[Unknown Land]

In an alien land filled with gloom, death, and—paradoxically—the prosperity of natural resources, there was a place called Grave of Villages.

It was located right at the heart of the human territory, in the geographical center of this world.

The number of villages destroyed in the area through the millennia was insurmountable, and so were the villages continuously built in the place due to the available resources.

It was also one of the good hunting grounds for lower-mid level professionals because the monsters were not too weak, but not too strong for people above villager level.

In the terminology from their hometown, it was a perfect 'grinding spot'.

This was where a small group of foreigners—men from another realm—was staying to train in the most efficient way available to them.

"This place is really creepy," One person said as he chewed on his barbeque, some of the sauce falling on his shoes.

The man was not bad-looking, he had been known to be a bit metrosexual back home, but his blonde hair had turned almost brown from all the grime from their endless adventures lately. All his previous cleanliness had long gone down the drain.

"I mean, seriously..." he mumbled, looking around.

Even if it was dark, they had enhanced vision and the two moons were enough illumination for them. What crept him out was that this place had great resources, but the monster mobs were consistent at certain times.

It was as if the resources were attracting food for the mobs…

He shivered.

No wonder villages, which only had professionals around level 10 or so, would almost always give way after a while. The consumption really couldn't keep up with the gathering of strength.

The others didn't say anything, though they understood his sentiment. It was just that they weren't here to stay, only to train, and so that was what they ought to focus on.

"Where's the captain?" A young man with quiffed hair asked, chewing on a yellow fruit in his hand.

The dark-skinned man beside him looked at a nearby hill, nodding in that direction. "I saw him go over there."


"It's our third day here?"

"Just focus on your own food, Turbo." A voice next to them sneered, before taking away the remaining barbecue stick.

"Hey!" The blonde frowned and glared at the newcomer, who was crossing his arms as he stood above them, arrogantly holding someone else's food. 

Jake was a man with spiky hair that he had managed to mysteriously maintain despite their lack of resources. He ate the food he 'borrowed' in a few bites, making the other gasp in aghast. 

Jake met Turbo's eyes and began to reprimand them. He even pointed at him using the now-empty stick. "Don't talk behind the Captain's back! Don't you know he has eyes everywhere?"

The others were prepared to beat him up a bit but then he looked in a direction, shoulders slightly slumped. "He probably just wanted to be alone for now."

He'd have looked cool and introspective... had he cleaned up the remainder of the sauce on his mouth.

So he still received that small beating regardless.

At this time, the aforementioned Captain was standing still, illuminated by two moons.

With a straight posture, he was standing on a hill, overlooking the land, his sharp eyes surveying the surroundings.

His handsome silhouette formed a contrast to the otherwise desolate view. His body was tense and alert, ready for whatever major changes would occur in a while.

However, after confirming that the night would be quiet for a bit longer, he allowed himself a moment of respite, because he wouldn't be able to rest for a long time after the fight started.

He took out a phone from his space, his sharp eyes immediately becoming soft as the screen lit up to show him images of his beloved. A small smile crept up his lips, making his features even more prominent.

He was a strikingly handsome man, with chiseled features and a well-toned physique, wide shoulders, and lean muscular build.

His hair was trimmed, as neatly as their condition allowed, with his short ebony hair framing his chiseled features.

What was most notable was his undeniable aura of masculinity and strength. He was the type of person who demanded attention wherever he went.

At the moment, however, he was alone, somber, looking intently at the photos on his palm, showing a rare vulnerability visible to only one person.

Unfortunately, that person wasn't there with him.

But unlike the others, he refused to believe he wouldn't be able to go back to her.

He would be able to get back to her; He felt it in his bones.

Even if he didn't, he would do whatever he had to make it possible.

As he stared at her image, his striking blue eyes shone like sapphires even in the night. They not only reflected the light of the two moons, but they also shined with the light of determination and longing, and it was unbreakable and firm.

"My wife…" He said, tone filled with tenderness. "Wait for me…"

But the screen turned black and he frowned, his face turning pale when he saw that his phone battery had gone.

In this world where there was no electricity, would this be—as long as he remained in this hell—the last time he could see her image?

His jaw hardened at the thought and the softness in his eyes changed to one of annoyance and bitterness.

If any one of his teammates were there, they would fear for their lives.

And this happened to be the sight that one of his subordinates, his right-hand man, ended up seeing.

The newcomer was also quite dashing, with prominent features, lean muscles, and shoulder-length hair flowing with the wind.

He had pale skin unfitting for a soldier, which turned a bit paler as he felt the atmosphere surrounding the captain.

However, he quickly gathered himself and walked to the man he respected the most in this world.

"Captain Garan," He said, greeting the man, doing away with the standard salute as ordered. 


"They're here."

At his words, the remaining vulnerability in the captain's eyes was replaced by his characteristic sternness. His well-defined jaw tightened in seriousness.

"Let's go," The ebony-haired man said, his deep resonant voice echoing the eerie hill.

He joined a group of a few dozen soldiers from their homeland, an air of gravitas that demanded everyone's respect oozing off of him.

They stood in a formation, waiting for the black wave of monsters to reach their line of sight.

Soon, they would be facing a mob of monsters that they had thought they'd only see in horror movies.

But here they were… 

The Captain, however, was unmoved, and his stability affected his people. He did not say anything to them, as he had already told them everything he could in their hundreds of battles together.

Instead, he walked forward, posture erect, with his every movement exuding strength and discipline.

He walked toward the approaching mob and grotesque forms soon came to view.

Within a few blinks, a monster faster than the others quickly reached a few meters away from him.

He raised his arms and the air around him changed, colder, and a small patch of land under him turned to ice, extending to capture the monster's feet, debilitating it.

He quickly took out a weapon from his space, beheading the monster, using the same movement to defend against a new monster that reached him.

His team had also sprinted to the mob, different elements illuminating the dark skies.

The man still believed in his people, they could still handle a low-level mob like this.

With this thought, he quickly moved deeper into the mob to kill more of these beasts.

His eyes were shining with determination in every swing of his sword.

It was time for them to fight and become stronger. Only in this way could they have the ability to return home.

And he would definitely go back to her. Whatever it took.

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