26 Big Brother Is Here to Fetch the Little Princess Home

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Ever since the President gained a sister, his assistant had another job. That was to pay attention to the school at all times.

In the morning, the President had ordered him to pay attention to the school's official website. If there was anything about Nan Qiao, he would have to call him quickly.

However, the content of the post made the assistant's scalp tingle. He hurriedly took out his phone and showed it to Murong Chen.

"Sir…" Murong Chen was in a meeting when he entered, but he remembered that the President had instructed him to tell him everything immediately, so he braced himself and went in.

A group of executives watched in the conference room as the assistant went over with a phone.

Murong Chen did not like others disturbing him during his meeting. He frowned. "Let's talk later."

"President, it's about Little Miss," the assistant said awkwardly.

Murong Chen instantly took the cell phone and looked at it. The most eye-catching thing was the line of red words.

[A famous bad student is suspected to be a sugar baby. A luxury car is used to send her to school.]

The accompanying photo was of Nan Qiao and his back. Although his face was not captured, it was enough as long as there was Nan Qiao's face.

"Meeting adjourned!"

Murong Chen's face instantly turned cold and gloomy. He strode away quickly.

"What's going on? Is the company going bankrupt?"

"No way. I heard just now that it's about a young lady?"

"What? The President has a woman now?"

"The golden bachelor is no longer single?"

"You all don't want to work anymore? You're actually gossiping about the President." A slightly senior man roared, and everyone instantly fell silent.

Murong Chen quickly left and went downstairs. It was raining, and the car was waiting at the door.

After getting into the car, Murong Chen held up his cell phone and looked at the post with a frown, especially at the comments below.

"Qiaoqiao didn't come out to say anything?"

"Little Miss didn't clarify anything," the assistant replied as he drove.

The car drove all the way to school.

It was raining heavily outside, and it was actually getting heavier. The sky was dark. From the looks of it, it would probably not stop until night.

During the last lesson, everyone was worried and did not know how to go back after school.

"It's raining so heavily. I don't even know how we're going to get out later."

"An Nuo, someone from your family will come and fetch you with an umbrella, right?" A classmate poked An Nuo's arm and said.

"There should be." An Nuo thought for a moment and said.

"Then can I borrow your umbrella later?"

An Nuo paused and turned to look in Nan Qiao's direction before replying vaguely, "We'll see later."

Nan Qiao did not seem to have an umbrella either. According to Nan Hao, Nan Qiao was no longer a daughter of the Nan family so it would definitely not be convenient for her to go back home either.

When the school bell rang, everyone piled up at the door and waited for someone to pick them up.

The students who did not have parents to pick them up could only wait anxiously as they watched the rain fall.

An Nuo was the daughter of the An Corporation. Her family had arranged for a special car to pick her up every day, so she naturally did not have to worry.

Holding the umbrella, An Nuo turned around to look at Nan Qiao. The girl was born beautiful. Even in the dark weather, she emitted a different kind of beauty.

The girl's face was cold and expressionless. She only looked at the rain outside, as if she was guessing when it would stop.

She had a high nose bridge and a sharp jawline. The corners of her eyes were slightly raised, and her lips were plump.

An Nuo almost fell in love with her. An Nuo could not figure out why such a beauty was not liked by the others.

Nan Qiao's facial features were inherited from her mother. She looked very similar to the young Murong Yan and looked only a little like Nan Kang.

On the other hand, Nan Zhi looked very much like Nan Kang. One look and one could tell that she was his biological daughter. Although they were both very good-looking, Nan Qiao had an additional hint of gentleness on her countenance. Although she was bright-looking, her aura was very dignified.

An Nuo took the initiative to walk forward and tilted her umbrella to Nan Qiao's side.

"Shall we go together? I'll send you back to where you live. If it's not convenient for you to go home at the moment, why don't you come to my house?"

An Nuo took the initiative to express her goodwill and said this to Nan Qiao, making the others envious.

The girl sitting behind An Nuo, Wu Yue, who had asked An Nuo for an umbrella before school ended, got so angry that her mouth became crooked.

She was clearly the one borrowing an umbrella from An Nuo, but for some reason, An Nuo actually went to offer it to Nan Qiao. Was she crazy? Didn't she know that Nan Qiao was the public enemy of the entire school?

"I appreciate the offer, but there's no need. I have somewhere to go, and someone should be coming to pick me up."

As soon as she finished speaking, a tall figure appeared in the school. The person who came was dressed noblely. Although it was raining and vision was very blurry, one could guess that the other party was definitely not simple based on his noble appearance.

His slender and elegant hand held a black umbrella and his face could not be seen clearly under the umbrella.

"Wow, that guy is so handsome. Although I can't see his face, I just feel that he's very handsome."

"He looks quite young, but he's most likely here to pick someone up. I wonder if he's someone's brother."

"He's too elegant. Whose brother is he? Can you help me ask if he still lacks a sister-in-law?"

Many students' eyes were bursting with stars. Even without seeing his face clearly, they were already very tempted.

At this moment, the man finally approached the corridor and raised the umbrella.

His skin looked cold and pale, and his pupils became darker and darker when he looked up. His expression was mixed with indifference, and wherever his gaze landed, there seemed to be ice shards.

However, when his black pupils moved, they met Nan Qiao's.

At this moment, Nan Qiao's eyes happened to look over and meet his. In an instant, his iciness melted, and a hint of gentleness flashed across his dark eyes.

"Big Brother is here to fetch the Little Princess home."

An Nuo was stunned. She had never seen such a good-looking man in her life. So far, all the capable people she had met were fat. Those that were good-looking would have joined the entertainment industry or gone overseas.

When did such a good-looking and elegant man appear in the country?

This man was simply the ideal man in every girl's heart.

"This is your brother?" An Nuo asked blankly.

Nan Qiao saw the smile on her brother's face widen. "Yes."

"Do you mind if I become your sister-in-law?"

Nan Qiao: ???

Ah, this…

"You'll have to ask my brother."

Nan Qiao took a step down and crawled into her brother's arms. She was surrounded by the sound of the rain, but her brother protected her in his arms so she was not inconvenienced in any way.

Her brother's embrace was so warm that she did not feel cold at all.

"I'll go back first. See you tomorrow," Nan Qiao said gently.

Murong Chen turned around and left with Nan Qiao.

It was not until Murong Chen turned around that everyone realized that there was another person following behind him. He was not dressed as elegantly as Murong Chen, but he looked extraordinary.

Wasn't this man an assistant?

People who had an assistant following behind were not simple. Everyone could not stop discussing Murong Chen's identity.

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