41 Representing the School In A TV Program

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"Hey, Huo Yichen, who gave you breakfast? Are you eating it?" Huo Yichen's deskmate was the only person who could talk to him.

The deskmate spoke while reaching for the lunch box.

Unexpectedly, Huo Yichen slapped the back of his hand, causing it to hurt.

"It's mine." Huo Yichen quickly stuffed the things under his desk.

His deskmate could not understand Huo Yichen's confused behavior. He didn't eat it himself and didn't let him eat either. Wasn't it going to be a waste?

There was a physical education class in the morning, and it happened to be the same class as Huo Yichen's class. When they were free, Nan Qiao sneaked over and talked to Huo Yichen.

"Have you eaten the breakfast? How is it? Does it taste good?" The girl had just exercised, and her hair was a little sweaty. She was full of youth, and there was a comfortable smile on her face.


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