35 Does Your Palm Hurt? Big Brother Will Blow On It

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"Pfft…" Nan Qiao really could not hold it in and laughed out loud. This sales lady was too fun. Every word was stabbing Nan Zhi.

At the end of the day, Nan Zhi only wanted Nan Qiao to take off her dress and give it to her. However, the sales lady's consecutive words made Nan Zhi speechless.

Now, she could not find a reason to make her take off her clothes.

Nan Zhi felt like her liver was about to explode from anger. How could someone be so infuriating? Does she still want to do business?

"Nan Qiao, give your dress to Zhizhi." Liang Rui acted as the middleman and actually commanded Nan Qiao.

"What if I don't?" Nan Qiao rolled her eyes.

"Nan Qiao, you know that she's in a wheelchair now because of you. If not for you, she wouldn't have become like this. Also, the injuries on her arm were all caused by you. Don't you feel guilty at all?"

When Murong Chen heard this, his expression turned cold. These two people were clearly here to make his sister unhappy.

Hearing this, the expression on Nan Qiao's face gradually turned cold, and there was no longer any joy. Right on the heels of that, she did something that no one expected.

Picking up the warm water on the small coffee table, and swiftly splashed it on Nan Zhi's face. It was so fast that she did not have time to cover herself.


"Nan Qiao, what are you doing!" Liang Rui raised his hand angrily to slap Nan Qiao.

However, he did not get what he wanted because Murong Chen grabbed Liang Rui's hand tightly.

"You dare to hit her?!" Murong Chen was ruthless.

Liang Rui wanted to resist, but Murong Chen's strength was so great that Liang Rui could not struggle free. Moreover, his entire wrist hurt, and his face turned pale.

"Let go of me quickly," Liang Rui could only say with a trembling mouth.

When Murong Chen let go of Liang Rui, he shook him and almost threw him to the ground.

At this moment, Nan Qiao took advantage of the fact that Liang Rui had yet to stabilize himself and slapped his face.

"If you don't know how to speak, you don't have to speak. But if you're blind and deaf and always say things I don't like to hear and provoke me, don't blame my palm."

Nan Qiao's slap stunned Assistant Wang Tao.

He looked at Nan Qiao in disbelief. He didn't expect this.

The Eldest Miss usually looked gentle, but he did not expect her to be so powerful when she fought.

The assistant raised his head slightly. When he looked at Murong Chen, he wished he was blind.

Even in this state, the President still had an admiring expression on his face, as if he found his sister cool and suave.

One simply could not bear to look.

"Nan Qiao, you actually dare to hit me?" Liang Rui covered his face and looked at Nan Qiao in disbelief. He had never been so embarrassed. This damn woman actually dared to hit him like this.

"Of course, a good girl like me won't hit people, the only things I hit are non-human." Nan Qiao wriggled her wrist and left, not planning to give Liang Rui and Nan Zhi any time to cause more trouble.

Seeing the two of them leave, it was too late for Liang Rui to react. They had already walked far away but they could still hear Nan Qiao and Murong Chen's voices.

"Does your hand hurt? How can you personally beat someone up? Naturally, you have to leave it to someone else. Just let Wang Tao do it. Quick, let Big Brother see if your palm is red."

When Liang Rui heard this from behind, he was so angry that he almost couldn't breathe. He was the one who was beaten up, but the other party was more concerned if Nan Qiao's hand was hurt. This was too much.

Nan Zhi's eyes turned red with jealousy when she heard that man protecting Nan Qiao like this and was even so caring about her.

Although the three brothers of the Nan family were already very good to her, they could not be compared to this man at all. When would they be so attentive to her like this man was to Nan Qiao?

"Don't worry, Big Brother. I don't feel any pain. I'm happy even if it hurts, as long as I can hit him," Nan Qiao said in high spirits. Previously, Liang Rui was very infuriating. This could be considered as collecting some interest for her miserable past life.

"That won't do. Look, your palm is red now. Big Brother's heart aches so much." As he spoke, Murong Chen grabbed Nan Qiao's hand and held it in his own. He gently blew on it as if he had touched a treasure.

Nan Qiao originally wanted to say that it was fine, but she was already used to it. However, when she saw Murong Chen treating her like this, she could not say anything.

Murong Chen was really good to her.

No matter what she did, he had always been biased towards her.

Nan Qiao was so touched that the corners of her eyes were a little moist. She hurriedly wiped her eyes.

It was not that Murong Chen did not notice the tears in Nan Qiao's eyes, but he pretended not to see them.

After today's incident, he could roughly guess what kind of life Nan Qiao had led in the Nan family in the past. Everyone could bully her and beat her up or scold her.

His sister had suffered.

Murong Chen's heart ached, but he did not say anything and hid this heartache in his heart.

It seemed that he could not ignore this matter. The Nan family was too arrogant.

After returning home, Nan Qiao returned to her room to do her homework, but Murong Chen was in the study dealing with work matters.

"Wang Tao, go and teach Nan Zhi a lesson."

"Yes, President." The assistant nodded and asked, "To what extent?"

"To the extent of how she treated Qiao Qiao."

Murong Chen's deep eye sockets and eyelids frowned slightly, and his ink-black eyes became even more ruthless. "Qiaoqiao can't know about this."

"Yes." The assistant turned around and raised his eyebrows. Wasn't this trying to torture her to death?

That night, after Nan Qiao finished her homework, she wanted to go downstairs and get a bottle of milk to drink. Unexpectedly, when she opened the door, there was a small table at the door. On the small table were a card, a rose, and a bottle of milk.

Seeing these three items, Nan Qiao's heart softened and the corners of her mouth curled up unconsciously.

There were a few words written on the card. The handwriting was neat and powerful, the kind that one could not bear to discard.

"Little Princess, rest early. Remember to drink a glass of milk before going to bed. Good night."

Nan Qiao placed the card on her chest and turned to look at Murong Chen's study. There was still light coming out. Murong Chen should still be dealing with something, right?

Nan Qiao still went downstairs to get another bottle of milk and stepped into Murong Chen's study.

Nan Qiao called out softly, "Big Brother."

Seeing Nan Qiao appear, Murong Chen wanted to get up, but Nan Qiao quickly walked to his side and stopped him.

"Big Brother is still working at this time of night." Nan Qiao glanced at the content on the computer and realized that it was all in English. She could understand English, but she did not understand much.

When Murong Chen realized that Nan Qiao was interested, he stood up and sat her down on his seat. "If you're interested, I'll teach you."

Unexpectedly, Nan Qiao suddenly stood up, her clear eyes innocent and soft. "I don't want to learn. I'm getting a headache from looking at these things. I'm going back to sleep. With Big Brother around, I can be a rice worm in peace."

"Big brother, rest early. This is for you. I'll go back to sleep first. Good night."

Nan Qiao hurriedly left the study as if she was escaping. Seeing her escape like that, Murong Chen could not help but laugh.

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