Wenjing feel a little suffocated.

Looking at the dirty and messy room, and then looking at the three troublesome children, Bai Wenjing could not help but wail in her heart again -- could she still go back?

"Mother, eat meat."

The youngest, Xue Bainian, held a piece of meat in his chubby little hand and approached Bai Wenjing with a silly smile on his face.

In the dilapidated adobe house, there were three dirty children dressed in rags and holding greasy chicken drumsticks. Bai Wenjing felt disgusted again and could not help but ask, "Where did you get these chicken drumsticks?"

She did not remember having chicken at home. Besides, she had not been to the fields for three days. Even if there was, no one would make it.

Furthermore, the family was extremely poor. The child's father had been dead for five years. It was not easy for Bai Wenjing to keep her three children alive. How could she bear to have chicken?

When the kid heard his mother's question, he said proudly, "Mother, I stole this chicken. I didn't spend a single cent! Don't worry, no one saw me when I went in. Hurry up and eat it while it's hot! It's very fragrant!"

After the kid finished speaking, he had a smug look on his face. One had to know that this time, it was a fragrant, fat chicken leg. His mother would definitely praise him.

Bai Wenjing almost spat out a mouthful of blood when she heard this.

The original character was really a big weirdo? She did not feel ashamed for stealing, but felt proud instead?

Bai Wenjing rolled her eyes and thought viciously, let's see if she can teach this b*stard a good lesson.

"Ding ding, activation successful. The anti-cult system has begun binding..."

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