136 NPCs in Action

The Lord specifically told them to let the people experience the dangers of the mobs first before making a move.

While it was difficult, the people nevertheless didn't fail to impress them. 

"Are you alright?" Rowan asked, and the soldiers stood up amazed but quickly gathered themselves. 

"T-Thanks…" he said and jumped back to battle. The people on the wall though, were not so calm.

"Ooh my god! Is that a firewall?"

"So cool!" 

"I heard when you reach level 10, there's a 10% chance you could awaken an element."

"Just ten? Then it is not guaranteed even if you have the affinity in the stats bar?"

"...I don't know." 

However, the discussion was cut short by Rowan's valiant display of abilities. He let out a fire whip, dealing with a handful of monsters almost immediately, and the warriors only needed to hit them once and they'd die. 


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