30 Preparing for a Breakthrough!

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In the blink of an eye, Jade had finished eating the eggshell. Her round body was dainty and exquisite, and her fluttering dragon wings looked like a work of art.

Her entire body had a soft green luster, and her delicate scales were like fine jade.

Davis took a liking to such a cute creature.

"Daddy! I've finally met you! Daddy, Daddy!"

Jade flapped its wings and flew over with a silly look, crashing into Davis's arms.

Davis stroked Jade's head lovingly. "How about calling me Big Brother, Jade?"

"No, no. Daddy will always be Daddy!"

Jade rubbed its little head against Davis's body and said in a silly manner.

Davis looked helpless and could only follow Jade's instructions.

"Alright, it's up to you! You can call me whatever you want!"


Days passed.

Gabriel and the others also began to return.

This was the first time in a thousand years that the four seraphim gathered on Paradise Island.

However, those things were nothing more than small interludes for Davis.

He returned to his peaceful and comfortable life.

After absorbing Vontel's soul on the previous occasion, he had advanced to virtue angel level five.

Before he could obtain more and better items, all Davis could do was temper his spiritual power and completely absorb the remaining soul essence.

Jade also began to grow day by day, and her scales slowly became more beautiful. Unfortunately, she still could not fly. She could only jump and run like a chicken when Davis came.

In order to relieve her of boredom, Davis left his doppelganger in the alternate dimension so she had someone to play with her every day.

She even insisted on sleeping next to the doppelganger and opened her eyes from time to time to see if her 'father' was still there.

He would occasionally obtain some holy fruit and other things that were not of much use to him when he checked in, which he would then use to feed Jade.

In this Paradise Island, the one individual he trusted most and could tell everything was Jade. Not even the blood slave Liv could compare to Jade.


Under Angelina's leadership, Davis worked in a very serious and responsible manner in the library.

His life was also quite repetitive: practice, check-in, practice, check-in... Although every day was very mechanical, he did not feel bored at all.

The only downside was that the friction between the Paradise Island and the Abyss was increasing, and the frequency of such incidences was increasing too.

A year passed in the blink of an eye.

[Ding! Check-in successful, check-in location, island of Paradise Library!"

[Notification: host has obtained five drops of holy tree sap! ]

[Notification: demonic power has been activated. Check-in variation. Host has obtained five bottles of dark spring water.]

The system's notification rang in his mind.

Davis perked up. His eyes burst with a blazing light and he could not help but clench his fists.

"I can finally break through!"

His body had accumulated nearly a hundred drops of holy tree sap.

This was the amount he had accumulated for a year.

An ordinary angel might only need one-third of the amount to successfully break through, but that amount was far from enough for Davis.

Similarly, once Davis broke through, his strength would increase even more than an ordinary angel.

That could also be considered a type of accumulated strength.

Davis thought for a moment and felt that his current strength had also increased. Perhaps ordinary isolation was not enough.

He snapped his fingers and entered the alternate dimension.


An adorable voice sounded.

The young dragon covered in emerald green rushed over quickly when she saw a figure entering.

She ran over eagerly from the side of the doppelganger.

The emerald green dragon scales on her body were even more dazzling and her round body was still very cute. Her big black eyes seemed to hide stars, and the delicate dragon horns on her head were simply synonymous with cuteness.

If the holy light dragons and the elven dragons were the nobles of the dragon clan, then Jade must surely be the nobles among nobles.

In a year's time, Davis had fed her countless good things daily, such as lightfruit and similar things.

The aura on her body had since become terrifying.

From the looks of it, no one would have thought that this cute little thing was already a terrifying creature on the level of a virtue angel.

"Daddy is going into seclusion. Help me guard the surroundings and don't let anyone get close!" Davis instructed Jade.

"Don't worry, Daddy. I'll protect you!"

She also nodded seriously.

Then, she ran to one side and looked around vigilantly.

In fact, there was no need for her to be on guard in an alternate dimension like that.

He simply said that to give her a sense of participation.

After arranging things with Jade, Davis adjusted his condition to the peak before taking out both the holy tree sap and the dark spring water that he had prepared beforehand.

He swallowed them all.


Violent energy raged and roared in his body, like a wild dragon that was out of control.

Soon enough, the wild dragon was completely suppressed by Davis's terrifying spiritual power.

Refinement was then done bit by bit.

Sensing the transformation that was happening to his body, Davis began to concentrate and prepare for a breakthrough without any distractions.

In the library.

Angelina's face was full of worry, more and more worried about the war that was getting closer and closer.

There were already many angels who had died in battle or had gone missing.

She could clearly a decrease in the number of people coming to the library . Some had not shown up for a long time, while others might not even appear again in the future.

The vitality of angels was very strong and they had very long lives too.

Those who lost their wings or their source of power might even be able to regrow them again.

However, once they were contaminated by demonic power, they would gradually lose their vitality even if their bodies were still intact. Another possibility was that they would slowly turn into fallen angels.

Such defilement could erode one's spirit and slowly weaken both one's mental and physical being.

Only a powerhouse like the seraphim could save someone in that condition. Even the slightly lower cherubim could not do anything.

When it came to that however, seraphim could not possibly waste any of its power when its main purpose was to defend against the Abyss's invasion.

The Abyss eyed them like a tiger watching its prey, and a great war between gods and demons was about to break out.

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