After The Marriage, CEO Dotes On His Wife So Much And Shocks The City Book

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After The Marriage, CEO Dotes On His Wife So Much And Shocks The City

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# FLIRTING # ILLEGITIMATE DAUGHTER The most beautiful woman in Sea City is Yun Wei, but she is also the one with the worst reputation. She is the second lady of the Yun family, and she is so breathtakingly beautiful that no man can keep their eyes away from her. But everyone knows that she is an illegitimate daughter and has a wild private life. She also has no sense of self-preservation. On the day her sister held her wedding to marry a rich man in Sea City, Yun Wei’s stepmother set her up to go on a blind date with a rich man in his fifties. She coolly and calmly toyed with the man, thus angering her stepmother. “You’re just a despicable whore and a bastard. You’re lucky that Mr. Wang wants to marry you! No proper person will want to marry you!” The stepmother slapped Yun Wei, but Yun Wei only had amusement shine in her eyes. “How would you know that no good person would want to marry me?” Su Chuan, the noblest man in Sea City, an elegant aristocrat, and the heir of the Su family’s business empire. He is mature, sensible, gentle, reserved, and unfathomable. During the first time they met, Su Chuan’s friends introduced Yun Wei to him. “Don’t be fooled by her appearance. This beautiful lady is someone who has the rich, wayward boys in Sea City dancing on her palm. No matter how pretty she is, she’s not pure.” Yun Wei did not choose to defend herself. She just smiled and gave him her name card. They only had a brief encounter with each other and talked a little before they went on their own ways, but each had left a deep impression on the other. Later on, they had fun in bed together, and afterward, Yun Wei just smiled coolly. “It’s just an accident. I don’t need you to take responsibility.” Around a month later, Su Chuan ran into Yun Wei in the hospital. This time, she was dry heaving into a flowerbed while she held a pregnancy test stating that she had been pregnant for 40 days. When she met his gaze, she only smiled coolly, “I heard that condoms are only 85% effective. Seems like it’s true.” Half a month later, Su Chuan married Yun Wei in a grand wedding that captured everyone’s eyes. The entire city was in a ruckus, but no one knew that Yun Wei had actually set Su Chuan up to marry her. She did not love him, and she had her motives to marry him. However, when she obtained what she wanted and approached Su Chuan for a divorce, Su Chuan cornered her. “Yun Wei, you married me on a whim, and you want to divorce me on a whim as well? Do you think you can toy with me as you like?” In truth, this cunning man was not set up at all. He had endured all of it willingly, because this girl had called his name sweetly one summer ten years ago…


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