52 Nan Jin's Rebirth, Please Forgive Me!

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Nan Qiao had just been sending messages to An Nuo about how she didn't want Murong Chen to know that she was in the hospital. Now that Murong Chen was here, she felt a little guilty.

Murong Chen had been standing at the door for a while. Huo Yichen was resting with his eyes closed, while Nan Qiao was playing with her phone in front of his bed. She would look at the bed from time to time, paying attention to his movements at all times.

"Why did you come here instead of resting at home?" Murong Chen also saw the lunch box on the cabinet next to him. It was obvious that the chicken soup was for this kid.

An alarm bell rang in Murong Chen's heart. This kid was quite good-looking, and he did not show any weakness when he met his gaze. He was a tough nut to crack, one tough cookie. If he was given a little more time, he would definitely become a dragon among men.


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