After Surviving the Apocalypse, I Built a City in Another World

[Congratulations, Terran survivor #99598, for activating the Universe Assistance System!] Althea, along with the remaining 1% of the population of their home planet, stared at the holographic screen in front of them in confusion. Their galaxy was apparently ending, and suddenly announcements from an alien system appeared in their heads, telling them they would be permanently transferred to another world. The survivors were all very depressed. First, they were forced to survive in a zombie apocalypse, and now they had to survive a new world altogether? It just so happened that Althea was one of the few people who got the Lord Token, the ticket to controlling a territory---a supposed safe haven for her people. Althea looked at her very large stomach and sighed at an unknown future. Would she be able to build a good home for her children and fellowmen? And... would she and her husband find each other again after this disaster? #Apocalypse, #Josei, #Romance, #BeautifulFL, #HandsomeML, #PowerCouple, #Infrastructure, #MagicSpace, #KingdomBuilding, #Adventure, #Pregnancy, #Game Elements, #System #LitRPG ____ Now an E-BOOK~! Please rate, ne? WILL HELP US OUT SOOO MUCHH~! Book 1: AMAZON: https://a.co/d/hy7Rocr GOODREADS: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/203724162-after-surviving-the-apocalypse-i-built-a-city-in-another-world (Latest) Book 7 Amazon link: https://a.co/d/bceWSq0 It would be awesome to get your ratings in Goodreads, as well! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/210710079-after-surviving-the-apocalypse-i-built-a-city-in-another-world if you can, please rate the succeeding books as well. Thank you soooo muchhhh Alterans! ____ READERS LOUNGE NOW OPEN~! (Readers ONLY please!) https://discord.gg/w8qKw2yaNK

NispedanaSan · Fantasy
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695 Chs

Elder of Agriculture

Eden National University, a month ago

Gru Beanman stood tall in front of the dais, his white hair combed back neatly, wearing a formal attire that exuded authority.

His fatherly eyes looked amongst the crowd composed of students and teachers, who had been listening aptly the past hour. 

With a gentle but dignified smile, he opened his mouth to continue his speech, heading to its conclusion.

"Before I end this session, I would like to take time to express to everyone that it is an honor and privilege to stand before you, the next generation of thinkers. 

"As I enter the last leg of my career, I feel extremely… happy to see and meet you—the hope of our field."

He paused, not for effect, but because of the various memories that passed by his aging head. He could still remember when he was in their position as a student with great ideals.

He was lucky because, unlike many others, he had actually achieved his dreams to some degree.