1 Reincarnated as a Demon, But Born in the City of Angels!

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Paradise Island, the residence of the legendary God.

However, there was no God here, only beautiful and holy angels.

Dong, dong, dong!

The angels' divine bell rang, signaling that it was time for another angel to be born.

Every angel put down their work and walked towards the center of Paradise Island.

The reincarnation pool was where the angels were born. All the angels were born there from pure light elements.

"What kind of little angel will this little cutie be?"

A beautiful female angel clutched her heart with both hands and looked excited.

The pure angels were crowded at the side of the reincarnation pool and were completely focused on the reincarnation pool's reaction.

The universe's law dictated that the reproductive ability of stronger life forms would be much more inferior.

As a powerful divine creation, the conditions for angels to be born were naturally very harsh.

Usually, a new angel would only be born after hundreds or thousands of years.

That was especially so in recent times. Few angels had fallen in the era of peace, so naturally there were much lesser angels being born.

That was why angels paid special attention to the birth of new life.

Even Gabriel and Michael, both seraphim angel commanders, were watching from afar with a concerned expression.

The sentimental female angels' faces were filled with anticipation and worry.

"Buzz, buzz..."

Just as everyone was waiting expectantly for the birth of new life, pure light and holy aura began to gather in the pool.

Suddenly, a delicate little angel was born!

This little angel was holding a pocket-sized bronze longsword in her hand.

The sword was covered in scars, and some of them looked very serious, leaving the sword nearly at breaking point.

The surrounding angels discussed animatedly among each other after seeing the new angel in front of them.

"Oh Heavens, this is the reincarnation of the war angel saint!"

"Almighty God, thank you for your kindness and for bringing back the warriors who had been lost."

"Look, this war angel saint still has the evil aura of the devil!"

The war angel saint was the honorific title of an angel who had died in the great war between gods and demons 50,000 years ago.

Its significance lay in the fact that every angel who had died for God was referred to as a saint.

The angels were excited.

Even Gabriel and the others watched happily from the distance.

Upon sensing everyone's gaze, the war angel saint blinked his eyes and pointed at the reincarnation pool. He said in a tender voice, "There's... Another one..."

The other angels were shocked to hear that. It seemed that the reincarnated war angel saint was quite strong when he was alive, as it was surprising that he could speak as soon as he was reincarnated.

"There's still life in this reincarnation pool!"

"Our merciful God actually gave us another little life."

"Could it be another war angel saint?"

The angels were even more excited.

At that moment, inside the angel reincarnation pool, a strange angel who had just been born heaved a sigh of relief.

"Looks like it was successfully hidden."

Davis was a visitor from Earth who had just transmigrated into a little angel.

However, before he could rejoice, he realized that something was wrong with the body he had manifested in. The blood in his body emitted an evil aura and immediately made him feel uneasy.

It turned out that he was a mixed-blood angel.

Half of the devil's bloodline existed in his body!

If the angels outside knew about this, then would he not...

Even more miserable was the fact that he had just been born, and he did not even have the slightest power to hide his aura.

Fortunately, the war angel saint that had appeared earlier bought him time to conceal his aura.

The demonic aura that Davis emitted was assumed to be the remains of the war angel saint that had died in battle in his previous life.

Taking advantage of the time he had bought, Davis finally had the strength to hide his aura.

It prevented him from exposing himself immediately.

Soon, Davis's body finally appeared.

"Oh... My God."

The pure and compassionate angels cried out again.

Some of the female angels could not help but cry.

Because the little angel Davis was very...strange!

Only half of his body had wings.

Because Davis's bloodline was special and half of his body contained the devil's bloodline, his wings were white on one side and black on the other.

He had no choice but to put away the black wing as he was afraid of revealing it.

However, he did not expect the angels to consider him as having a congenital disability.

"This is a disabled angel!"

"So pitiful... I feel like hugging him and warming him up."

Davis's 'disability' immediately aroused the sympathy of many angels.

Angels themselves were compassionate.

Therefore, Davis received the sympathy of almost all the angels.

Because of his 'disability', the emotional female angels all felt pity for him.

Davis was quickly embraced by the angels who were overflowing with sympathy.

Even the fallen angel, who was born first, looked at him with a confused expression.

At that moment, Gabriel, Michael, and the other angels, who were watching from afar, flew over and prepared to bless the two new lives in Paradise Island.

Davis's heart was sent into panic barely seconds after feeling relieved.

He was just been born, so he could hardly cover up his demonic aura. He had no problem doing so in front of these ordinary angel, but how could he possible hide it against a seraph, the highest-level angel?

Their vocation was to destroy all evil!

What to do? What to do? What to do?

At that moment, Davis's heart began to despair. He did not expect that he would be born...

Just as Davis was about to die, he heard a 'ding' sound.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host! The check-in system has been activated. The current system has finished loading.]

[Notification: Host is in the reincarnation pool. Would you like to check in?]

Davis immediately replied, "Check in!"

Perhaps the system would give him some reward to help him overcome the current predicament.

[Congratulations, Host! You have successfully checked in. You have received a reward!]

[Notification: You have received divine power for 1,000 years!]

[Notification: You have received an S-rank divine spell, 'Divine Protection'!]

[Description: Divine Protection. Releases pure light and forms a membrane of light that cleanses the user of all filth. It is free from evil curses and can increase the user's combat skill strength, constitution, and speed. It can be used on oneself or others.]

It can be used on oneself?

Davis immediately casted the Divine Protection!


Davis felt a warm current surge instantly in his body. He felt like he had just gotten a Thai massage and was bathed in sun. The feeling was indescribably comfortable.

A thin membrane formed by light protected his body, completely covering the demonic aura on his body.

Even the seraph-level Gabriel could not see his true self.

Just as Davis was rejoicing, the system rang again.

[Notification: Because the host has a half-demon bloodline, the system will receive two rewards for each check-in, providing two different bloodline skill rewards...]

It seemed like the other half of Davis's demon bloodline was not just a problem.

[Notification: the host has received an S-rank curse skill, 'Vicious Curse'.]

[Description: Vicious Curse is a special, high-rank demon spell. It is extremely brutal, allowing the host to curse a soul and create a polluted soul, turning the subject into the host's slave.]

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