24 Tricking Nan Qiao Only to Be Tricked

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Immediately after, the form teacher thought for a moment and said, "However, this matter has a huge impact after all. Look, many teachers know about what happened in the morning. In addition, many parents are also paying attention to our school's official website, so can you call your parents over to clarify it so that it won't cause unnecessary misunderstandings?"

Nan Qiao nodded amiably. It was better to clarify this matter as soon as possible, lest it become difficult to resolve.

Seeing that Nan Qiao had agreed so easily, the form teacher was a little surprised. In the past, Nan Qiao was not so easy to get along with. She would not agree to anything easily. Why was she so easy to talk to this time?

After coming out of the teacher's office, Nan Qiao met Huo Yichen in the corridor.

When the other party walked past, Huo Yichen wanted to pretend not to know her, but Nan Qiao did not react at all and walked past Huo Yichen.

The boy who had already walked past stopped and turned around to look at the beautiful figure behind him. He was immediately a little angry.

The tip of his tongue swept across his back teeth and he felt his teeth grit.

This girl really did not greet him.

After walking for a while, Nan Qiao stopped in her tracks. When she turned around and saw Huo Yichen's departing back, she felt a little depressed.

As expected of a big shot, he was too difficult to get close to. Why was it so difficult to be friends with him?

After a while, Nan Qiao returned to class and was greeted by a storm.

The classroom door was half open. The classroom was noisy, but it was very quiet outside. No one even came in or out. Nan Qiao acutely felt that something was wrong.

Hence, Nan Qiao nudged the door and realized that there was something on it. Although she did not see what it was, she guessed that it was chalk dust.

This was because there were only so many tricks in school. In her previous life, such a thing had happened when she was bullied by everyone.

Hence, Nan Qiao stood at the door and did not enter the classroom. She just waited.

After waiting for a while, the bell rang. Then, Nan Qiao stood behind the pillar and watched as the Chinese teacher walked into the class.

The moment the Chinese teacher pushed open the door, a large handful of white dust suddenly fell from the top and scattered on the Chinese teacher. Her long black hair was covered in white chalk dust, and she looked very disheveled.

The Chinese teacher was so angry that her entire body was trembling. This was a new set of clothes she had bought. It cost a few thousand yuan, but she had actually encountered such a thing on her first time wearing it today.

The Chinese teacher clenched her fists and asked loudly, "Who did it!"

At this moment, Nan Qiao calmly walked out from behind the stone pillar and entered the classroom.

"I'm late."

"Why are you so late? Don't you know that this will disturb the class?!"

Usually, when she encountered such a thing, the language teacher would just take a look and let the matter pass. However, today, she happened to be in a bad mood so she was naturally angry.

"Teacher, I have diarrhea. I've already run to the bathroom a few times."

As Nan Qiao explained, she hugged her stomach with both hands. The expression on her face gradually became ugly, as if she really had diarrhea and felt very uncomfortable.

Fortunately, she really did have diarrhea some time ago. Otherwise, she would not have been able to pretend so well.

Seeing that Nan Qiao's expression was indeed not very good, the language teacher calmed down.

"Go in and sit down."

As soon as the Chinese teacher finished speaking, she heard Nan Qiao holding her stomach and wailing. "I can't take it anymore. My stomach hurts. I have to go to the toilet again."

The Chinese teacher nursed her headache and just waved her hand. "Go, go."

Only then did Nan Qiao hurriedly run away. However, less than two minutes after she ran, she heard the Chinese teacher's roar.

"Who did that just now?"

She patted the white dust off her body. Even so, there was still a lot of white dust on her clothes and neck. She even had her hair freshly made today!

However, the person who did this was the class bully. He was usually fierce, and no one dared to provoke him, so the class naturally did not dare to expose him. Hence no one said anything.

"Alright, you won't even say anything because of your unity and friendship, right? Do you think I can't do anything to you if you don't say anything?" The Chinese teacher was furious and gritted her teeth. She had to teach this group of brats a lesson today!

"All of you, stand on the field as punishment!"

The language teacher was in her forties this year. She usually dressed in a middle-aged and old fashion style and usually did not care much about things. However, when she really became angry, she was also extremely fierce.

When the Chinese teacher shouted, everyone wailed.

"Ah… The weather is bad today, and we still have to go out and stand as punishment?"

"It looks like it will rain later, right?"

"Teacher, don't…"

"If you say another word, you will stand for another hour!" The Chinese teacher took off her jacket and shook off the dust. In the end, as she shook more and more, she realized that not only was there white chalk dust, but there was also trash on the ground. She became even angrier.

Everyone only dared to complain softly and did not dare to speak loudly.

The class bully, who was sitting in the last row, was also depressed.

It was clearly used to mess with Nan Qiao, so how did it end up on the old witch?

The old witch was not easy to deal with at all. Now that they were punished to stand, they could not even complain.

The class gathered on the field and stood for a while.

The temperature in spring was not very high, but those vain students were not wearing much. Coupled with the air conditioner in the class, everyone was not wearing very thick clothes.

At this moment, they were freezing to death standing on the field, and their legs kept trembling.

They were all complaining in their heart. If they had known earlier, they wouldn't have messed with Nan Qiao. Then they would not end up harming others and themselves.

The language teacher returned to the office to tidy up her clothes. An Nuo watched as everyone stood as punishment.

Not long after, Nan Qiao returned to the classroom upstairs and stood in the corridor with an apple in her hand. She nibbled on it and looked provocatively at the people standing downstairs.

The people downstairs also saw Nan Qiao and felt very angry. They gritted their teeth. Nan Qiao was clearly watching them make a fool of themselves.

Now, everyone realized why Nan Qiao did not come in and said that her stomach hurt. She clearly already knew that they were messing with her, so she deliberately did not come in.

As a study committee member, An Nuo's results in every subject were very outstanding, so she was the apple of the teachers' eyes. At this moment, it was fine even if An Nuo did not stand as punishment. However, An Nuo still stood obediently downstairs. It was hard to be angry with a petite girl who stood upright and obediently.

No wonder An Nuo could become a study committee member.

This punishment lasted for a period of 40 minutes. Moreover, the next class was still Chinese. Everyone was really afraid that they would have to continue standing here for another period.

Dark clouds gathered in the sky, and it gradually began to drizzle.

The rain fell on the ground densely. Although there was no movement or sound, as long as one stood under the rain for a while, they would still be drenched.

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