After Surviving the Apocalypse, I Built a City in Another World

[Congratulations, Terran survivor #99598, for activating the Universe Assistance System!] Althea, along with the remaining 1% of the population of their home planet, stared at the holographic screen in front of them in confusion. Their galaxy was apparently ending, and suddenly announcements from an alien system appeared in their heads, telling them they would be permanently transferred to another world. The survivors were all very depressed. First, they were forced to survive in a zombie apocalypse, and now they had to survive a new world altogether? It just so happened that Althea was one of the few people who got the Lord Token, the ticket to controlling a territory---a supposed safe haven for her people. Althea looked at her very large stomach and sighed at an unknown future. Would she be able to build a good home for her children and fellowmen? And... would she and her husband find each other again after this disaster? #Apocalypse, #Josei, #Romance, #BeautifulFL, #HandsomeML, #PowerCouple, #Infrastructure, #MagicSpace, #KingdomBuilding, #Adventure, #Pregnancy, #Game Elements, #System #LitRPG ____ Now an E-BOOK~! Please rate, ne? WILL HELP US OUT SOOO MUCHH~! Book 1: AMAZON: https://a.co/d/hy7Rocr GOODREADS: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/203724162-after-surviving-the-apocalypse-i-built-a-city-in-another-world (Latest) Book 7 Amazon link: https://a.co/d/bceWSq0 It would be awesome to get your ratings in Goodreads, as well! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/210710079-after-surviving-the-apocalypse-i-built-a-city-in-another-world if you can, please rate the succeeding books as well. Thank you soooo muchhhh Alterans! ____ READERS LOUNGE NOW OPEN~! (Readers ONLY please!) https://discord.gg/w8qKw2yaNK

NispedanaSan · Fantasy
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620 Chs

Custom Residence (Part 1)

[28 days of Protection Period]

That lunch, Althea couldn't concentrate on eating because of everyone's heated gaze. She put down her utensils and stared them down. 

"Can we resume to normal please? Also, I don't want people to know I'm the Lord here…" 

"Understood, boss!" Sheila yelled with a salute. "But I'm so curious. What does the lord's control panel look like?"

Althea sighed and gave them a rough idea, rousing a few oohs and ahhs from time to time. 

"That sounds amazing…" Harold said, and Maya bobbed her head cutely. 

"Does it look like a game panel?" Eugene couldn't help but ask. He was once a normal boy who had had his share of games, after all.

"It's similar, but the theme looks… medieval?" Althea mumbled after a bit of thought. The technology was really futuristic, but the entire thing felt a bit… old. 

It was very weird.

"A medieval game?"