63 Qiaoqiao Is Too Likeable

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Xian Yu was wearing shorts and a flowery shirt. This flowery shirt would look especially shocking on others, but it was actually perfectly stylish on Xian Yu, especially the slightly exposed wheat-colored skin on his chest. As soon as he appeared, a large group of people called him Hubby.

Xian Yu: "Then I'll choose the first poem. The common flowers wither in due time, the beautiful mornings fade away."

The production team was heartbroken. They thought that Xian Yu was the one who did not know, but in the end, it did not trouble him at all.

The comments below were all filled with laughter.

"Hahaha, the production team screwed up, right? Let me give you a friendly explanation. Our Xian Yu graduated from Yale University."

"I'm dying of laughter. Didn't the production team go on Baidu to search for Xian Yu's information?"


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