39 If You're Happy, Big Brother Is Happy Too

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"But Nan Qiao's classmate is very agitated now. If something happens to that classmate…" The form teacher still wanted to persuade Murong Chen.

"Then, we can only blame it on her weak mental fortitude. Why must our Qiao Qiao withstand the pressure of the rumors she created? Can't she withstand the pressure of a lawyer's letter?"

"Teacher He, do you need our Qiao Qiao to commit suicide to know how serious a matter it is to spread rumors? How many people have been unable to recover from the trauma caused by rumors? I seriously suspect that our Qiao Qiao's young heart has already been hurt. After school, I'll bring her for an examination. If I find out that she'd suffered any mental trauma, Li Tiantian will take full responsibility!"

Teacher He was actually speechless.

Now, this gentleman's questioning look in front of him was very similar to when Nan Qiao questioned the teacher at the flag-raising ceremony.

They were all so oppressive, making her feel uneasy.

Teacher He could not help but wipe the sweat off his forehead with a handkerchief to stabilize his mind.

Now, he was certain that these siblings were biological siblings!

They even had the same aggressiveness.

"Teacher He, this is my business card. If there's anything in the future, you can discuss it with me. Don't disturb our Qiaoqiao's mood with such trivial matters."

Teacher He took the business card. The golden words on it seemed to scorch his hand, making the business card fall to the grass.

This guy is Murong Chen, the Executive CEO of Shengjing Group.

Teacher He swallowed with difficulty, so the eldest daughter of the Shengjing Group that was the talk of the town was actually Nan Qiao.

When he heard the school bell ring, Murong Chen nodded and said, "Qiao Qiao has finished school. I'll go and pick her up first."

After taking two steps, Murong Chen turned around and looked at Teacher He again. His eyes were cold and sharp.

"In the future, I don't want to hear anymore of these trivial matters ruining our Qiaoqiao's mood."

"Yes, yes, yes. It definitely won't happen again. It definitely won't happen again." The form teacher hurriedly agreed. After Murong Chen left, he wiped his sweat.

This pressure was almost comparable to facing the King of Hell. If he said something wrong, he would probably lose his job. It was too terrifying.

He really did not expect Nan Qiao to have such an identity and background. This was too terrifying. He had to recall if he had offended her in any way. He did not know if he could still salvage the situation.

Nan Qiao did not expect to see Murong Chen waiting at the gate the moment she went downstairs. She pounced on him excitedly upon seeing him.

"Big Brother, why are you here?"

Nan Qiao's face was filled with a blissful smile. In the past, she had always been very envious of other people's brothers waiting for their sisters to finish school. Now, her brother also personally came to pick her up every day.

She was so happy!

Seeing that Nan Qiao had fallen into Murong Chen's arms and it was too late to remind her, An Nuo kept cursing in her heart.

Be gentler. What if he got hurt?

Nan Hao carried Nan Zhi downstairs and Qiuqiu helped carry the wheelchair. Now that he saw Nan Qiao and the handsome man flirting downstairs, Nan Hao stood still.

Nan Zhi noticed Nan Hao's abnormality and only then did she look to the side to see Nan Qiao leaning into Murong Chen's arms with a blissful expression. Jealousy made her eyes red.

Yesterday, the man who had treated her with disdain was being so good to Nan Qiao. She did not know what kind of dogsh*t luck Nan Qiao had.

"Nuonuo, Big Brother and I will go home first. We'll contact each other online." Nan Qiao's smile was beautiful and bright. The siblings standing together was a beautiful scenery. Everyone was looking over.


Nan Hao sneered. Why wasn't she this obedient in the past?

She had always been rebellious in front of him, but she was so obedient in front of other men. It was really interesting.

"Why isn't Big Brother walking anymore?" Nan Zhi asked gently.

But for some reason, Nan Hao suddenly felt that Nan Zhi's voice did not seem to be as sweet as Nan Qiao's. It should be very comfortable to be called Big Brother by Nan Qiao like that.

Just as this thought appeared in his mind, Nan Hao immediately shook his head. How could he still think about Nan Qiao while hugging Nan Zhi?

He should not forget what Nan Qiao had done in the past.

Based simply on the fact that Zhizhi was injured, he should not forgive Nan Qiao so easily.

Unless Nan Qiao came back crying to beg them to take care of her on the account that they were related by blood.

Nan Zhi noticed that Nan Hao's eyes had been following Nan Qiao. In the end, the person who occupied Nan Hao's line of sight was still Nan Qiao.

Why was Nan Qiao everywhere!

Nan Qiao had been haunting her like a ghost. She was so annoying! She had already been chased out of the Nan family, but she was still trouble.

Nan Qiao sat in the car and chattered like a little sparrow.

"Big Brother, I…" The girl's youthful and beautiful ponytail swayed in the air with her movements while she shared the interesting things that had happened today. She was in high spirits.

"Yes, if you're happy, Big Brother is happy too." A smile appeared on Murong Chen's face.

Nan Qiao looked at Murong Chen's smile and the corners of her mouth curled up.

In the beginning, Murong Chen would smile at her, but his smile was a little stiff. If not for the fact that Murong Chen was good-looking, he would have looked like a ghost.

But now, it seemed that smiling at her had become a habit, so Murong Chen's smile was very warm and natural. Nan Qiao really wanted to treasure such a smile.

"It's almost the weekend, right? Big Brother will bring you out to play. Is there anywhere you want to go?" Murong Chen held his sister's hand and looked at it carefully. Her fingers were slender and long, making her palm look small.

Murong Chen's eyes revealed a pained expression. He did not know if they had given his sister food when she was in the Nan family in the past. How did they raise her to be so thin and weak that a gust of wind could blow her away?

"No, but big brother, aren't you the CEO? Do you… have the time?" Nan Qiao asked in confusion. In her eyes, the CEOs basically did not have time to rest. Just like Nan Kang, they basically would not be able to return home when they were on a business trip.

"Yes, there's nothing much to do in the company. Tell Big Brother where you want to go. Big Brother can accompany you at any time," Murong Chen said unhurriedly.

The assistant: ???

President, do you still remember the meeting by Daming Lake?

It had already been postponed for three days.

In the past, the President would work all year round. Now, he actually said that he was free at any time. It was enough to see how much the Eldest Miss was doted on.

He had really followed the President for nothing for these two years. He actually could not tell that the President had a sister complex!

"Then let's go to the amusement park. I've never been there before…" Nan Qiao's eyes darkened when she said this, as if she was deep in thought.

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